A better site than this one






If you want to learn how Christianity works
then read through
the, long list of webpages
on the home page


But, if you want to learn how to do Christianity,
then choose one of the dozen or so biblical teacher-healers
on this webpage (thatís what I call them anyway)
and follow their teaching.


The teacher I recommend the most is Andrew Wommackís
(first on this webpage).


Andrewís site, YouTubes, & books, teach you
how to miraculously heal yourself & others.


A close second is Mark Hemans:,,
††††††† who extends from a third the way down this webpage
††††††† to half the way down
††††††† (i.e. as far as
Smith Wigglesworth,
††††††† the next biblical teacher on my list).


††††††† Iíve also made two overflow webpages
††††††† of my paraphrased notes of some of his preaching
††††††† because, in my opinion,
††††††† (like Smith Wigglesworth)
††††††† Markís more of a talker than a writer.


If you are ill now, especially terminally ill,
then consider going to one of Mark Hemansí meetings:
††††††† He tours, so he may (soon) be in your country.
††††††† Or go to one of his online zoom meetings.


††††††† Or go to another such, quality, minister.


††††††† As Andrew says, the purpose of
††††††† ministries like Markís
††††††† is that you may not have time
††††††† to learn to heal yourself.

If youíre not ill, or if your healing is not urgent,
then youíd do well to learn Andrewís teaching:


††††††† For example, see Andrewís all-in-one teaching:
YouTube: Ė Andrew Wommack
,,†††††††††††††††† If You Need Healing You watch this video
,,†††††††††††††††† it will help-you
. ,,,


Personally Andrewís my favourite because:
††††††† He teaches by subject.This led him to
††††††† write articles & books by subject.


††††††† All of which make Andrewís teaching
††††††† more compatible with my philosophical work
††††††† (more compatible than other
††††††† biblical teacher-healersí teaching).



I reckon that the differences between
Andrew Wommack and Mark Hemans
are as follows.



Andrew Wommack (& Dan Mohler, & other ĎBapticostalsí)
have the right concept:


††††††† Jesus, on the Cross,
††††††† took all human sins: past present & future.
††††††† So sins do not exist any more:
††††††† not sins, not our wrongs towards God.

††††††† Though our wrongs towards each other still remain.

†††††††††††††††† Perhaps see: THE TWO ACCOUNTS. ,,,


††††††† So we believers stop doing wrong:
††††††††††† Out of gratitude.
††††††††††† Out of the gospel activating our hearts
††††††††††† and our hearts then renewing our minds
††††††††††† to be like Jesusí mind.

Whereas Mark Hemans, & other Pentecostals,
have the wrong concept:


††††††† Jesus himself got rid of all sins, of all humans.
††††††† God has made all of us right with himself.††††††† (True)
,,††††††† ,,††††††† (But do you believe it?And do you want it?)


††††††† But we can still sin, not wrong but sin,
††††††† can still make ourselves (temporarily)
††††††† not right with God.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (False)

††††††† Also see my notes in:
YouTube Ė Spiritual sight and praying for the sick. ,,,


Andrew Wommack (& Dan Mohler, & other ĎBapticostalsí)
have a complex modus operandi:


††††††† One should have belief:
†††††††††††††††† faith = belief acting,
††††††† but should not have unbelief:
†††††††††††††††† no doubts, in the mind,
†††††††††††††††† due to medical knowledge etc.


Mark Hemans (& other Pentecostals)
have a simple modus operandi:


††††††† God always knows more than we do
††††††† and always knows best.
††††††† So, however knowledgeable you are,
††††††† even in the things of God,
††††††† simply listen to Godís Spirit and obey him.






Over the years Andrew Wommack established two sites
(like this site, Andrewís sites work better on a PC
than on a smartphone).


His first site isAndrew Wommack Ministries (awmi).


His second site isAndrew Wommack Ministries Europe (awme).



His first site includes:


††††††† Teaching Articles: ,,††††††† ,,††††††† (all subjects: written, condensed).


††††††† Audio Teachings: ,,†††††††† ,,††††††† (all subjects: audio).


††††††† Healing Testimonies: ,,†††††††† (some subjects: videos, very encouraging,
,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† works best/only on PC or laptop).


††††††† Event Video Archives: ,,†††† (some subjects: videos).


††††††† Bible Commentaries: ,,†††††††† (mostly New Testament: written).


††††††† All TV Archives: ,,†††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† (all subjects: easy watching, videos).



Andrew has put many of his audio teachings
into book and e-book form:


††††††† I particularly recommend his book:
†††††††††††††††† A better way to pray.


††††††† I also recommend his books:
†††††††††††††††† Insights into faith.
†††††††††††††††† God wants you well.
†††††††††††††††† Youíve already got it.
†††††††††††††††† The believerís authority.


Reading his, relatively brief Teaching Articles ,,,
is a good way to see, generally, what heís about.

Itís also a good way to see
Audio Teachings (all free) to listen to
or which books to buy.


(Iíve listened to all of his audio teachings.)



Andrew teaches how to command a healing, in Jesusí name,
so as to heal yourself and others.


You may say:
††††††† The
kingdom of Heaven is built on love,
††††††† not selfishness.
††††††† So healing yourself is wrong.


I say:
††††††† The
kingdom of God is built on:
†††††††††††††††† Godís love Ė for all of us.
†††††††††††††††† Not our love Ė for each other.

†††††††††††††††† So: you Ė healing yourself
†††††††††††††††† (or rather: Godís Spirit in you Ė healing you)
†††††††††††††††† is right.






I do not agree with absolutely everything Andrew says . .


††† 1) I disagree with Andrew, and many other Christians,
††††††† on the subject of homosexuality:


†††††††††††††††† Hear Andrewís view on homosexuality in:
AW's Audio Teachings /
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Christian Philosophy /
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Homosexuality


†††††††††††††††† Read my view on homosexuality in:
†††††††††††††††† and its two subsections
†††††††††††††††† and the links within them.
†††††††††††††††† (This link does not open a new tab.)


†††††††††††††††† and, immediately after it:
†††††††††††††††† and the links within it.
†††††††††††††††† (This link does not open a new tab.)



††† 2) Andrew is right as to who Jesus is
††††††† (only begotten Son of God)
††††††† but wrong as to what Jesus is
††††††† (he says Jesus was created).
††††††† See:
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† FOR THE CONCEPTION OF JESUS
. ,,,


††††††† And he made a similar error
††††††† regarding the origin of humans.
††††††† See:



††† 3) Unlike Andrew Wommack, and indeed many Christians,
††††††† I do not think that all non-Christians go to Hell.


†††††††††††††††† I wrote the webpage:
††† ††† ††††††† The two ways God sorts us:
†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Judgment & Forgiveness
, , ,
†††††††††††††††† and the ten webpages after it
†††††††††††††††† to address this matter.

††† 4) I disagree with Andrew in:
††††††† and:
,,†††††††††††† AS TO WHY JESUS GROANED
. ,,,


†††††††††††††††† Mind you, Iíd have nothing to write
†††††††††††††††† if he hadnít introduced me
†††††††††††††††† to this, rarely taught, subject.



††† 5) I disagree with Andrew, though only technically,
††††††† in:
Why I sometimes use the word ĎPunishmentí
,,†††† †††††† †††††† instead of Ďcrucifixioní
. ,,,


†††††††††††††††† When Andrew says that our healing is in the past
†††††††††††††††† he is wrong from a technical point of view.
†††††††††††††††† But, from a practical point of view, he is right.



††† 6) Jesus said, regarding his parable of the soils:
Matt c13 v3-8&v19-23,,,
†††††††††††††††† and
Mark c4 v3-8&v14-20,,,
†††††††††††††††† and
Luke c8 v4-15,,,
††††††† that if you canít understand this parable,
††††††† you wonít understand any parable.††
Mark c4 v13


††††††† Andrew concluded that Jesus must have said this
††††††† because it is a fundamental parable.


†††††††††††††††† See Andrewís two, written (& audio), teachings:
It Begins with a Sure Foundation,,,
†††††††††††††††† and:
Godís Word Ė The Seed Of His Blessing,,,


††††††† But I reckon that Jesus said this
††††††† because itís a straightforward parable.



††† 7) Andrew is subjective regarding our spirit, soul & body
††††††† whereas I am more objective, even diagrammatic.


. . but, so strongly do I approve of
the rest of Andrewís teaching
that I have zero passion for disagreeing with him.



Conversely, Andrew, and indeed many Christians,
may have grave misgivings about my thinking
(the long list of webpages on the home page):


††††††† o†† I do not think
††††††††††† that only Christians go to Heaven.
††††††††††† Perhaps see point 2), previous cell.


††††††† o†† I am not only biblical.
††††††††††† I am also logical, even scientific.
††††††††††† Perhaps see: MY ATTITUDE TO THE BIBLE. ,,,


Whereas all the Christians on this webpage
are purely biblical.





If you think miracles canít happen today (dispensationalism),
so that the last miracles that ever happened were in


and if you also:

††††††† believe Jesusí statement:


††††††† Matt c24v24††† (Mark c13v22):
††††††† For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets,
††††††† and shall shew great signs and wonders;
††††††† insomuch that, if
it were possible,
††††††† they shall deceive the very elect
.†† KJV


††††††† but do not believe Jesusí many statements
††††††† that believers can do miracles,


then you are cherry picking Jesusí words
according to mere experience.


I too believe the above warning,
about false Christs:
††††††† See third cell (starting
Using their own imagination)
††††††† of


But, I also believe Jesus
when he said that we, in his name, with faith in his name,
can do miracles (
Ďdoí is the verb used in the KJV).


††††††† and the links within it.
††††††† (This link does not open up a new tab.)


††††††† See fourth cell (starting But the problem these days)
††††††† of:


††††††† See: TRICKS & MIRACLES.
††††††† and the links within it.
††††††† (This link does not open up a new tab.)


††††††† See: Gospel leafletandChristian healing leaflet.,,,,,


Some people Ďaccuseí Andrew of being a word of faith man.

††††††† I.E. If you say it, with faith, & no unbelief,
††††††† and itís in accordance with the Word
††††††† i.e. in accordance with the Bible,
††††††† then God will do what you say.

And he is, indeed, Ďguiltyí of this (as am I).

However, the only reason word of faith can be wrong
is that, on its own, it is a human in charge of God.
(Some, other, biblical teacher-healers
may indeed be guilty of this.)

However, Andrew (& I, & many)
also believe in:
††††††† Godís overall leadership,
††††††† his guidance overruling our ideas & plans,
††††††† his kingship,
and that addition changes everything,
changes word of faith from a vice to a virtue.

Jesus told his disciples to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,
raise the dead, cast out devils.
Matt c10 v8,,,,,
His disciples (& later, as apostles) did as he told them
(and when they failed, asked him for correction).
††††††† God: on top.
††††††† Disciples / apostles / other believers: in the middle.
††††††† Sickness / death / demons: at the bottom.
Thatís the power structure.

Remove the top layer and you are indeed
as proud and conceited as Satan & demons.







My material
(the long list of webpages on the home page)
is stuff you can merely know, in your mind.


But knowledge, on its own, is inadequate:


††††††† Paul, though he himself was an intellectual, Acts c26 v24,
††††††† wrote that we need more than just intellect & knowledge:
1 Cor c8 v1††† and††† 1 Cor c13:
††††††††††† Any moral quality, without love,
††††††††††† equals nothing
.†† my abbreviation
,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† [charity is old English for love]


††††††† Peter, too, wrote that we need more than knowledge:
††††††††††† 2 Pet c1 v5-8:
††††††††††† Make every effort to have faith, goodness,
††† ††††††† knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness,
††† ††††††† brotherly kindness, and love.my abbreviation


††††††† And, finally, Paul wrote:
††††††† ††† 1 Cor c2 v5:
††† ††††††† ctd Ö your faith should not stand
†††††††††††††††††††† in the wisdom of men,
††† †††††††††††††††† but in the power of God.†† KJV


As for the activity of thinking:


††††††† It usually takes too long, and is unnecessary,
††††††† for you to compute a situation to know what to do.
††††††† Itís quicker, simpler, and more reliable,
††††††† to listen to, and to obey, Godís Spirit.


††††††† Just believe, and renew your mind.

Mind you, thinking can be of value after the event:
††††††† for analysis of the event
††††††† and for studying Christianity generally.


††††††† Perhaps see: STUDYING AND DOING.


††††††† Perhaps see: THINKING TOOLS THAT I USED. ,,, ,,,







Andrew (and indeed everyone on this webpage)
is a biblical teacher-healer,
as compared to a biblical preacher-healer.


††††††† A biblical preacher-healer:
†††††††††††††††† preaches & heals
††††††† rather than:
†††††††††††††††† preaches & teaches & heals


††††††† (My uses of the words Ďpreachí and Ďteachí are biblical.)


†††††††††††††††† Perhaps see:
Whatís the Difference Between
,,†††† ,††††† ,††††† ,††††† Preaching and Teaching?
,,†††† ,††††† ,††††† ,††††† By Andrew Wilson | Monday 13 May 2013
. . . .


Andrew has read little else other than the Bible.


Hence he, and most/all others on this webpage,
have little scientific knowledge.

This works to their advantage.


††††††† Scientific knowledge (e.g. medical knowledge):
†††††††††††††††† in the mind, next to the mindís belief,
†††††††††††††††† given significance alongside the mindís belief,
†††††††††††††††† so that it counteracts the mindís belief,
††††††† constitutes:
†††††††††††††††† unbelief,
and unbelief hinders the miraculous.


††††††† Perhaps see: UNBELIEF and its subsections.


However, if, like me, itís too late for you,
if, like me, you already have scientific knowledge,
then add, to that knowledge, belief:
††††††† Belief that the Creator is also the Constructor.
††††††† Hence he must build, fix, love.
††††††† And indeed, has loved,
††††††† loved us,
††††††† by way of his Son having suffered in our place,
††††††† putting us right with his Father
††††††† so that we can have his powerful Holy Spirit.


Andrew is neither a grace teacher nor a faith teacher.
He is a grace through faith teacher.


††† ††† Eph c2 v8:
††††††† For by grace are ye saved through faith;
††††††† and that not of yourselves:
it is the gift of God:†† KJV


††††††† Perhaps see Andrewís short written article
Living in the balance of grace & faith.


Andrew describes himself as a Bapticostal
(I reckon because he has cherry-picked
from the Baptists and from the Pentecostals).


I think itís a good description.


Andrewís style is:


††† o†† Thorough.Comprehensive.
††††††† But sometimes slow.
††††††† Even repetitive if he feels heís not got his point across.
††††††† Hence you may prefer his books & written teachings
††††††† to his speaking.


††† o†† Logical rather than emotional,
††††††† passion hidden (so, more British?).

Andrew lacks political correctness and earthly theatre.
So he tells whatís wrong in our lives, and how to fix it,
even if he offends.







I listened to his MP3 files on a portable MP3 player
while doing simple, non-distracting, tasks.


While listening, Iíd make a note of the time-mark
at the points that interested me.


Iíd later revisit those points,
on a computer, in MS Media Player,
to listen more carefully and make proper notes.


Andrew, in all but his early teachings, has a Texan drawl.
So, when I revisited on a computer, Iíd speed him up.
(Iíve got Windows XP on a standalone computer.)


You may find his more recent Audio Teachings
better than his older ones.


But, if the material, or indeed the subject, is new to you,
then listen to it, even if he recorded it decades ago.







As well as Andrew Wommack Iíve got a dozen or so other
biblical teacher-healers on this webpage.


As I wrote earlier, I recommend:
††††††† Andrew Wommackís teachings the most.
††††††† Mark Hemansí a close second
††††††† (find Mark a
quarter the way down this webpage).
††††††† Dan Mohlerís third.


Dan Mohler is a popular speaker
but he prefers to speak to small, attentive, audiences.


He doesnít record many of his teachings
so his website,
Neck Ministries, is pretty bare.
But his audiences put up lots of YouTube videos
of him teaching, and heís fine with that.


(Last I heard he didnít even have a mobile phone.
Yet heís one of the most switched-on people Iíve seen.)


In the following list
I include some of Todd Whiteís miracles.
(Dan led Todd to the Lord
and they taught together for a while.)

I include God doing miracles through Todd
but not Toddís teaching.Heís more passionate than
intelligent Ė which distracts you from
the, otherwise probably good, points
that heís making.

My comments under the links.


††††††† YouTube: Ė The Gospel, straight up, no additives
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.Vital.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Best description of the Gospel - Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.Vital.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - How to Pray
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.Vital.


††† †††† YouTube: Ė What believing the gospel
,,†††††††††††††††† really means - Dan Mohler

††††††† Teaching & testimonies (half an hour).Vital.


††††††† YouTube: Ė The Sinful Nature - Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.Vital.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - Free from Guilt, Shame,
,,†††††††††††††††† and Condemnation

††††††† Teaching & testimonies.For you Ė perhaps vital.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Healing, the bibleís wayÖlegitÖ - Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.For you
Ė perhaps vital.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Why Didn't it Work - Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Why do only some get healed?
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.
††††††† Godís Spirit answered this question for Dan, with:
†††††††††††††††† ďBe a steward, have integrity,
†††††††††††††††† have true faithfulness to the New Covenant,
†††††††††††††††† because this gospel is for the sold-out,
†††††††††††††††† the surrendered, the completely dead
†††††††††††††††† [this refers to the healer, not to the patient].Ē


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - How to Resist the Devil
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Meeting God - Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Tips of the Trade - Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - how to put off the old man
,,†††††††††††††††† & put on the new man

††††††† Teaching & testimonies (half an hour).


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - getting rid of selfcentred thinking
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.Good stuff.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler on Fear
††††††† Teaching & testimonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler & Todd White -
,,†††††††††††† Is God in control of everything?

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Satanís Strategy Dan Mohler††
††††††† Teaching.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - Why does it seem harder
,,†††††††††††† to receive healing for myself than others?

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - Impartation. Is it scriptural?
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - Dating and marriage
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - Manifestation.
,,†††††††††††† Some have a lot. Some have none. Why?

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler and Todd White -
,,†††††††††††† Praying with the Right Heart & Thinking

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Excuses and Contending- Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††††† YouTube: Ė Repentance, it's simple... -Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - first demonic experience
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.Good stuff.


††† †††† YouTube: Ė Knowing Your Authority
,,†††††††††††† & Staying in Faith by Dan Mohler

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† †††† YouTube: Ė Strongholds and Deliverance Dan Mohler
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Todd White Ė Reading their Mail
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Todd White Ė Healing on the Streets
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Todd White Ė More Healing on the Streets
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Todd White Ė Radical Healing of Ears
,,†††††††††††† in Jesusí Name

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Todd White Ė He was in unbelief of healing ..
,,†††††††††††† Watch as Jesus shows up!

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Powerful Miracle at Fire16
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Todd Whiteís story
††††††† Toddís testimony & background.


Here are three of Danís longer teachings:


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - HC - Faith is a perspective -
,,†††††††††††† 1 January 2016

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.
††††††† and:
YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - HC - Faith is a perspective -
,,†††††††††††† 2 January 2016

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††††††††† And, if you want more:
,,†††††††††††† WOW WOW WOW!! TRANSFORMING!

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


And, a shorter teaching, repeated from earlier:


†† †††† YouTube: Ė What believing the gospel
,,†††††††††††† really means - Dan Mohler

††††††† Teaching & testimonies (half an hour).Vital.

The above four teachings
propose a new, fourth, phase to Christianity.
A phase that, actually, is a return to
the biblical phase, the original phase:


††† 1) Original phase:††† I am a servant:
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† I, and Godís Spirit in me,
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† do natural & miraculous good.
Matt c13 v44-46


††† 2) Oldish phase: †††† I am a servant:
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† I do natural good.


††† 3) Recent phase:†††† I am a consumer:
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† God does miraculously good
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† to me.


††† 4) New phase: ††††††† I am a servant:
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† I, and Godís Spirit in me,
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† do natural & miraculous good.
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Matt c13 v44-46††

Andrew Wommack, too, teaches this fourth, new, phase:
††††††† in ch13 & ch14 of his book A Better Way To Pray
††††††† and elsewhere.


Likewise Bill Johnson teaches that God has given much
to believers, but as tools, to do miraculus good, to serve.

YouTube: Ė Bringing Heaven to Earth.


My conclusion:
††††††† God does indeed bless believers.†††
John c10 v7-10
††††††† But he also gives believers power
††††††† to naturally, and miraculously, serve others.


Here are some more of Danís long, but good, teachings:


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - Knowing the Father
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.
††††††† He addresses much thatís wrong
††††††† with most Christiansí lives:
††††††† gives a picture of how it should be.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler Ė The Power of Fasting
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.
††††††† Some good, practical, stuff, later on, in this teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler 2016 The Power of Love
,,†††††††††††† WOW WOW WOW!!!

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.
††††††† Getting free from yourself, free to love.
††††††† (This was at Andrew Wommackís
Charis Bible College.)


Here are Danís & Toddís websites:


††† ††† Lifestyle Christianity (Todd Whiteís website)
††††††† Perhaps click on the Events tab or Power & Love tabs.


††† ††† Lifestyle Christianity Church
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† Neck Ministries: Dan Mohlerís website
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††††††† I listened to all the teachings on Danís website.
††††††† Unfortunately Dan seems to have had a clearout
††††††† including the 19 I recommend.

††††††† However, they can still be found at:


††††††††††† New Covenant NEW CREATION New Life
,,††††††††††††††††††† Dan Mohler - Older teachings - Mix


††††††††††† To play the file:
†††††††††††††††† click anywhere on the bar.
††††††††††† To download the file:
†††††††††††††††† click on the black
symbol at the end of the bar.


††††††††††† My comments (or Danís) in white.


††††††††††† FFH 7-28-2009 - The Truth that sets you free
††††††††††† Encouraging testimonies peppered with teaching.


††††††††††† Establish Your Heart
††††††††††† Snapping our chains that stop answered prayers.


††††††††††† Faith Revealed
††††††††††† Practical, educational, breakdown of how faith works.


††††††††††† Intimacy With God - 3-2008 (Part 1 of 2)
††††††††††† Practical teaching Ė ends with educational testimony.


††††††††††† Intimacy With God - 3-2008 (Part 2 of 2)
††††††††††† Happy Dan - encouraging us to get alone with God.


††††††††††† It's Relationship, Not a Method - 4-10-2008 (Part 1 of 2)
††††††††††† Relationship or method, faith or medicines: consider.


††††††††††† It's Relationship, Not a Method - 4-10-2008 (Part 2 of 2)
††††††††††† Relationship or method, faith or medicines: consider.


††††††††††† LCF - 3-12-2009
††††††††††† Visit the healer, or know God and become a healer.


††††††††††† LCF - 4-2-2009(Particularly 29m 28s Ė 38m 20s)
††††††††††† Five mins chatter, then itís: belief & love, not effort.


††††††††††† LCF - 4-3-2008(Particularly 41m 0s Ė 1h 2m 40s.)
††††††††††† Spiritual manifestations without the loony-ness.


††††††† ††† LCF - 7-17-2008
††††††††††† Commanding healing, much teaching.


††† ††† ††† LCF on return from Miss - 1-2009
††††††††††† Love is the only motive, great testimonies.


††† ††† ††† Lords and Ladies
††††††††††† How religion stops people being miraculously healed.


††† ††† ††† Loving Them Back To God 2-2008
††††††††††† How to deal with marital betrayal & suchlike.


††† ††† ††† Mulliken's - 6-19-2008 Baptism
††††††††††† Remain an open channel for God,††
††††††††††† also, why water baptism is vital.


††† ††† ††† Our Created Value
††††††††††† God, not me/problem/fear-centred-life, and praying.


††† ††† ††† Straight Shooting(Gets going 10mins in.)
††††††††††† Stay in Godís hand or stay in fear,
††††††††††† your righteousness is proportional to
††††††††††† Godís Lordship in your life.


††† ††† ††† The Fence
††††††††††† Come boldly to God for his help,
††††††††††† so itís confidence, not pride.


††† ††† ††† WV
††††††††††† Your relationship with God renews your mind.


Dan taught:
††††††† As God led him.
††††††† And, therefore, according to the needs of his audience.
Hence Danís teachings are pretty subjectless.


Andrew, too, taught as God led him.
But, though he had been a pastor in the past,
his teachings he recorded in a studio.
Hence he had no audience.
Hence he was able to teach by subject.


This, later, lent itself to writing books on each subject.


Danís style is:
o†† Sharp & fast.
o†† Passion shown.


Andrewís style is:


††† o†† Thorough.Comprehensive.
††††††† But sometimes slow.
††††††† Even repetitive if he feels heís not got his point across.
††††††† Hence you may prefer his books & written teachings
††††††† to his speaking.


††† o†† Logical rather than emotional,
††††††† passion hidden (so, more British?).





Mark Hemans, Australian.


I like Australians.Unlike other cultures,
even many non-Christian Australians
tend to be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get),
i.e. they donít have a side.
They also dislike unnecessary sophistication:
something that many of the rest of us like to hide behind.


o†† The laying on of the foot
††† ††† (like the laying on of hands).
o†† Having the prayer helpers wear workmanís hi-vis vests
††††††† with ONLY BELIVE printed on the back.
o†† Anointing his prayer helpers†† John c7 v37-39,,,,,
††††††† so that they can do whatever he does.
o†† Blowing the anointing through the microphone.
o†† Etc.
are all very Australian I reckon:
††††††† thoughtlessly practical,
††††††† unselfconsciously cultureless.


So it seems that God, who loves variety,
is making the most of Australian:
††††††† lack of convention
††††††† and lack of limiting solutions.


Mark is a good biblical teacher-healer.
As far as I can tell, he uses the NKJV
so Iíve made all links to his Bible references NKJV.


Iíd have more thoughts on his ministry
and more links to his material
but I only discovered Mark last of all, in August 2021.


††† o†† Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pentecostal,
††††††† was the first biblical teacher-healer I discovered.
††††††† (In 2008 I went to his first
UK meeting).
o†† I discovered Andrew Wommack second,
††††††† just months later.Bapticostal is what Andrew
††††††† calls himself (good description I reckon).
o†† I discovered all the other biblical teacher-healers
††††††† since then.
o†† Mark Hemans last of all (2021).
††††††† Iím sure Mark is Pentecostal
††††††† but he ministers in any church that invites him
††††††† including Roman Catholic.


I reckon Godís made me discover Mark last of all
††††††† The way Godís Spirit works through Mark
††††††† is so subjective & practical
††††††† that itís hard to link, in any way,
††††††† his teaching to this objective site
††††††† (as compared to Andrewís teaching).

††††††† Godís Spirit told Mark to minister the way he does.
††††††† Mark says that others should listen
††††††† for the Holy Spiritís instructions, for them,
††††††† and never merely copy
††††††† another ministerís methods & manner.
††††††† [I add: God is constructive, so he loves variety.]
††††††† See 7m 33s into:
,,†††††††††††† authority & power, divine order, the Blood of Jesus


††††††† To the above, I add that, if you want your ministry:
††††††††††† not so as to serve God & people,
Mark c10 v35-45,,,,,,
††††††††††† but out of vanity, or for power,
††††††† then it will come, at least partly, from demons.

Mark is, or became, a people person.
He is also int
elligent and keeps himself unworldly & humble.
Hence God works through him
and through whatever congregation he is with.
In my opinion he shows how Pentecostalism should be done.


When he anoints prayer helpers,†† John c7 v37-39,,,,,
so that the anointing flows through them too,
I assume (perhaps wrongly)
that itís merely a temporary anointing.
Like the anointing Jesus gave his disciples
in the gospels, as compared to in Acts.


Mark insists that people declare that
Jesus did their healing, not him.

††††††† The verb, Ďto doí, and phrasing, thatís used in the KJV
††††††† shows that the Christian does a miracle.
††††††† But Markís way is more practical
††††††† because it ensures that people
††††††† do not see him as the answer.
††††††† They go away and seek God
††††††† to the degree that they feel they lack anything.

††††††† Technically, we Christians can do miracles only because
††††††† Jesus put all of us right with his Father.
††††††† Hence his Father was able to become our Father too.
††††††† Hence, also, his Father was able to offer, to all of us,
††††††† his powerful Holy Spirit, on a permanent basis.
††††††† (Hence any Christian does miraculous healing
††††††† only in Jesusí name, often declaring as much.)


††††††† So, while Mark is wrong technically,
††††††† he is right practically.

Thereís no Wikipedia for Mark, yet,
so Iíve written the following:


††††††† Mark has two degrees in theology
††††††† (though, with hindsight, he does not value them:
††††††† dispensationalism nullifies faith for the miraculous).
††† †† He was a pastor for a while
††††††† before/after he was a missionary in


††††††† Mark started his first run of mission trips in 2004
††††††† as shown in his old website:

Encounter Ministries,,,,,
†††††††††††††††† (click on Mission Trip Reports).


††††††† In 2011 he stopped his mission trips because he lost
††††††† his health, indeed lost everything [demonic attack?]:
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† The REAL YOU in Christ
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† is more important than appearances
at 30s Ė 1m 50s.


††††††† Markís testimony:

††††††††††† over STAGE 4 MELANOMA.

††††††††††† How faith and repentance brought healing. ,,,,,


,,††††††† ,,††††††† (You may also find the following two minute video useful.
,,††††††† ,,††††††† It explains the the difference between prophesy and words of knowledge.
,,††††††† ,,††††††† YouTube: Ė Prophetic Word vs. Word of Knowledge
,,,,†††††††††† // Katia Adams // Vineyard Insights
.) ,,,,,


††††††† In 2016 Mark made his new website:
Jesus Encounter Ministries,,,,,
††††††† by building it on top of, but not linked to,
††††††† his old website:
Encounter Ministries,,,,,,
††††††† and started his mission trips again,
††††††† but this time posting videos of them on YouTube.


††††††† He now holds a pair of mission trip meetings each week
††††††† (Friday & Saturday) in any church or meeting hall
††††††† heís invited to.
††††††† E.G. Over 3 weeks he does 3 towns/cities in one country
††††††† then moves to the next country, and so on;
††††††† then back to Australia
††††††† to do some zoom meetings online.

††††††† Yes.Miracles still happen even through Zoom!
††††††† I.E. Even across the internet!
††††††† (I reckon itís another Australian example
††††††† of not overthinking something, just doing it.
††††††† Iíd have instantly dismissed the idea as impossible
††††††† if Iíd thought of it.)

For more about Mark see:

Jesus Encounter Ministries / About.,,,,,


Markís YouTube channel is:
††† YouTube: Ė Mark Hemans ,,,,,
and, as I mentioned earlier, his website is:
††† ††† Jesus Encounter Ministries. ,,,,,




††††††††††† cartilage & muscles GROW, years of pain GONE

††††††††††† in JESUS NAME
††††††† Short, 10m, video of a fast progressing miracle
††††††† (ignore the woman laughing if youíre not used to it)


††† ††† YouTube: Ė The FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT comes down:
††††††††††† Peterborough UK revival meetings
††††††† A short, 13m, video of the miraculous.
††††††††††† I suspect that all the burning
††††††††††† was build up, or somesuch,
††††††††††† to the Ďdemon wrapped around the headí deliverance
††††††††††† at 8m 38s.
††††††††††† At 10m 56s, ĎThat your joy might be fullí lesson
††††††††††† makes sense to me.
John c14 v1-11†† John c16 v23-24†† 1 John c1 v1-4,,,



††††††††††† Neck problems, brain lesions, grinding teeth, migraines.
††††††† Mirac
ulous healing & testimony.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė GIRL'S BACK OF THE HEAD GREW 15 mm,

††††††††††† jaws and ears realigned!.
††††††† Mirac
ulous healing and testimony.



††††††††††† While asleep sees Jesus & golden castle in heaven.
††††††† Miraculous healing & testimony.


††††††††††† unable to toilet or dress by himself,

††††††††††† or show affection. A MIRACLE!
††††††† Miraculous healing & testimony.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Teenager demonized by using an occult game.
††††††† Words of knowledge and casting out demons.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė UNABLE TO FUNCTION with ADD all her life.

††††††††††† 1 year later shares her incredible testimony.
††††††† Testimony of a miraculous healing.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė SURPRISE! Day after prayer she weighs less.
††††††† Word of knowledge, miraculous healing, & testimony.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Girl sees Jesus
††††††††††† and smells the heavenly flowers, set free of fear
††††††† A delightful miracle, and very educational.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė A MIRACLE: brain damage,
††††††††††† suicidal, slurred speech
††††††† Miraculous deliverance, healing, and testimony.



††††††† Brilliant video.
At2m 30sMark compares casting out a demon
††††††† to loading & firing a gun.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Doctor: 'SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR KIDS'.

††††††††††† Gina had a badly perforated stomach.
††††††† Testimony of a healing of multiple illnesses.


††††††††††† of a changed life
††††††† This includes a fascinating instance
††††††† of God's Spirit working through a photo!

††††††† [Perhaps also see my own section
††††††† and its two subsections.]


††† ††† YouTube: Ė 13 year old GIRL BLIND
††††††††††† IN LEFT EYE can read! Jesus still heals the blind.

††††††† Miraculous healing & testimony;

††††††† includes lessons on waiting on the Lord, and on faith.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė SHOCKING! BLIND, STABBED in the EYE with a fork.

††††††††††† Perfect vision in Jesus Name.
††††††† Miraculous healing & testimony.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Spiritually blind from a demon in the eyes.
††††††† Casting out a demon and a testimony.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė CAN'T FIND THE METAL in his fused back.

††††††††††† IMPOSSIBLE TO BEND OVER!! Bends over in Jesus Name.
††††††† Miraculous healing & testimony.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė HOW DEMONS CAN STOP


††††††††††† damaging family & marriage relationships.
††††††† Miraculous healing & testimony;
††††††† Mark gets someone to help him
††††††† by way of that person casting out their own demon!


††††††††††† from demon: drugs, hatred, sex addiciton
††††††† Miraculous healing, prophesy, and testimony.


††††††††††† mission to the persecuted church
††††††† Miraculous healing, prophesy, and testimony,
††††††† and:

††† ††† YouTube: Ė GODíS HEALING POWER
††††††††††† ON THE DEAF & MUTE
††††††† What it says on the can, wonderful miracles.

††† ††† YouTube: Ė TESTIMONIES of those


††††††††††† Also healing from a prayer cloth.
††††††† Testimonies of miracles
††††††† that occurred over the internet.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė A MIRACLE!

††††††††††† Delivered, healed and WALKS by the power of.
††††††† Healing miracle.At 6min Mark says that

††††††† Godís love for your body,
††††††† his wanting to heal your body,
††††††† cannot compare to his love for your soul,
††††††† his wanting to heal your soul.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė PROPHECY REVEALS:

††††††† Extremely interesting video.
††††††† &:
††††††††††† of abuse, violence, witchcraft
††††††† Another extremely interesting video.


††††††† ††† Jesus, as well as miraculously healing people,
††††††††††† would have had to have counselled people,
††††††††††† just like Mark Hemans did in the above two videos,

††††††††††† so as to prevent relapses etc.

††††††††††† E.G. John c5 v5-14.

††††††† There are more videos like these on YouTube.

You may ask: ďWhy do so many Christians, of all people,
have demons that need to be cast out of them?Ē

I suspect that people, who have a demon in them,
believers & unbelievers, sense thereís something wrong:
something doctors donít detect or diagnose satisfactorily.
So they intuitively go to church, perhaps becoming believers,
or perhaps having been believers for years.

Indeed, I reckon that most people have a demon:
††††††† hanging around them,
††††††† waiting to encourage them in their wrongdoing.
Also that, whenever someone responds positively
to the demonís encouragements:
††††††† they are inadvertently encouraging the demon
††††††† to continue to hang around & speak.
††††††† Itís the converse of:
Jam c4 v7.,,,,,


Also that, those who do this a lot
are unwittingly allowing the demon
into their lives & minds even more.
1 Cor 10 v3-5.,,,,,


As Mark demonstrates,
demons manifest (do something obvious)
only when they see someone about to cast them out.
Itís a last ditch effort to make the minister fearful:
for even a little fear constitutes unbelief (doubt, in the mind)
and unbelief counteracts belief (in the heart & mind).
Perhaps see:

Indeed, one distinct thing about Pentecostal practices

is that Godís work is visible, therefore clearer to follow:
o†† When Godís Spirit is in you,
††††††††††† healing you, physically or mentally,
††††††††††† you may: feel Godís Spirit in you, shake, fall,
††††††††††† laugh with joy, feel hot:
Matt c3 v11Luke c3 v16.
†††††††††††††††† (In:
Mark c5 v24-34 v31,
†††††††††††††††† the people would not have been so confused
†††††††††††††††† had they been falling over.)
o†† It takes time to cast out a demon
††††††††††† (though no more than minutes)
††††††††††† and the person feels it.
††††††††††† There may be demonic poison vomitted out at the end
††††††††††† (perhaps thatís an attempt at:
††††††††††† Ďif I canít have him/her then no-one caní).
o†† People actually see:
†††††††††††††††† Jesus,
†††††††††††††††† the glory cloud,
†††††††††††††††† angels,
†††††††††††††††† demons,
o†† Etc.


††††††† None of these events needs to be visible.
††††††† But God making them visible
††††††† is, in my opinion, edifying and useful.

††††††† (Christians who have only ever seen the natural
††††††† may well disagree with that.
††††††† They may well not be able to discern between:
†††††††††††††††† Godís supernatural
†††††††††††††††† and demonsí supernatural,
††††††† would be suspicious of anything supernatural,
††††††† even not be able to tell if a supernatural healing
††††††† was from God or demons.

††††††† Perhaps again see: TRICKS & MIRACLES.
††††††† and the links within it.
††††††† (This link does not open up a new tab.)

With non-Pentecostals
(Andrew Wommack, Dan Mohler, etc):
††††††† The same things happen
††††††† but you donít usually see it or feel it.
††††††† (Though sometimes you do,
††††††††† YouTube: Ė Dan Mohler - first demonic experience.)

The key difference, is that, with non-Pentecostal ways:
††††††† The healer, who has a renewed, God-like, mind,
††††††† largely directs Godís healing,
††††††† largely decides what happens,
††††††† with the exception of a few words of knowledge.
But with Pentecostal ways (e.g. Mark Hemans):
††††††† God directs the healing; indeed directs everything.


(Andrew Wommack has a joke that,
in case his students think:
ďI wonít pray [or command] for people unless I feel ledĒ
he gives them each a lump of lead, to keep in their pocket,
for just such an occasion.
Andrew explains:
††††††† ďItís true: we are indeed led at times.
††††††† But donít restrict yourself to doing nothing
††††††† until you are.Ē)

As I mentioned earlier,
Andrewís teachings and Markís ministry
complement each other.

As Andrew sometimes says:


††††††† o†† Meetings such as Markís
††††††††††† can be few and far between.
††††††††††† Hence Andrew teaches you
††††††††††† how you can miraculously heal
††††††††††† your own sicknesses.


††††††† o†† Conversely, it can take weeks, months, even years,
††††††††††† to learn Andrewís material.
††††††††††† Hence terminally sick people
††††††††††† may need to get to meetings such as Markís.




††† ††† YouTube: Ė Holland Revival Miracle Meetings
††††††††††† powerful anointing, demons manifest,

††††††††††† miracles, God's fire, drugs.
†††††††††††††† Very impactful ministry.Watch all of it.
†††††††††††††† At 39m 50sMark says that he used to think that, somehow,

†††††††††††††† heíd have to press-in to come into God's presence,

†††††††††††††† but that, one day, the Lord showed him that the way is open

†††††††††††††† because of the Cross.Also Ė many great miracles.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Sunshine Coast Highlights:
††††††††††† Bulimia, visually impaired, fibromyalgia,

††††††††††† walking sticks, demons cast out
†††††††††††††† At21m 05sMark speaks of his missionary days
†††††††††††††† in
Paraguay, about sowing in faith.
†††††††††††††† From:32m 50sto35m 09sMark tells us to
†††††††††††††† not be afraid of failure, and then expands on that.
†††††††††††††† At38m 16sMark explains, using
John c5 v1-9,
†††††††††††††† his practice of locating people,
†††††††††††††† or rather, the Spirit locating people.
†††††††††††††† At42m 00sMark explains why he
†††††††††††††† blows onto the microphone.
†††††††††††††† From then on a load of amazing miracles.

††††††††††† have you EVER SEEN a meeting like it?

††††††††††† joy, miracles, deliverance, fire baptism!.

†††††††††††††† The preaching & teaching starts well
†††††††††††††† then
gets even better.
†††††††††††††† At35m 20sto39m 40s,there is the unusual miracle
†††††††††††††† of someone's soul being given strength:
†††††††††††††† being changed, to do God's work.
†††††††††††††† At44m 44sMark tells a man to obey the Holy Spirit,
†††††††††††††† even the little instructions,
†††††††††††††† because they may be vital steps
†††††††††††††† on the way to big events, to miracles.
†††††††††††††† From†† 1hr 15m 10s†† to†† 1hr 16m 44s
†††††††††††††† Mark explains why his services are the way they are.

††††††† I have more videos of Markís preaching & teaching,
††††††† followed by miracles & testimonies,
††††††† in an Ďoverflowí webpage:
More Mark Hemansí teaching & ministry.,,,,,





††††††††††† There is victory over sin.
†††††††††††††† An extraordinarily enlightening teaching.
†††††††††††††† Part of it (10m 39s†† to†† 11m 44s)
†††††††††††††† is Mark explaining how he does what he does:
††††††††††††††††††††† Mark says that the fear of God
††††††††††††††††††††† is the basis for obeying him.

††††††††††††††††††††† [I see the New Testament as more important
††††††††††††††††††††† than the Old Testament, not equally important.
†††††††††††††† †††††† Hence, for me, itís the fear of Godís absence
††††††††††††††††††††† rather than the fear of Godís presence
††††††††††††††††††††† thatís the basis for obeying him.]

††††††††††††††††††††† Mark loves Jesus, doesnít sin, stays holy,
††††††††††††††††††††† and doesnít bother with the world.
††††††††††††††††††††† Hence the Holy Spirit lives in him
††††††††††††††††††††† fully and continuously.
††††††††††††††††††††† So Mark then merely says or does
††††††††††††††††††††† whatever the Holy Spirit tells him to say or do:
††††††††††††††††††††† no more, no less, simple.
††††††††††††††††††††† [Australians are already uncomplicated people.]

††††††† YouTube: Ė Walking in the Spirit
††††††††††† is to surrender to Jesus in our daily decisions
††††††††††††† Vital teaching.
†††††††††††††† At 3m 22s Mark asks us if weíd ever done something
†††††††††††††† that seemed right to us, at the time,
†††††††††††††† but it turned out a total failure?

†††††††††††††† Yes?

†††††††††††††† Mark then adds that it was because we needed
†††††††††††††† the principle of the book of Acts:
Acts c15 v28.

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† For it seemed good to us
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† and to the Holy Spirit.

†††††††††††††† Mark adds that, when it seems good to you,
†††††††††††††† you should ask the Lord if it seems good to him too.

†††††††††††††† Mark adds the warning to be careful of filtering his voice
†††††††††††††† through your own fleshly desires,
†††††††††††††† what youíd like to happen.

†††††††††††††† At 14m Mark recounts how a pastor once asked his advice
†††††††††††††† about pastoring a church.
†††††††††††††† Mark replied ďDon't please people.Please God.Ē

†††††††††††††† At 14m 40s Mark insists that, if you're really sick, say with cancer,
†††††††††††††† have some backbone:
†††††††††††††† stand up to all the unbelievers in your family
†††††††††††††† who are expecting you to drop dead,
†††††††††††††† who are planning your funeral.
†††††††††††††† Believe the word of God.

†††††††††††††† He finishes this point by saying that heís speaking
†††††††††††††† from personal experience.

†††††††††††††† Likewise, at 15m 9s, Mark advises young unmarried believers,
†††††††††††††† whose girlfriend/boyfriend wants them to have sex,
†††††††††††††† to be strong and say: ďNoĒ.
†††††††††††††† To please God, and wait until youíre married.

†††††††††††††† Continuing on the subject of intimate control,
†††††††††††††† at 21m, Mark says to beware of Ďprophetic manipulationí:
††††††††††††††††††††† people wanting you to do
††††††††††††††††††††† what they want to do
††††††††††††††††††††† but they put it in the form of ďGod spoke to meĒ.

††††††††††††††††††††† Consider what their motive(s) might be.

†††††††††††††† Bottom line:
††††††††††††††††††††† Don't let other people make your decisions for you.
††††††††††††††††††††† Be directed by the Holy Spirit.

†††††††††††††† At 25m 21s Mark says that Godís not going to act, in your life:
†††††††††††††† in a way that feels nice, all the time.

††††††††††††††††††††† The Son of man had nowhere to lay his head,
††††††††††††††††††††† and got tired & thirsty,
††††††††††††††††††††† even though he was doing his Fatherís will.

††††††††††††††††††††† Likewise, while you are doing Godís will,
††††††††††††††††††††† you too could find life hard
††††††††††††††††††††† and be persecuted.[
John c15 v20],,,,,

††††††† I have more videos of Markís preaching & teaching,
††† ††† where he didnít include miracles & testimonies,
††††††† in an Ďoverflowí webpage:
More Mark Hemansí teaching.,,,,,




††† ††† YouTube: Ė PRAISE & WORSHIP:
††††††††††† Jesus Encounter Ministries (JEM)

††††††††††† worship team. Meeting 8.


††††††† There are more such videos on YouTube.





Smith Wigglesworth, 1859-1947, Pentecostal.
Smith seems to have been only a preacher, not a teacher.
††††††† Perhaps again see:
Whatís the Difference Between Preaching and Teaching?
,,†††††††††††† By Andrew Wilson | Monday 13 May 2013


But if you read (or listen, on YouTube) to his preaching:
††††††† not in an earthly frame of mind
††††††† but in Godís frame of mind,
then you realise that he taught much.


You just have to read between the lines.


††††††† See my deductions
††††††† in last four cells
††††††† (starting
This is how Smith Wigglesworth lived)
††††††† of section:


††††††† YouTube: Ė God's Generals Series - Smith Wigglesworth.
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Kenneth Copeland retells
,,†††††††††††† Smith Wigglesworth raising a man from the dead

††††††† Testimony.
,,††††††† ,,††††††† I donít include, in this list, Kenneth Copeland himself
,,††††††† ,,††††††† for reasons I give later, on this webpage,
,,††††††† ,,††††††† but this testimony is very interesting.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Ultimate Documentary On Smith Wigglesworth
††††††† Valuable teaching: from 33m to 46m.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Insider view of Smith Wigglesworth
††††††† Interview with Smithís great grand-daughter, a believer.


††††††† AZ Quotes of Smith Wigglesworth
††††††† Some revealing, powerful, tips.


††††††† Wigglesworth: his sermons
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††††††† Smith Wigglesworth: his life
††††††† Testomonies.


††††††† Smith Wigglesworthís two books:
††††††††††† Ever Increasing Faith [some of his sermons]
††††††††††† and
††††††††††† Faith That Prevails [some of his sermons]
††††††† are, in my opionion, both vital reading for Christians.


††††††† Smithís biography:
††††††††††† Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith.
††††††††††† by Stanley Howard Frodsham
††††††† is extremely encouraging.


††††††† Abbreviated combination of the above three books:
††††††††††† Wigglesworth Ė The Complete Story.
by Julian Wilson,
††††††† is also extremely encouraging.


,,††††††† ,,††††††† Perhaps get the above four books from a Christian site;
,,††††††† ,,††††††† I bought one copy from Amazon and it was wrongly assembled!

††††††† Smith was powerful, but simple.

††† ††† Hence, when he flatly refused to pray twice for someone,
††††††† saying: ďOnce is faith.Twice is unbeliefĒ
††††††† I personally suspect that:
†††††††††††††††† it was certainly true for him, there & then,
†††††††††††††††† but it need not (yet) be true for others.


††††††† Bethel Church, Redding, California.
††††††† Miracles & teaching.
††††††† American.
††††††† Entirely biblical, emotional and logical.

††††††† Bill Johnson is the senior pastor at


††††††††††† ††† YouTube: Ė Bill Johnson -
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Creative Miracles At Bethel - Part 1

†††††††††††††††† Miracles.


††††††††††† ††† YouTube: Ė Bill Johnson || DECEMBER 11, 2017 -
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† What Jesus Accomplished Now || Teaching Truth
,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,,††††††† 37m 15s†† to†† 47m 30s†† are particularly pithy.

†††††††††††††††† Good teaching Ė ĎJesus redefined what a king isí.


††††††††††† ††† YouTube: Ė Bill Johnson -
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Creative Miracles At Bethel - Part 2

†††††††††††††††† Miracles.


††††††††††† ††† YouTube: Ė Bringing Heaven to Earth
†††††††††††††††† God gives us much
†††††††††††††††† so that we can do good:
†††††††††††††††† naturally & miraculously.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Bill Johnson Preaches a Powerful Sermon
,,†††††††††††† After Wife's Passing
Bethel Church has seen many powerful miracles.
††††††† So it was a shock when Bill, the senior pastorís, wife,
Beni, died of her sickness, despite much prayer.


††††††† I remember Dan Mohler had a similar problem
††††††† and concluded that itís due to having:
†††††††††††††††† faith in a good record of answered prayers
††††††† rather than having:
†††††††††††††††† faith in God.


†††††††††††††††† So the thing to do is to make:
†††††††††††††††††††††††† every one
†††††††††††††††††††††††† of everyoneís
†††††††††††††††† prayer on a matter
†††††††††††††††† to be as if it were
†††††††††††††††† the first prayer on that matter.


††††††† Bill is one of a list of people Iíve learnt a lot from
††††††† (Andrew Wommack, Dan Mohler, Mark Hemans,
††††††† Smith Wigglesworth, etc).


††††††† Bill is an actual pastor & preacher.
††††††† I am only a philosophical Christian.
††††††† So some may think it bad taste
††††††† for me to critique his sermon on his wifeís passing.
††††††† But I reckon it could be helpful, so here it is,
††††††† or rather parts of it.

†††††††††††††† Bill's questions, spoken and unspoken, are about God.
When they should be about:
†††††††††††††† †††††† o††††† himself,
††††††††††† ††††† o††††† his wife,
††††††††††† ††††† o††††† those who were meshed not only in prayer for her
†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† but also in communication with each other,
††††††††††† ††††† o††††† and perhaps circumstances.

†††††††††††††† And his questions should be about belief and unbelief:
†††††††††††††† †††††† Belief in Godís great love for us
†††††††††††††† †††††† during this Church Age.
†††††††††††††† †††††† Unbelief, doubts in the mind,
†††††††††††††† †††††† from the world and from nature.

†††††††††††††† At 8minutes I find it sad that Bill says:
†††††††††††††† "I want to give him [God] the most priceless gift I can give him:
†††††††††††††† and that is:joy - in loss: celebration - in pain.
†††††††††††††† That is: giving up my right to understand.Ē

†††††††††††††† We should never give up the right to understand
†††††††††††††† (the disciples ever questioned Jesus, and he didnít rebuke them for that).

†††††††††††††† In 1940 C S Lewis wrote The Problem of Pain
†††††††††††††† in which he wrote: ĎPain is Godís megaphone to a deaf worldí,
†††††††††††††† [what a wrong statement].
†††††††††††††† †††††† C S Lewis was an intellectual Christian.
†††††††††††††† †††††† He wrote the brilliant Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters.
†††††††††††††† †††††† But, to my knowledge, healed no-one.

††††††††††††††††††††† Later, in 1960, sadly, his wife died of cancer.

†††††††††††††† I often wish that, earlier in his life, he'd met Smith Wigglesworth.
†††††††††††††† †††††† Smith had the mustard seed of faith.
†††††††††††††† †††††† But he was uneducated - and made sure he stayed that way
†††††††††††††† †††††† (read only the Bible, did nothing but pray, spoke only of God, etc)
†††††††††††††† †††††† so he had zero unbelief.

†††††††††††††† †††††† He raised a number of people from the dead
†††††††††††††† †††††† as well as doing very many healing miracles.

†††††††††††††† 14m 38s Bill says:
†††††††††††††† †††††† ďMourning will either take you
†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† to the Comforter,
†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† into the presence of the Holy Spirit,
†††††††††††††† †††††† or will take you
†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††† to unbelief.Ē
†††††††††††††† Thatís an educational distinction.

†††††††††††††† Then Bill reads: Matt c5 v4NKJV,††
†††††††††††††† that youíre blessed if youíre mourn
†††††††††††††† because youíll be comforted.
†††††††††††††† (As far as I can tell, Bill uses the NKJV,
†††††††††††††† so Iíve made my links to his Bible references to be NKJV)
†††††††††††††† and adds:
†††††††††††††† †††††† ďAnswers won't fix the problem, presence will.Ē

†††††††††††††† †††††† I reckon answers do help with such problems
†††††††††††††† †††††† though not always completely.

†††††††††††††† At24m 57s Bill says:
††††††††††††††††††††† ďIf I praise him, without surrender,
††††††††††††††††††††† I was just making a business deal.Ē
†††††††††††††† I like that.

†††††††††††††† At 25m 19s Bill says:
††††††††††††††††††††† ďGreat faith doesn't come from striving,
††††††††††††††††††††† it comes from surrender.Ē
†††††††††††††† I want that on a poster for me
†††††††††††††† and a banner for my church.

†††††††††††††† Then Bill reads:
Heb c12 v1NKJV,,,,,,
†††††††††††††† about a cloud of witnesses and running the race,
†††††††††††††† and adds:
††††††††††††††††††††† ďRemember the verse that goes:
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Death, where is your sting?
††††††††††††††††††††† No-one, who is conscious of eternity,
††††††††††††††††††††† can find the sting in death.Ē
†††††††††††††† I love that.

†††††††††††††† Then Bill reads:
John c12 v24NKJV,,,,,,
†††††††††††††† about a grain of wheat needing to die in the soil
†††††††††††††† so that much more wheat can grow.

†††††††††††††† Then, regarding the cloud of witnesses reference,
†††††††††††††† Bill says:
††††††††††††††††††††† ĒWe're not alone, and it's not about us."
†††††††††††††† I want that on a poster too.

†††††††††††††† Regarding Bill's point about God using a crisis as a grain,
†††††††††††††† to produce an increase:
††††††††††††††††††††† I'm sure itís true.
††††††††††††††††††††† And it's unique to God (the world sees loss as loss).

††††††††††††††††††††† But is Bill wanting to find worth in his wife's death
††††††††††††††††††††† having not found answers?

††††††††††††††††††††† Certainly God doesn't need a crisis/loss to produce.
††††††††††††††††††††† He can produce in any situation and none.

††††††† Ahh, itís clearer now (time of writing, March 2023,
††††††† about eight months since Billís wife,
Beni, died).


††††††† A book Billís just promoted, The Physics of Heaven,
††††††† shows that he was once into New Age,
††††††† [was, presumably, impressed with its manifestations,]
††††††† and thought [& still thinks?]
††††††† that New Age can contribute to Christianity.


††††††† But I reckon that carnality/the flesh, and demons,
††††††† tolerate miracles, perhaps even like them,
††††††† providing the gospel doesnít come with them.


††††††† Hence the music of Bethel [& Hillsong & Elevation ?]
††††††† is usually good, sometimes excellent,
††††††† and thereíll be some miracles.
††††††† But youíll sometimes/often
††††††† need to add the gospel to them,
††††††† because itís missing,
††††††† if youíre going to see the complete
kingdom of Heaven.
John c15 v5NKJV


††††††† Many churches:
†††††††††††††††† have comfort & excitement
†††††††††††††††† but no gospel
††††††† for reasons other than New Age thinking.


††††††† Conversely, some churches
††††††† have the gospel,
††††††† and so should see miracles,
††††††† but donít
††††††† because they donít believe in miracles.


Heidi Baker, Mozambican (though originally American).


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Nov 16, 2017 Women on the Frontlines
,,†††††††††††† HEIDI BAKER ó Being FULLY FILLED With GOD's GLORY!

††††††† Vital teaching & testimonies. The Bible reading
††††††† and the preaching start at 30m 40s.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė "Knowing The Ways Of God" - Heidi Baker
††††††† Vital teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Heidi Baker: Intimacy for Miracles - CBN.com
††††††† Teaching & testimonies,2008.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė 700 Club Interactive:
,,†††††††††††† Follow Your Dreams - March 20, 2014

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Heidi Baker on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! |
,,†††††††††††† Reckless Devotion

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Heidi Baker - Intimacy with God
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Heidi Baker's Testimony
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Heidi Baker( Nov 11, 2017) -
,,†††††††††††† Being Closer To Jesus And Knowing Him

††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Heidi Baker( Nov 16, 2017) We Are Anointed
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


††† ††† Thereís more of Heidi on YouTube.


Heidiís website is:
††† Heidi Baker( IRIS )
††††††† Teaching & testomonies.


Isabel Chapman, Scottish.


††††††† God's Word To Women: Testimony ofIsabel Chapman
††††††† Testimony & teaching.


††††††† The above is the only internet presence
††††††† that I can find of Isabel.
††††††† But I recommend her book:
Arise & Reap.


††††††† Donít underestimate women biblical teacher-healers.
††††††† Of all the biblical teacher-healers on this webpage
††††††† God told only: Isabel Chapman, Heidi Baker,
††††††† & Mark Hemans, to do missionary work
††††††† in dangerous places.


††††††† God told Isabel to go to the Philippines,
††††††† to its inaccessible jungle areas,
††††††† to preach to, & to miraculously heal,
††††††† the head-hunting tribes there.
††††††† But she didnít yet know how to miraculously heal.


††††††† So, when she arrived, in Manila,
††††††† a young Kenneth Copeland was having a big
††††††† healing meeting there.
††††††† She attended, not because she was ill, but to learn.


††††††† Many people were healed & saved at Kennethís meeting.
††††††† But it was Isabel, not Kenneth, whom God had told
††††††† to carry on travelling Ė to the head-hunters.

††††††† (Their initiation into manhood was to bring back
††††††† the head of a member of another tribe.
††††††† They also worshipped idols & used black magic.)


John Mellor, Australian.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Severely disabled boy miraculously healed
,,†††††††††††† 'Today Tonight' National News - John Mellor Miracles

††††††† Testimony.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Child in wheelchair suffering from painful
,,†††††††††††† KŲhler disease healed & runs - John Mellor Miracles

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Disabled woman in wheelchair
,,†††††††††††† with cerebellum brain injury
,,†††††††††††† healed & walks - John Mellor Healing

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Blind, disabled man in wheelchair healed
,,†††††††††††† 'Today Tonight' National News - John Mellor Miracles

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Keratoconus blindness miracle healing
,,†††††††††††† John Mellor Australian Healing Ministry

††††††† Testimony.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Autistic child totally healed -
,,†††††††††††† John Mellor Healing in Jesus' Name

††††††† Testimony.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Child born blind miraculously healed
,,†††††††††††† & vision restored after prayer - John Mellor Healing Ministry

††††††† Testimony.


††††††† YouTube: Ė John Mellor - ĎPosition Yourself
,,†††††††††††† To Receive a Miracleí Part 1

††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė John Mellor - ĎPosition Yourself
,,†††††††††††† To Receive a Miracleí Part 2

††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Healing teaching and demonstration -
,,†††††††††††† John Mellor Ministries

††††††† Miracle & teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė John Mellor teaches on faith -
,,†††††††††††† 'Don't stop believing'

††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė John Mellor teaching on healing -
,,†††††††††††† what voices are you listening to?

††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė John Mellor teaching on
,,†††††††††††† persistent faith - never give up!

††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Some of the blockages to being healed -
,,†††††††††††† John Mellor Ministries

††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Teaching about healing prayer -
,,†††††††††††† John Mellor Healing Evangelist

††††††† Miracle & teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Healing seminar teaching with demonstration
,,†††††††††††† healing of painful spine - John Mellor Miracles

††††††† Miracle & teaching.


There are moreĎJohn Mellor teachingí videos on YouTube.


Pastor (Doctor) Kay Ijisesan, American?


††††††† YouTube: Ė Kingsword Everywhere ,,,
††††††† Worship, testimonies, preaching & teaching, miracles.
††††††† Watch from 2hr 20m onwards
††††††† for preaching & teaching, then miracles.


††††††† Thereís more of Dr Kay on YouTube.


††††††† Kingsword is the group of churches
††††††† that Pastor Kay established.


Tom Fischer, American?


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Tom Fischer:
,,†††††††††††† The Uncensored Street Healing Movie

††††††† Miracles & teaching.


††† ††† YouTube: Ė Wonderful encounter on a NJ boardwalk
††††††† Miracles & teaching.


††† ††† Thereís more of Tom on YouTube.


††† ††† Thomas Fischer - Living the Miraculous
††††††† All about the man and his ministry.


††† ††† Cardboard Box Church, Tomís YouTube channel. ,,,


Pete Cabrera Jr, American?


††††††† YouTube: Ė Get up and walk out of that wheel chair
,,†††††††††††† in Jesus name

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dead arm comes to life in Jesus Name
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Busted ankle restored
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Streets of Frankfurt Germany with Pete Cabrera Jr
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Dorthie get up and walk WOW!
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė What no Doctor could do JESUS!!
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė 16 rods in her back
††††††† Miracles.


††††††† YouTube: Ė How to start living in the Spirit made simple
††††††† Teaching.


††††††† Thereís more of Pete on YouTube.


††††††† Pete Cabrera Jrís YouTube channel.


Tom Loud, American?


††††††† Pete Cabrera Jr (see previous cell)
††††††† has inspired a pastor called Tom Loud:


††††††† YouTube: Ė The day I learned NOTHING from Pete Cabrera Jr !
††††††† Teaching.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Pain level 10, Doctors couldn't heal her,
,,†††††††††††† so Jesus Did!!!!

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Breast Cancer Tumor Vanishes in Jesus Name !
,,†††††††††††† - Tom Loud

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Wrist with metal rod healed; soul saved;
,,†††††††††††† Jesus Glorified ! -Tom Loud

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† Thereís more of Tom on YouTube.


††††††† Tomís church:
Shoreline Full Gospel Fellowship. ,,,


Nathan Morris, British.


Nathan Morris is an inspiring biblical preacher-healer
(I say preacher-healer because I havenít found
any teaching yet.But there may be some somewhere):


††††††† YouTube: Ė Face to Face with Nathan Morris
††††††† Life story, testimony, & more.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Nathan Morris/Blind girl begins to see
,,†††††††††††† @ Bay Revival, Ohio

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Woman Gets Healed
,,†††††††††††† After Being Paralyzed For 23 Years

††††††† Miracle.
††††††† and:
YouTube: Ė Delia Knox Testimony
,,†††††††††††† at Bay of the Spirit Revival Pt 1
†††††† and:
YouTube: Ė Delia Knox Testimony Part 2.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Deaf Woman Healed in Creative Miracle
,,†††††††††††† @ Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Blind boy healed
,,†††††††††††† at Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Baby Boy healed in Lake Charles.mov
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Deaf baby healed at Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Mother & daughter both healed @ Bay Revival
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Young boy with cancer touched @ Bay Revival
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Young deaf boy healed @ Bay Revival
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Young girl with heart arrhythmia
,,†††††††††††† & on a feeding tube
,,†††††††††††† healed @ Bay Revival, Ohio

††††††† Miracle.
††††††† Also see:


††††††† YouTube: Ė Woman who had 5 strokes
,,†††††††††††† is healed @ Bay Revival

††††††† Miracle.


††††††† YouTube: Ė Alanna's Story from the Bay Revival
††††††† Miracle.


††††††† Thereís more of Nathan on YouTube.


††††††† Nathan Morris - Shake The Nations Ministries,
,,†††††††††††† his YouTube channel
. ,,,


This cell is an assortment of
biblical preacher/teacher-healers.

Some Iím familiar with, some not.
Some have a big media presence, some not.
Some seem to heal just by themselves, some seem to
heal only when theyíve got a congregation there.

††††††† Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD:
,,†††††††††††† his TV channelís site (Loveworld UK)

††††††† Miracles & teaching.
††††††† Nigerian.
††† ††††††† In 2008 I went to his first UK meeting
†††††††††††††††† and saw miracles, just like on TV.
††† ††††††† I liked his books: Praying The Right Way
†††††††††††††††† and None Of These Diseases,
†††††††††††††††† which were the start to my
†††††††††††††††† understanding of doing miracles
†††††††††††††††† (
Ďdoí is the verb used in the KJV).
††††††† Pastor Chris has since divorced which is unfortunate.
††††††† (The culture of many a nation
††††††† is often, at least partly, counter to Christian culture
††††††† and Nigerian culture is no exception.)
††† ††† Also try YouTube.


††† ††† Evangelist Rambabu -Rambo - Home | Facebook
††††††† Teaching/miracles.
††††††† Indian.
††††††† Also try YouTube.


††† ††† Wisdom Ministries (Nasir Siddiki)
††††††† Teaching.
††††††† Canadian.
††††††† Entirely biblical, but also logical (rather than emotional).
††† ††† Also try YouTube.


††††††† New Creation Church (Joseph Prince)
††††††† Click Ďvideo messagesí.
††††††† Teaching.
††††††† Singaporean.
††††††† Entirely blbilcal, yet also logical.
††† ††† Also try YouTube.


††† ††† Prophetic Vision (David Hathaway)
††††††† Miracles & teaching.
†††††††††††††††† British.
††† ††††††††††† Also try YouTube.


††† ††† John & Carol Arnott.American?
††† ††† ††† ††† YouTube: Ė John & Carol Arnott LIVE with Sid Roth
††† ††† Teaching & testimonies.


††††††† ††††††† YouTube: Ė AIMG TV - Miracles & Healing Night -
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† april 14, 2018 with John Arnott

††† ††† Teaching, miracles, & testimonies.


††††††† Christ for all nations: Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda
††††††† Reinhard: German, 1940-2019.Daniel: Zimbabwean.
††† ††† Simple but effective, big-meeting evangelists/preachers.


††† ††††††††††† YouTube: Ė Blind Woman Healed
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† in front of 200,000 People!(Daniel Kolenda)

†††††††††††††††† Miracle.


††† ††† ††††††† YouTube: Ė Deaf Muslim Healed in Jesus' Name!
,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† (Daniel Kolenda)

†††††††††††††††† Miracle.


††† ††† ††††††† YouTube: Ė Watch This Miracle! Regina Atta.
†††††††††††††††††††††††††† (Reinhard Bonnke)

†††††††††††††††† Testimony.


And hereís some historical material:


††††††† YouTube: Ė God's Generals,
,,†††††††††††† Why they Succeeded and Why Others Failed

††††††† Historical teaching & testimonies
††††††† compiled by Roberts Liardon.
††† ††††††††††† A five-hour video of historical
†††††††††††††††† biblical teacher-healers:


†††††††††††††††† Starting with: Smith Wigglesworth
†††††††††††††††† (video repeated from earlier).
†††††††††††††††† Kathryn Kuhlman.†† A. A. Allen.†† Jack Coe.
†††††††††††††††† Evan Roberts.†† John Alexander Dowie.
John G. Lake.†† Maria Woodworth Etter.
†††††††††††††††† Oral Roberts.†† William Branham.
†††††††††††††††† William J. Seymour.†† Charles F. Parham.


†††††††††††††††† Or, if you want to see all the above
†††††††††††††††† but broken down into individual programmes,
†††††††††††††††† then see the videos in:
YouTube: Ė Roberts Liardon God's generals.


†††††††††††††††† Perhaps also see:
YouTube: Ė Kathryn Kuhlman
,,†††††††††††† †††††† †††††† How to Be Filled and Controlled By the Holy Spirit



††††††† Teaching.


†††††††††††††††† YouTube: Ė Aimee Semple McPherson
†††††††††††††††† Historical teaching & testimonies
†††††††††††††††† compiled by Roberts Liardon.


†††††††††††††††† Wikipedia: Aimee Semple McPherson. ,,,


††††††† YouTube: Ė Azusa Street Revival
,,†††††††††††† Eyewitness Accounts-Pentecostal History

††††††† An 18 minute interview with people who were there.


Iím sure there are many other biblical teacher-healers,
with or without a media presence, that I havenít mentioned.





I donít include Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, etc,
because they love money, which is just plain wrong:
1 Cor c9††† Philippians c4 v4-13††† 1 John c2 v15-17.


††††††† I do not like the prosperity gospel
††††††† because itís true but itís not the whole truth.
††††††† It encourages selfishness,
††††††† and selfishness is:
†††††††††††††††† earthly at best, demonic at worst,
†††††††††††††††† not heavenly, not of God.

††††††† Prosperity preachers may preach Forgiveness
††††††† and may miraculously heal.
††††††† But they also say:
††††††† ďIf you want God to heal you
††††††† and to give you money
††††††† then give me your money.Ē

This contrasts with Jesus and the Apostles.

This also contrasts with:
††††††† Andrew Wommack, Dan Mohler, Mark Hemans, etc,
whose only passion is for:
††††††† Father, Son, & Spirit; the Bible;
††††††† healing, Forgiveness, & freedom
††††††† for the sick, the unforgiven, & the demon-tormented;
pay being irrelevant:††
Matt c6 v24-34.

I notice that Wommack, Hemans, Mohler, etc,
donít need to be jolted into the Spiritual Realm each day
(as, say, Benny Hinn does)
because they have both feet out of the world all the time.

††††††† 1 John c2 v15-17:
††††††† Love not the world,
††† ††† neither the things that are in the world.
††††††† If any man love the world,
††† ††† the love of the Father is not in him.
††††††† For all that is in the world,
††† ††††††† the lust of the flesh,
††††††††††† and the lust of the eyes,
††† ††††††† and the pride of life,
††††††† is not of the Father, but is of the world.
††††††† And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof:
††††††† but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.††


I donít include David Hogan in this webpage because:


††††††† He preaches & teaches little or nothing
††††††† of Jesusí powerful and lovely words.
††††††† Indeed, very little from anywhere in the Bible.


††††††† He lacks grace, rather he is merely humanly forceful
††††††† on a congregation that usually doesnít need it.


††††††† In the light of his accounts of him healing very many
††††††† and resurrecting many, there should be
††††††† some powerful healings, with testimonies,
††††††† at the end of his YouTubeíd meetings.
††††††† But there arenít any.





Many churches use secular methods to advertise the gospel:
social events, entertainments, novelty guest speakers, etc.


Jesus used miraculous signs & wonders.

Paul, likewise, went into a town,
did a miracle, attracted a crowd,
preached the gospel, was persecuted out of the town,
then moved on to the next town.

His first missionary journey was doing the above
over & over again.

His second missionary journey was revisiting
each of those towns, encouraging the churches
that had formed in his absence.

Paul started with a miracle each time
(just like Peter did, in Acts c3).

We should do the same.

††† Eph c1 v19-23††† and††† 1 Cor c12 Ė c14†† combined:
††† ††† Jesus is now the head
††††††† and you, the church, are now the body.
††††††† Hence you, like Jesus,
††††††† have been given the Spirit
††††††† so that you too can have the gifts of the Spirit
††††††† including doing miracles
.†† my abbn


††††††† Perhaps see: CONTINUING THE SONíS WORK.,,,








Some Christians on this webpage do miraculous healing.
But they do it in odd ways, in ways that Jesus did not do.


And we must keep a look out for the demonic.
††††††† Perhaps again see: TRICKS & MIRACLES.
††††††† and the links within it.
††††††† (This link does not open up a new tab.)


However, if you are not doing miracles, at all,
Ďdoí is the verb used in the KJV),
then be careful not to throw out the baby
with the bathwater.





In a Christian Ė the gospel produces three kinds of fruit:
††† a)
Stop doing bad†† 1 Cor c15 v9††
††††††† (needless to say, this includes stopping doing supernatural bad†† Acts c8 v5-13).,,
††† b) Do natural good.†† Acts c2 v45††
††† c) Do miraculous good.†† Acts c3 v1-8†††


Hence there are six possible combinations:
††† a)Stop
doing bad. †††

††† b)Do natural good.

††† c)Do miraculous good.

††† a)&b)Stop doing bad.Do natural good.

††† a)&c)Stop doing bad.Do miraculous good.

††† a)&b)&c)Stop doing bad.Do natural good.Do miraculous good.


††† Perhaps again see: CONTINUING THE SONíS WORK. ,,,


††† Hence a Baptist Christian
††† might complain about a Pentecostal meeting
††† where repentance (stopping doing bad) wasnít preached.


††††††††††† For example:
YouTube: Ė Street Preacher Confronts
,,††††††††††††††††††† John Kilpatrick & Nathan Morris
,,††††††††††††††††††† at Bay of the Holy Spirit!


††† But a Pentecostal Christian might reply
††† that their congregation had stopped doing bad long ago
††† and had now started doing miraculous good.


††† Indeed, to do miraculous good,
††† you need to have stopped doing bad.


††††††††††† See Mark Hemansí (a Pentecostal)
††††††††††† really good teaching on stopping doing bad:
YouTube: Ė Living for the glory of God.

†††††††††††††††† Giving Jesus our best.

†††††††††††††††† Mark Hemans preaching Dallas Friday Revival,,,,,,
††††††††††† at top of overflow webpage:
More Mark Hemansí teaching.
††††††††††† (This link does not open a new tab.)




††† Baptists (& others) are focussed on:
††††††††††† Stopping doing bad.
††† And so also on:
††††††††††† Doing good.


††† Hence they are used to:
††††††††††† Doing natural tasks.
††† Are not used to:
††††††††††† Stopping doing natural tasks.


††† Hence they donít let go of miraculous tasks either:
††††††††††† Have many people praying.
††††††††††† Work hard at praying.
††††††††††† Donít let go of the problem so that God can take it.


††††††††††† They have little belief and much unbelief.


††††††††††† They know that Godís love and power are true
††††††††††† but they know more strongly
††††††††††† that doctors and medical science are true.

††††††††††† and the links within it.
††††††††††† (This link does not open a new tab.)







Biblical teacher-healerís teaching is usually corrective.


††† You may ask:
††††††††††† ďWhat is there to correct?Ē


††† I say:
††††††††††† ď
Much Church of England liturgy, prayers, & hymns
††††††††††† repeatedly ask God to
†††††††††††††††††††† forgive us,
†††††††††††††††††††† come to us,
†††††††††††††††††††† heal us,
†††††††††††††††††††† give to us,
†††††††††††††††††††† help us,
†††††††††††††††††††† etc.


††††††††††† But God cannot do these things
††††††††††† because he has already done them,
††††††††††† all of them, for all of us,
††††††††††† by way of Jesus being crucified in our place
††††††††††† so that we can have Godís Holy Spirit.


††††††††††† But do you believe it
††††††††††† and do you believe it applies to you?


††† ††††††† Repeatedly asking
††††††††††† shows that we donít believe.


††† ††††††† Indeed, repeatedly asking
††† ††††††† reinforces that we donít believe.







The gospel is the good news
Jesus was Punished in place of all of us:


††††††† His Punishment made all our sins (before God) vanish
††††††† even though all our wrongs (before each other) remain.


††††††† Perhaps see: THE TWO ACCOUNTS. ,,,


You become a Christian:
††††††† not when you only know the gospel, in your mind,
††††††† but when you also believe the gospel, in your
Rom c10 v10

††††††† On believing Ė your heart becomes grateful
††††††† and so renews your mind:
††††††††††† 1) Duplicates its belief into your mind
†††††††††††††††† so that even your mind believes.
††††††††††† 2) Establishes:
†††††††††††††††††††† the pattern of that belief,
†††††††††††††††††††† the pattern of the gospel, agape love,
†††††††††††††††††††† throughout your mind.


††††††† then:
†††††††††††††††† your
††† ††† & your mind
†††††††††††††††† & Godís Spirit inside you
††††††† will be alike,

††††††† then all three can live & work together
††††††† instead of getting in each otherís way.







1) Jesusí crucifixion put all humans right with his Father.
††† Hence his Father gave his Spirit to all humans.


††† Mind you, even though God gave his Spirit to everyone:


††††††††††† Only those whoíve accepted Jesusí sayings:
†††††††††††††††††††† ďforgive all whoíve hurt youĒ,
†††††††††††††††††††† ďlove your (personal) enemiesĒ,
†††††††††††††††††††† etc,
††††††††††† will accept help to do those things,
††††††††††† namely from Godís Spirit.


††††††††††† Only those whoíve accepted the Son
††††††††††† also accept the Spirit.


††††††††††† The Spirit makes no sense to unbelievers.


††††††† ††† John c14 v16-17:
††††††††††† And I will pray the Father,
††††††††††† and he shall give you another Comforter,
††††††††††† that
he may abide with you for ever;
††† even the Spirit of truth;
††††††††††† whom the world cannot receive,
††† because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him:
††† but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you,
††††††††††† and shall be in you.
†† KJV


††† ††† ††† Perhaps read the whole of John c14.



2) You can pray for
miracles healings & blessings: Matt c7 v7-11
††††††††††† By believing, in your heart,
††††††††††† that Jesus made everyone right with his Father.
††††††††††† And by your heart then
††††††††††† renewing your mind accordingly,
††††††††††† so that your mind also believes
††††††††††† though without doubting
††††††††††† So that all of you, heart and mind,
††††††††††† contains Godís Spirit
††††††††††† and has faith in Jesusí name.
Acts c3 v16

††† and your prayers will be
††† immediately/soon answered


3) You can command
miracles healings & blessings:
††††††††††† By believing, in your heart,
††††††††††† that Jesus made everyone right with his Father.
††††††††††† And by your heart then
††††††††††† renewing your mind accordingly,
††††††††††† so that your mind also believes
††††††††††† though without doubting
††††††††††† So that all of you, heart and mind
††††††††††† contains Godís Spirit
††††††††††† and has faith in Jesusí name.
†† Acts c3 v16

††† and what youíve commanded will
††† immediately/soon happens


Perhaps see: WHY GODíS WORDS HAVE POWER. , , ,


All this assumes that:

††††††† You have renewed your mind, think like God thinks.
††††††† You obey Godís Spirit whenever he speaks to you.

††††††† Hence you act out of an agape love towards everyone.




*Christians often use the word doubt.
But unbelief is the technically correct word:
††††††† You can have doubts about all sorts of matters
††††††† but unbelief is specific to you doubting about God:


††††††† Only believers can have unbelief.
†††††††††††††††† (Only believers can doubt in their mind
†††††††††††††††† what they believe in their heart.)

††††††† Unbelievers cannot have unbelief.
†††††††††††††††† (Unbelievers cannot doubt in their mind
†††††††††††††††† what they believe in their heart
†††††††††††††††† because they donít believe in their heart
†††††††††††††††† in the first place.)


††††††† Perhaps see: UNBELIEF. ,,,







Believing that the Son was crucified in our place
is good, indeed itís vital.

But believing is not, in any way,



††††††† Jesusí act of Godís love towards us, his crucifixion,
††††††† and the good results of it,
††††††† are, in effect, unconditional.


††††††† Luke c15 v11-32:†† my abbreviation
††††††† God is like a father who loved his two sons.
††††††† One son asked for his inheritance in advance
††††††† but then wasted it all on wild, immoral, living.
††††††† Hungry, he returned home to apologise deeply.
††††††† But his fatherís very warm welcome
††††††† drowned out his apologising.
††††††† The other son, though his inheritance was still intact,
††††††† was angry at his fatherís welcome for his brother.
††††††† His father tried to reassure him:
††††††† told him that he loved them both, equally, unconditionally.
††††††† But the son wouldnít have it, didnít understand such love,
††††††† saw only that he should be loved, not his brother.
††††††† His isolation from his father & brother
††††††† had become vivid.
†† my abbreviation


You may say:


††††††† ďBut there are other parts of the Bible
††††††† that say that Godís love is


††††††† 1 Cor c6 v9-10†† Gal c5 v19-21†† Eph c5 v5†† Col c3 v5


††††††† Heb c13 v4†† Rev c21 v8†† combined,my abbreviation:
††††††† The following wonít go to Heaven
††††††††††† F
ornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate,
††††††††††† abusers of themselves with mankind,
††††††††††† thieves, the covetous, drunkards, revilers,
††††††††††† extortioners.Those who practice, or who have:
††††††††††† sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality,
††††††††††† idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy,
††† ††††††† fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions,
††††††††††† divisions, envy, orgies.
††† ††††††† Whoremongers, the (morally) unclean.
††† ††††††† Those having: inordinate affection,
††††††††††† evil concupiscence, anger, wrath, malice.
††† ††††††† Those having: blasphemy and filthy
††††††††††† communication come out of their mouths.
††††††††††† The abominable, murderers, liars.
†† my abbreviationĒ


But I say:


††††††† ďMuch of the Bible stars, and is even written by,
††††††† people who had actually committed such crimes.

††††††† Admittedly they repented, became good.
††††††† But theyíd still done those crimes, in the past.Ē


,,†††††††††††††††††††††††††† THE OPPOSITE OF THE HEART/SPIRIT
. ,,,





God, in this Church Age, this New Covenant Age
(i.e. 33ad to now), is loving, not just:

††††††† In the KJV:
††††††††††† The Old Testament contains 29 instances
††††††††††† of the word justice.
††††††††††† The New Testament contains 0 instances
††††††††††† of the word justice.

††††††† Similarly, last time I looked,
††††††† Smith Wigglesworthís online sermons contained:
††††††††††† 0 instances of the word justice
††††††††††† 277 instances of the word love.

,,††††††† ,,††††††† ,†††††††† Smithís sermons are rotated by the site owner.


If your response:
††††††† to God being absolutely loving,
††††††† and to the Cross being unconditional,
is to say:
††††††† ďThen whatís to stop us sinning?Ē
then it shows you havenít yet believed
and so have insufficient gratitude:


††††††† To only know, in your mind,
††††††† that God no longer takes note of sins,
††††††† without also believing it, in your heart,
††††††† would indeed make you sin more.


††††††† Or perhaps you do believe, in your heart,
††††††† but your heart has not yet renewed your mind accordingly:
†††††††††††††††† you are not grateful throughout,
††††††††††† ††† not
certain of your salvation throughout.


††††††† Rom c6 v1-2†††† Rom c6 v15†††† 1 Cor c6 v12-20


††† ††† &†††† Gal c2 v16-21:
††††††† Did God Forgive us so that we can sin (more) freely?
††††††† Absolutely not
.†† my abbreviation


††††††† But if you do believe, in your heart,
††††††† and if your heart has renewed your mind accordingly:
†††††††††††††††† 1) Duplicated its belief into your mind
†††††††††††††††† ††† (so that even your mind believes).
†††††††††††††††† 2) Established the pattern of that belief
†††††††††††††††††††† the pattern of the gospel, agape love,
†††††††††††††††††††† throughout your mind.

††††††† then you would think and act
††††††† like God currently thinks and acts:
††††††† completely constructively.


††† ††† That includes (due legal process aside)
††††††† forgiving all those
whoíve hurt you
††††††† however great the hurt.





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