Christian healing leaflet

From How Christianity Works, by David Porter, © 2024


Jesus is the Son of God and of a woman.

Such an extreme cross breed is like crossing a rabbit with a car.
Hence it made Jesus entirely God yet entirely human:
†††††† Entirely God††††††††† so he could†††††††††††† suffer & die††† in our place†††† in Godís eyes.
†††††† Entirely human††††† so he could†††††††††††† suffer & die††† in our place††† in Godís eyes.
†††††† Entirely God††††††††† so he wouldnít††††††† stay dead.

Jesus suffering & dying, in our place, was Godís way of putting all of us right with himself:
of forgiving all of us, for all our wrongs against him, past present and future.
†††††† †††††† Whatever you are guilty of before people
†††††† †††††† you are no longer guilty of before God.
†††††† †††††† We each have two accounts: one with God, one with the world,
†††††† †††††† Jesus cleared all of our debts to God.

Hence God gave, to all of us,
righteousness in his sight: made all of us right in his eyes.
But do you want that righteousness?Or do you want to keep your own imperfect one?

If your heart:
†††††† †††††† believes
†††††† †††††† and renews your mind accordingly,
†††††† †††††† (every room of your mind, every area of your life,
†††††† †††††† so that you become entirely good, like Jesus,)
then your whole mind, as well as your heart:
†††††† †††††† is a welcoming home
†††††† †††††† and invites Godís Holy Spirit in.

Godís Holy Spirit is Godís Power, Godís muscle, how he himself does things.
So, when you say to a pain or illness ďIn Jesusí name, pain get out, back be healed, etcĒ,
itís not only you saying it, itís Godís Holy Spirit, inside you, saying it as well.
So the pain gets out, the back gets healed.

(Jesus also made his Father your Father too.So you can pray to him for things.
But praying for healing, asking the Father for healing, is not actually biblical.)

If your demon gives you your illness back (probably just the symptoms) reject it
immediately, in Jesusí name.If you do nothing heíll put it all solidly back.
(N..B. Even Jesus had a demon following him around.†† Matt c4 v1-11†† Luke c4 v13.)

In this Church Age, God is entirely good, loves everyone, does good to everyone,
even his enemies.So, you renewing your mind will make you like him: youíd love everyone,
do good to everyone, even your enemies.††† Matt c5 v38-48††† Luke c6 v27-36.

Realise that God has given, to those people who legally harm you,
the right to live, the right to exist, and therefore the freedom to harm you.

But also realise that God has given no such rights & freedoms to: sickness, injury,
premature death, poverty, even demons.(I.E. Anything bad thatís not a human.)

And, if your heart believes and has renewed your mind,
realise that Godís powerful Holy Spirit lives in you
and that Jesus has told us what to do:
†††††† †††††† Matt c10 v8:
†††††† †††††† Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:
†††††† †††††† freely ye have received, freely give
.†† KJV

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