The word ‘heart’

In the four gospels of the KJV Bible
the word ‘spirit’, or ‘Spirit’,
has four meanings:
            God’s Spirit . . . . . . . . .  23 times  (0 spoken by Jesus)

            a demon spirit . . . . . . .  31 times  (3 spoken by Jesus)

            a human spirit(ghost) . . 7 times  (3 spoken by Jesus)

            the spirit(core) . . . . . . . 18 times  (9 spoken by Jesus).

,                  Perhaps see earlier webpage:
,                  The two meanings of the word ‘spirit’., , .

Regarding only humans (regarding the last two):

            in the Bible, the word  spirit:
                       sometimes means  ghost
                       but usually means  core,

                       of these usual instances:
                                   Jesus usually uses the word  spirit
                                   to mean  core,

                                   hence, so far in this site:
                                              I’ve called the  core  of a human
                                              the  spirit(core).

HUMAN BRAIN  spirit(core)  soul  culture


            I didn’t call the  core  of a human
            the  heart
            because, biblically,
            the word  heart 
            does not always mean  core.

            Sometimes the word  heart
            means  core:
Matt c22 v37     Mark c12 v30     Luke c10 v27 

            But the  heart  can also:
Matt c9 v4     Matt c15 v19     Luke c2 v35    c9 v47    c24 v38

                       reason:   Mark c2 v6     Mark c2 v8     Luke c5 v22

                       understand:   Matt c13 v15     John c12 v40

                       ponder:   Luke c2 v19

                       imagine:   Luke c1 v51

                       muse:   Luke c3 v15

                       doubt:   Mark c11 v23.  

            All of which are functions of the  mind.

Hence, in the four gospels of the KJV Bible:
            The word  heart  could mean  core. 

            But it could also mean  mind,  which is part of the  soul.

            So the word  heart  is ambiguous.

 HUMAN BRAIN  heart  spirit(core)  soul  culture

Hence it seems I’ve done the right thing
to call the  core  of a human
and not the  heart.



Jesus, to define the  core:

            a)   Used the word  heart  47 times
                 (which is more often
than the word  spirit,  at 9 times).

            b)  Used
the word  heart 
more expressively
                 than he used the word  spirit.
,         ,       ,       (More about this on the next webpage.)

,         ,         ,         Perhaps see item 2) of earlier section: MY ATTITUDE TO THE BIBLE.,,,,,


Therefore, from here on:

            I’ll no longer call
            the  core  of a human
            the  spirit(core).

            I’ll call
            the  core  of a human
            the  heart/



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