More Mark Hemans’ teaching & ministry


        I make notes of Mark’s sermons
        because, in my opinion,
        (like Smith Wigglesworth)
        Mark’s more of a talker than a writer.


        YouTube: – Gold Coast Highlights
            OUTPOURING of the Holy Spirit, joy,

            deliverance, miracles, healing, power
               The teaching at the beginning is brilliant,
               notably from  5m 50s  onwards.
               At  10m 44s  Mark says not to start with the problem
               but to start with the answer, to start with Jesus.

not quite edited & put together properly
               but otherwise OK.
               I don’t like the way some folk seem to exaggerate 
               how ill they were before they were healed.  There’s no need.


        YouTube: – Milla Highlights:
            DRUNK with JOY, paralysis, CRIPPLING ARTHRITIS,

            deliverance, CLUB FEET, new knees!

               Theme of sermon: Entering the kingdom that is invisible.

               Mark says that many think that heaven’s only a place
               that you [can] go to when you die, but the truth is that,
               as John the Baptist said, it’s here, now  
Matt c3 v2,,,,,,
               and Jesus also said it  
Matt c4 v17  &  Matt c10 v7.,,,,,
2 Kings c6 v8-23  God enables Gehazi to see
               the invisible angels & chariots of fire all around him
.   my abbreviation

               Mark says that the kingdom of Heaven is not seen by the unbeliever.
               He also says not to seek spiritual experiences
               but instead to seek Jesus.
               Mark adds that the kingdom is brought into reality
               by preaching Jesus.

               Mark says that the News has nothing much about Heaven
               and that you become like the things you think about.

               Mark adds that demons certainly know when you break God's rules.
               So following people’s opinions about what God’s rules are
               is not ‘merely academic’, it could lead you into a lot of trouble.

               Then there’s the miracles:
               At  33m 15s  club feet healed:
               a very interesting, impressive, wonderful, miracle.
               (This is also a
Stand-alone video, on the A better site than this one webpage.)

               At  1hr 03m 40s  Mark prays ‘through’ photo, of a 3yr old boy,
               for healing from his stage 4 brain cancer.
               Mark asks the mother if there’s someone, who's close to him,
               who does not believe that God will heal him.
               The mother says  "Yes, his father."
               Mark says that it’s very important that the family be one, in faith.
               Also that, if the mother wants her boy to be healed,
               then she’ll have to intentionally believe,
               without listening to her husband's unbelief.
               A very important, and interesting, point.
               At  1hr 12m 54s  a lady’s neck & shoulder are siezed,
               yet Mark says that we should just wait on the Lord
               so he moves on.
               Then he returns, and asks: "Do you believe Jesus Christ will do this?"
               The lady says: "Yes I do." 
               Mark then sees, in the spirit realm, the damage to the shoulder,
               and prays.  She’s then dramatically healed.
               Then, even more dramatically, Mark tells the woman
               about an encounter, with Jesus, that she had when she was a little girl.
               She confesses that it’s true but she’s since strayed.
               Then Mark adds that he [God] has spoken [to her] tonight
               and has put her back on track.


        YouTube: – Country town REVIVAL & MIRACLES:
            TOO DRUNK to walk, medically disabled healed,

            30 years pain gone!
               This is Millaa Millaa revisited.

27m 40s  there’s a woman laughing in the Spirit
               and Mark says that some would be thinking: "This is not very funny"
               but adds that, through this kind of laughing,
               God will deliver people, heal them, change them.
               [You laugh at your enemy because you know God,
               know him so plainly that it fills you with joy. 
John c16 v24.],,,,,


               At 51m 53s Mark says that the title of the message is:
               THE LORD IS WITH US, and that some [many?] people
               see this as not a solid reality.
               But Mark adds that, actually,
               Jesus' promise: “I will never leave you nor forsake you”
               is so specific, that it’s for all those who have
               surrendered themselves to do his will.
               Mark adds that Jesus visits that person:
               in power, in provision, and in divine intervention,
               so as to achieve his will.


               Mark adds that Matt c28 v18-20 shows that Jesus
               will come, to those people, in power, to ensure their success,
               will come, and be present, with you.


               Mark adds that, yes, Jesus is with us [generally],
               but that he is also with us, in a different way, a very very real way,
               when we surrender ourselves to him.
               Hence Jesus, [not (yet) the Holy Spirit]
               came to the disciples, walking on the water,
               when they were  in fear of drowning.


               Then Mark reads  Acts c18 v9-11  and adds:
               "GET IT INTO YOUR BRAIN, THAT
               [IN DOING GOD'S WORK]
               YOU ARE NOT ALONE"


               Then Mark reads  2 Tim c4 v14-18  and  Heb c13 v5-6,,,,  
               and adds that we should therefore continually
               trust in him, for help, in doing his will,
               and [if we do] that he will amaze us.


               At 1h 32m Mark says that the healed man
               is now being baptized in fire,
               as promised by John the baptist.

               Mark says that the baptism in the Holy Spirit
               is to empower you for the service of God,
               Whereas the baptism in fire
               is to burn out the impurities of the vessel.

               Mark then says that, in Heb c13: ”Our God is a consuming fire”.  
               [Actually it's in Heb c12 v29, for context see Heb c12 v18-29.]

                      [The overall context is:
                      But the context of that particular verse is:
                             destroying the bad within us, leaving only the good.]

               After this there’s more teaching and miracles.


        YouTube: – Melbourne Highlights:
            Message, Drunk in Spirit, Miracles,

            Prophecies and Deliverance

               Great preaching & teaching.  Many miracles.
               Many very educational statements from Mark.

               One of them is, at  1hr 31m 30s  to  1hr 32m 20s:

                      "The Lord … leads me besides still waters:

                             Application: in order to receive the anointing   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,
                             be still, don’t do things.”

                      [Andrew Wommack says (and I’ve seen it myself)
                      that Baptists like to:
                             do things for the Lord,
                             work for the Lord.

                             Which, for natural tasks, is great.
                             But, regarding healing,
                             they can’t let go of the problem
                             for to God to fix it.]


        YouTube: – HIGHLIGHTS Perth, Australia
            FIRE on autism, RAGE & deliverance,

            COLLAPSED LUNG
               From   7m 54s   to   19m 22s   Mark gives some constructive criticism
               of the western church.  Then some interesting, touching, moving,
               miraculous answers to real problems.


        YouTube: – Brisbane highlights:
            MANIFEST POWER of Jesus

            in joy, deliverance, miracles
               Good preaching followed by many, good, varied,
               healing miracles and deliverances.

               At  19m 18s  Mark says that the promises of God, in the Bible,
               are more real than the chair you're sitting on.
               Take hold of those promises, by faith.

               At  33m 40s  Mark says that you only need to wait
               for the Holy Spirit to show you the demon - then you cast it out.
               Mark says that church should be more like a war zone than a tea party.


            Instant healing, impartations, deliverance,

            powerful prophecy, divine joy!
               Good preaching, and teaching, on faith.

               12m 36s   to  14m 50s   is a key part, though it's all good.
               Then a fascinating, wonderful, variety of miracles.


        YouTube: – NZ highlights:
            CATHOLICS encounter JESUS' POWER,

            joy, miracles, healing, deliverance, message
               Teaching, then miraculous healings and testimonies.

               At  53m  Mark says:
                             "The things you cover up

                             are the things that hold you back”.


        YouTube: – Christchurch, NZ HIGHLIGHTS:
            the MIGHTY POWER of Jesus falls

            cancer, deafness, demons delivered
               Brilliant sermon.  Theme: God is willing to heal, and is quick.

               At   7m 25s   Mark say that unbelief is probably the greatest hindrance
               to accepting God’s word.

               At   15m 55s   Mark says that, when you ask for prayer, say for healing,
               that, even though you are standing before a 'mere' Christian,
               see it as if you are standing before Jesus himself.
               [I reckon that unbelievers may see this is cult worship
               but that believers know that thinking “this mere human cannot heal me”
               is a piece of unbelief that prevents the healing happening].

               At  16m 10s  Mark gives an account which illustrates how we often
               come to God with a problem
               without realising that our current sinning is the cause of the problem.

               At  28m 00s  Mark says that a deep meditation of the Bible
               [notably the New Testament]
               will get rid of all the rubbish in you.
               Mark also comes out with the following, brilliant, comparison:
                             Others now see, and say, the illness that you now have.
                             But God now sees you – as healed, actually sees you healed.

               Mark also says that, if you close your natural eyes
               so that you see through the eyes of your heart,
               that you see what Jesus sees.

               At   30m 50s   the preaching ends and the miracles & testimonies start:
               all varied, all very encouraging, all very interesting.


        YouTube: – Europe Highlights

               Bradford, West Sussex, & Netherlands.
               Teaching, then miraculous healings and testimonies.

               At  1hr 17m 27s  God does not heal a lady [yet]:


                             Compare Mark’s & the lady’s conversation
                             with the conversations he has
                             with others in the prayer line.
                             [I suspect that, if the lady had been healed,
                             that she would have lost her healing later.
                             Perhaps see my section:


        YouTube: – London REVIVAL Miracle Meetings:
            MS, autism, cancer, barren, allergies,

            fire baptism, deliverance
               (I actually managed to attend the middle portion of this meeting.)

               At 1hr 45m 40s God heals a man of Multiple Sclerosis.

               At 2hr 9m 5s to end of video: many miracles.

               At 2hr 44m 4s Mark says that,

               even though the person is manifesting under the anointing,   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,

               he is, instead, seeing, and looking at,

               the anointing healing the illness (in this case - osteoarthritis).


        YouTube: – OXFORD Highlights;
            prophecy exposes DEMONIC STRONGHOLDS,

            young woman uses 2 walking sticks healed.
               Teaching, then miraculous healings and testimonies.

               At  7m 56s  Mark says that the enemy, more than anything,
               wants to build strongholds, demonic fortresses, in our minds
               by encouraging us to look at the problems of this world.
               And that it’s these strongholds we need to approach
               and then, with the power of God’s words, destroy them.

               At  16m 55s  Mark says that the Bible directs us. 
               But you are not holding the torch, God is holding the torch.
               And he is continually moving the spotlight in front of you

               showing you the way to go.


        YouTube: – N.C. USA Highlights
            cystic fibrosis deliverance, blindness,

            car accident victim, insomnia, no cane

               Very educational preaching.

               38m 42s  to  40m 50s  includes Mark’s statement

               that the Holy Spirit is waging war against your temptations.

               At  54m 50s  Mark says that if you're not prepared to fail
               you'll never succeed.

               At  1hr 10m 24s  Mark tells us to never give up
               and that the devil is a liar.

               There are also some extraordinary miracles.


        YouTube: – Spokane, WA highlights.

            Mark starts preaching at 12m 33s.
               Title: "Going deeper - into the realm of the Holy Spirit."

               At 14m 0s Mark says that the river of God,
Ezekiel c47 v3,,,,,,
               starts shallow, but gets deep, and that some people get in
               and, when it's up to their ankles, think they've arrived.
               Whereas Jesus wants to soak & drench you in the Holy Spirit.
               The sermon continues being excellent, well worth watching all of it.

               At 27m 43s Mark reads 
2 Cor c3 v17,,,,,
               and adds that the Holy Spirit is a person,
               you can develop a relationship with him.
               He is power, the anointing,
               but he is also a person.
   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,

               Then Mark adds that, in his experience with the Holy Spirit,
               when you ignore him, you'll suffer.
               [Perhaps that's why God doesn't speak to some/many of us:
               he knows we’d ignore him, and suffer.]

               Ignore him and he'll discipline you.
               [Or, to be precise]
               he'll let you go your own way,
               suffer your own stupidities.

               The leash is short.

               Then Mark says that, as you go deeper in the Lord,
               the fire will burn the chaff out of you.
               The way gets narrower and narrower
               and the glory gets greater and greater.

               He never called you to be a carnal Christian
               but a consecrated, sanctified, fire-burnt, Christian.
               (Again - the sermon continues being excellent, watch all of it.)

               Mark concludes with:
                             [Simply] ask the Father for the Holy Spirit.
                             Then [simply] ask the Father for the gifts of the Spirit.

               Then there are miracles,
               including the following, very interesting, ones:
                             42m 33s:
                                    Healing of someone's soul.
                             45m 12s   and   1hr 28m 50s:
                                    Spiritual warfare.
                                    Also, sickness & un-forgiveness can be one item.
                             56m 42s:
                                    A young woman is apparently barely moved
                                    when set free from a very self-indulgent spirit,
                                    making one wonder if God's doing anything at all.
                                    But her husband's reaction, immediately afterwards,
                                    shows that God was far from asleep.
                             59m 05s:
                                    Young man inwardly given a treasure from Heaven
                                    that must not have anything else [unholy?]
                                    put there with it.
                             1hr 2m 8s:
                                    Healed purely by [the sound of] the power of God
                                    in joy [within someone else, caused by God’s Spirit].
                             1hr 4m 2s:
                                    A pastor is miraculously made more able.
                             1hr 6m 3s:
                                    The re-writing of someone’s past.
                             1hr 9m 58s:
                                    Getting everyone to pray [i.e. believe and pray].
                             1hr 13m 35s:
                                    Manifestation of the wind of the Spirit.
                             1hr 18m 24s:
                                    Miraculously helping a pastor, at every level of his ministry.

                             1hr 21m 52s:
                                    Gladly being overwhelmed by the smell of Jesus.
                             1hr 23m 28s:
                                    A demon who caused, not only illness, but also discouragement,
                                    being cast out
                                    by the anointing
                                    backed by the Word.


        YouTube: – Highlights Phoenix, Kansas City & Visilia CA
            Message, worship, joy, healing, prophecy, deliverance
            At  20m  Mark says it’s more important to be aware of the one we serve
               than to be aware that we are servants.

               Likewise Mark reads 
Matt c4 v18,
               and concludes that you produce fruit:
                             Not by having a ministry
                             [a noun, and a creditable thing in the world, a thing that you own].
                             But by following Jesus
                             [a verb, and an act that the world thinks little of].

               Mark also reads 
John c8 v12,
                      a good description of what a Christian should be
Rom c13 v14,
                      a salutary warning.

               At  43m  Mark says that the Spirit often gives very simple instructions
               to test our humility.

               At  44m  Mark tells us not to seek glory
               but to simply go where Jesus/the Spirit goes
               and do what Jesus/the Spirit tells us to do.
               All because we love him.

               After preaching & teaching there’s a lot of excellent miracles.
               From   1hr 12m 0s   to   1hr 16m 55s   God, through Mark,
               raises someone’s IQ.


        YouTube: – Ohio highlights:
               Preaching & teaching doesn't start until  39m 24s.

               But, until then, there is a slew of delightful miracles.

               Starting at  8m 52s,  I love how Mark anoints the prayer helpers,

               so that they are of much more use as prayer helpers.   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,

               At  41m 25s  onwards, Mark explains how 'religion'
               stops God healing, and how God’s Spirit operates

               (the man laughing in the background
               is the man healed, of a physically damaged heart,
               back in  17m 35s  to  30m 23s).


        YouTube: – Texas Highlights STRONGHOLDS BROKEN,
            deliverance, drug addiction, healing, diabetes

               At  1m 30s  Mark says that demons’ words,
                             that you somehow like, and so adopt,
                             so that you then think them
                             so that they’ve become your thoughts,
               can stop your healing.

               Also, that they are called ‘strongholds’
               and encourage you to resist receiving from God.

               Mark says that strongholds can be simple, and can seem good,
               but that they bind the person to their problem.
               Then Mark reads 
2 Cor c10 v4,,,,,
               and says that only the Holy Spirit can destroy a stronghold.

               Mark then says that strongholds are deceptive
               so the only way to get rid of your own strongholds
               is to meditate on the Bible [notably the New Testament]:
                             that God’s words are light
                             so they reveal the deceptions of the enemy.
               Mark adds that many Christians have strongholds.

               Mark then reads 
2 Cor c10 v4-5,,,,,
               and says that these thoughts are often encased in pride:
               are ‘high’ things, things that people believe in.

               Then Mark says that one form of stronghold
               is ‘negative acceptance’: when you justify your problem/illness.
               Mark then tells of a friend who did this
               and so, eventually, died of his illness.

              Mark adds that such strongholds can be:
                             “I’ve got this illness because God’s is teaching me something.”,
                             “This illness is good for me.”
                             “This illness is God’s will.”
                             “I don’t deserve to be healed.”
                             “Other people have bigger problems than my illness.”  (false humility)

               Mark adds that these strongholds need to be destroyed
               before the person can be healed.

               He then reads 
Rom c12 v2  and  3 John c1 v2.,,,,,


        YouTube: – California highlights:

            stroke, knee reconstruction, deafness, cysts.

               I love this sermon:
                      ‘There is a way out of your situation
                      because Jesus himself is the way.’

                      [I reckon that some bad situations
                      are very odd dead-ends:
                             an indication that they had demonic help
                             when they were being built.]

               The preaching is then followed by a wide variety
               of very interesting, inspiring, and encouraging miracles.


There are many more videos like these on YouTube.





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