More Mark Hemans’ teaching


        I make notes of Mark’s sermons
        because, in my opinion,
        (like Smith Wigglesworth)
        Mark’s more of a talker than a writer.



        YouTube: – Living for the glory of God.
            Giving Jesus our best.

            Mark Hemans preaching Dallas Friday Revival
               Title of message: ‘Your best – for his glory’.

               At 31s Mark says not to tolerate anything in your life
               that’s hindering your destiny in God:

                      That demons, when they see a Christian who’s born again,
see his [Jesus’] light: impenetrable light.

                      But, when they see a Christian who lives a compromised life,
                      they see opportunity – to afflict and to enter.
               At 6m 30s Mark says that [God’s] grace
               moves us from one place to another in our lives.
               Moves us in a way that we cannot move ourselves.

               Mark adds that the wonderful thing about Jesus’ grace
               is that it comes by faith:
                      That, when you repent, you believe that his grace
                      is at work in your life: not only forgiving you
                      but also cleansing you.

                      Also, that the wonderful thing about [God’s] grace
                      is that it works in many different ways.
                      That God has many, different, ways of changing your life.

               At 10m10s Mark says that, when you accept your problems,
               you’ve become your own enemy.
               That we should never accept anything less than being Christ-like.

               At 11m 17s Mark says that you may have unbelief [doubts]:
                      that God could have this, incredibly blessed, life, for you,
                      that he loves you and is generous towards you.

               But Mark adds that it's God's promise to heal you,
               God's promise to deliver you,
               God's promise to provide for you,
               that he is who he is.
               But that people's unbelief [doubts] often rob them of the best
               that God has for them.
               At 12m 56s Mark adds that the kingdom of darkness
               will also try to rob you.  That demons try to steal, kill, and destroy.

               That they see, in the spiritual realm,
               your destiny, your crown, your anointing:
               the call on your life.
               That they’ll come in, to try to destroy it [before it even starts].

               At 13m 43s Mark tells us to give our lives, consecrated, to Jesus.
               Also to give ourselves in prayer, and to the word of God.

               At 14m 8s Mark adds that the world,
               the temptations of the world,
               the immediate gratification of your flesh,
               will rob you.

               He asks how many people went into fornication,
               or into adultery, and it ruined their life.
               Immediate gratification.  Long-term disaster.
               Sow in the flesh.  Reap death, reap destruction.

               At 18m 20s Mark says that:
                      God's not expecting big things from you.
                      He's expecting obedience.

               At 19m 4s Mark teaches us to sanctify ourselves
               because the God of wonders lives inside us.
               So why would we contaminate
               the temple in which he lives.



            IN THE BELIEVER
               This teaching, like many of Mark’s teachings,
               is refreshingly three-dimensional.



        YouTube: – Deliverance Training:
            Spiritual Warfare & Casting out Demons
               A great video – so I’ve made notes of all of it.
               Mark starts by quoting 
Zech c4 v6 
               and adds that many people, in deliverance ministry,
               need to learn that they get in the way:
                      Tthey can see that deliverance & healing are in the spiritual realm.
                      Yet, on suddenly seeing physical effects of demons,
                      respond in a physical way: try to battle them,
                      try to fight them in the physical realm.

               Then Mark says he’ll run a 10m video
               of a young man, Tom, who was delivered of demons
               at a meeting a week earlier.
               Mark adds that there there’ll be two principles to remember:
                      1)    Love the person who’s demonised.
                      2)    Don’t allow the demon(s) to become violent.

               Then, at 2m 8s, Mark runs the video.

               In the video he commands the demon(s) to come out,
               emphasising the authority of the name of Jesus,
               and repeating the word “out”.

               Mark explains that the demon is captive, bound, being forced out,
               by God’s Spirit [you can see that it’s force against force].

               Mark then reminds the demon that he (the demon) is in the house of Freedom,
               to settle down, to stop struggling, and to come out.

               By 5m 25s, just a few minutes after starting, it’s all over.

               Mark tells the, now demon-free, Tom
               that’s he’s to go to family members that he’s hurt
               and apologize to them, make it up.
               Tom agrees with all of that.

               The second 5m of the 10m video-within-a-video
               is of Tom recounting how the demon had had
               such a negative effect on his thinking
               but that, now, he feels at rest.

               Then Tom speaks directly to the camera
               and, to others who are in the same state he was in,
                      “It’s not you.  It’s the enemy; they’re just throwing lies at you.
                      But put your hope in God, put your trust [in him] ahd he’ll set you free,
                      like he did to me.” 

               Mark tells Tom how [physically] strong he was,
               with the demons in him, resisting God,
               but that God was stronger.

               Mark then explains that, a believer who has such a ministry,
               needs to go: “deeper in the anointing”, “deeper in Christ”,
               “submit yourself totally”, “absolute obedience to Jesus”,
               because it’s “his anointing that delivers people”.
   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,

               Mark then quotes 
2 Cor c10 v4-5  and states that,
               in the spiritual warfare that is deliverance ministry,
               we [already] have mighty weapons.

                      Mark says how he’s often seen prayer helpers
                      [wrongly] shout and get aggressive
                      in response to
                      the demon shouting and getting aggressive.

               Mark says that we need to command the spirits to settle down.
               He also reminds us of 
Matt c18 v18 
               and that ‘bind & loose’ is about
               commanding the demons what to do
               [be quiet, settle down, get out].
               That it’s your words that are stopping them doing what they want.

              At 12m 5s Mark states that Jesus shedding his blood on the Cross
               HAS PROVIDED all healing and deliverance.
               It’s a believer’s inheritance.
               Hence, also, that God, through you, will heal and/or deliver even an unbeliever.
               [That’s an important point.
               Andrew Wommack adds, to that point,
               that, as long as an unbeliever doesn’t resist, they can be healed.]

               Mark then quotes 
Matt c8 v16
               and says that many people are sick because of demons
               and then quotes 
Matt c8 v17. 

               Mark then quotes 
Matt c10 v6-8
               and adds that deliverance is a sign that the
Kingdom of Heaven is present.

               Mark says that the
Kingdom of Heaven is linked to the work of the Holy Spirit
               then quotes 
Matt c12 v28  to show that:
                      deliverance showed that the
Kingdom of Heaven had arrived with Jesus
                      and that deliverance today
                      shows that the
Kingdom of Heaven has arrived with us too.

               At 14m 35s Mark speaks about binding the strong man,
Matt c12 v22-29    and   Mark c3 v22-27,
               saying that people sometimes get methodical with their words
               when casting out demons,
               think too much, use concepts from their own minds.
               But that the right way is to speak under the unction of the Holy Spirit,
              speaking the words that God gives us.

                      It’s walking in the Spirit
                      as compared to walking in the flesh.

               Mark then speaks of 
Mark c1 v32-34,
               saying that Jesus did not allow the demons to speak,
               and that that’s a form of binding.

               At 16m 44s Mark says that people like Thomas
               (the young man in the video who had a demon)
               need hope.
               Hope that the medical profession are often not able to give.
               Whereas the Bible has:
                      promises from God
                      Psalms, such as: 
Ps 32 v7    Ps 34 v4    Ps 103 v3-5.  

               Mark then says never to blame people that they’re sick.
               Love them.
               Believe on behalf of them.  [What an excellent phrasing.]

                             Mark illustrates this by saying that
                             the paralytic man, in
Mark c3 v1-12,
                             had only sickness and sin.
                             It was his friends who had the faith.

                             Mark adds that, as well as the Spirit
                             having his part to play (the anointing)
   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,
                             that we too have a part to play.
                             That we should: believe, not doubt,
                             persevere, be stubborn in the Lord. 
Matt c15 v21-28 

               At 20m 35s Mark says that there are lots of promises
               of God’s protection & deliverance, in 
Ps 91.
               Yet [you’re] faith [is needed to] resist the enemy.

               Mark then says that such promises
               [I’d add “especially New Testament promises”]
               are needed, for anyone, who has a demonic problem
               in order to counteract
               the endless, discouraging, depressing, [half-truths and] lies,
               that demons feed us.

               Mark then says: “your faith places an obligation on the anointing”
               [that’s a great way to phrase it].

               Mark then speaks about the demon posessed child,
Matt c17 v18-20   &   Mark c9 v21-24, 
               saying that you can:
                      Believe the problem (more than you believe God)
                      when the problem is visual, indeed strongly visual.
               Hence unbelief comes in.

               Mark adds that Jesus said, in the above situation,
               that prayer and fasting would counteract unbelief.
                      [Andrew Wommack says that fasting, surely, is useless because:
                      if the name of Jesus (and faith in that name) didn’t shift it
                      then you’re fasting won’t help.
                      I agree with Andrew.
                      I also add that the word fasting is not in the earliest manuscripts
                      so I reckon it’s forged.]

               In with the above – Mark also mentions that the faith that’s needed is tiny.
Mark c11 v23-24     Matt c21 v21-22    
               [Wommack teaches, and Wigglesworth notably practiced,
               that the problem usually turns out to be:
                      Not lack of faith (in the heart),
                      but unbelief, doubts, (in the mind):
                             A knowledge of life’s problems, and their strengths,
                             that children, for example, don’t yet have.
                             Hence Jesus said ‘be like a child’.  
Matt c18 v1-3 ]

               At 23m 25s Mark says that:
                      Demons are often very intimidating
                      but are powerless in the face of Christ.
                      So stay in Christ.
                             living a clean, sin-free, life, continuously,
                             is how to stay in Christ.
                             Walk in the Spirit, continuously.

                      So, if you have a secret sin, or sinful way, fix it.
                      Otherwise you’re in the dark, useless, and demon(s) will use it
                      to tempt you – bring you down or keep you down.

                      Check your motivation for wanting to see signs & wonders.
                      God’s Holy Spirit comes to honour Jesus, not to honour you.

               Mark finishes off his preach with:
                      We repent, believe, & obey God’s Word.
                      But God helps us do all that,
                      gives us the grace to do all that.

                      Unclean things/activities probably mean unclean spirits, i.e. demons.
                      Although demons take over in such a person’s life
                      they don’t take over all the time: they come & go.

                      Demons can make a person easily decieved, into conspiracy theories,
                      unnecessarily fearful & anxious
                      Consume the Bible instead.

                      Don’t provoke God’s Spirit [to have to, perhaps painfully, correct you]:
                      by you proactively straying into:
                             even slightly wrong ways,
                             even merely watching garbage on TV.  
1 Cor c10 v1-23    

                      A common temptation:
                             For people in materially poor situations,
                             is to do the wrong thing
                             to get what they need
                             [instead of leaning on God].

                             Or to think “God doesn’t love me”
                             if you’re sick [instead of leaning on God].

                             Or for demons to encourage people:
                                    to slander you and gossip against you
                                    and to do things behind your back
                                    and rub you up the wrong way
                                    so as to make you curse those people.

                                    God may even let demons do this
                                    in order to make you lean on him
                                    so as to help you be able to love those people.



        YouTube: – Having Clear Prophetic Sight.
               At  7m  Mark says:
                             Clear prophetic sight is not a gift you possess,
                             an ability you have control over.

                             God chooses what you see & hear.



        YouTube: – FAITH & the REALM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
               Mark says that many Christians walk by faith
               but are walking in the natural realm, not the spiritual realm.

               He adds that
we can enter into the spiritual realm, by faith,
               and that, in the spiritual realm, mighty things happen

               and everything is easy,
               and that it is the realm of the glory cloud

               where the Spirit of God is everywhere
               and we no longer see the things of this world.



        YouTube: – PASTOR MARK PRAYS FOR

            May God burn up the trash in your life
               7 minute teaching - good tips.



               Good tips.



            to deal with life
               Vital watching.

               E.G. At 7m 30s Mark says that the most important thing,

               for a new Christian, is that they receive the Holy Spirit. 

               Why?  Because he breaks the bondage of the enemy

               that was possibly caused by sin: delivers them, transforms them,
               gives them a new mind, gives them purpose and passion for Christ,
               opens their eyes to the treasures of the Bible,

               reveals to them the power of prayer, becomes their teacher, their guide.

               At 14m 35s Mark says that the Holy Spirit transforms us:

               takes us from sinners, to looking like Jesus.

               That's why we need the Holy Spirit; you can't help yourself.



        YouTube: – How To Approach Jesus.
               Good teaching - corrects common errors.



        YouTube: – What to do if you are sick.
               This teaching contains a lot of good, not obvious, stuff.



               Vital, five minute, subjective teaching.

               Especially the second half: from 3m 40s to the end,
               particularly his final words: from 4m 48s to the end.



        YouTube: – HOW DEMONS OPERATE in a person's life.
               An important half-hour teaching.

               Mark explains that,
               while a Christian might seem to be
               miraculously solving a material problem,
               that, in fact, demons are often behind the problem.
               Hence their expulsion solves the problem.

               Hence, at  12m 47s,  Mark says that the world would
               write off an abusive husband,
               but casting out his demon, and him repenting,
               would restore the marriage.

At  13m 38s,  Mark says that a demon can
               torment an, otherwise good, Christian
               with unclean thoughts, resentment, & unforgiveness. 

               And, at  15m 5s,  that demons cause [I’d say successfully encourage]:
                      Sexual immorality, wrong thinking, ungodly (uncontrolled) anger.
                      Self-interest: you relying on only your (physical &) mental abilities.
                      Self-centredness: confidence in only yourself.
               The solution, at  18m 38s, is:
                      God can fix everything
                      God’s Spirit in me can fix everything.

               At  20m 29s,  Mark says how demons cause
               a sense of separation from God (even for Christians)
               and an emotional numbing towards God and towards people.

               At  22m 11s,  Mark says that God is transforming us all.
               So you might often think: “I’m transformed now”
               but, almost as often, God thinks: “No, not yet.”

               At  22m 52s,  Mark says that he sees demons as being
               neither inside you or outside you, but by degree,
               and manifesting in episodes, rather than constantly
               [my logic and observations are also leading me to see that].

               At  29m 25s,  Mark says that it’s best to let God’s Spirit
               identify your problems (before he fixes them).




            Jesus said "Without Me you can do nothing'.
               An excellent half hour teaching on faith.



               YouTube: – Waiting on God cultivates the heart.  
               I haven’t written notes for this teaching because it’s so good, and useful,
               that I’d have ended up writing every single thing Mark said.
               Simply watch it.



        YouTube: – Discerning Religious Spirits
            and how they can affect you.
               Brilliant, practical, deep, preaching.

               All of it is good.  So I can't pick the best bits.  So watch all of it.


               At 14m onwards Mark says that the Holy Spirit is always at work:
               sanctifying and cleansing, making you aware of your sins.

                             [This is the opposite of
                             Andrew Wommack’s and Dan Mohler's preaching,
                             and of my 'Two accounts' principle.

                             Or is it?

                             Not if you use the word 'wrong' instead of the word ‘sin’.

                             Perhaps again see: THE TWO ACCOUNTS.,,,,,



               Excellent teaching.
               At  19m 10s  Mark says that, in
Acts c20 v21:

preached both:
       repentance towards God

                                    faith towards Jesus Christ.


                                    the gospel  =  repentance  +  faith in Jesus Christ.


                             [I notice that Peter also said this, and more, in: Acts c2 v38.]

               [For my thoughts on repentance, see next video.]



        YouTube: – Spiritual sight and praying for the sick.
               A brilliant, half-hour, teaching
               on how, in Jesus' name, to command healings.

               [I love Mark’s teaching on, and emphasis on, repentance.
               But, technically, I’d say it’s repentance from wrongs, not from sins.]

                             [Sins no longer exist:
                                            SIN CONSIOUSNESS  ,,,,,
                                            the first 5 cells of:

                             But wrongs still exist.
                             And wrongs have the same earthly effect
                             that sins had, when sins existed, over 2,000 years ago.

                             Hence a believer now knows they’ll go to Heaven anyway
                             but wants to not sin, or rather not do wrong,
                             to get/retain:
                                            God’s Spirit in every room of their mind,
                                            every area of their life.
                                            Miracles & blessings of various kinds.
                                            Your freedom from inner demonic interference
                                            and therefore, also, God’s freedom & guidance
                                            to outmanouvre outer demonic interferences.

               [Mark’s technical error (shared by many) is caused by:
                             lumping together the gospels and Acts.
                             Indeed, thinking of the whole Bible as uniform.

                             See the several cells of
item 7)  
                             of earlier section:
                             and the links within them.
                             (This link does not open a new tab.)]

               At  14m 36s  onwards Mark says that
               the main thing the Holy Spirit does
               is convict you of your current sinning.
               [Mark uses the word “sin”, singular,
               which shows that he’s got
John c16 v8-11 verse 9, in mind.
               But I think Mark is wrong on this point:
                             See: Andrew Wommack’s written teaching:
Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith.,,,,,
                             In this teaching Andrew points out why, in
John c16 v9,
                             it’s ‘sin’ and not ‘sins’.]

               [However, Mark’s, technically wrong, teaching, that sins still exist,
               is, from a practical point of view, a good thing:
                      O      For Mark also preaches
                             that Jesus took away all our sins.
O      Yet many believers need to hear
                             the, technically wrong, phrase “sins still exist”:
                                    Because they are deluding themselves
                                    that their lifestyle is good enough for God,
                                    that all the rooms of their mind are holy enough (enough?)
                                    for God’s Holy Spirit to live in all of them.
                      I.E. Mark says:
                             1) sins still exist, yet they don’t exist.   (illogical, but works)
                             2) stay holy – so that the Holy Spirit stays within you.   (logical)]

               At  15m 28s  and  15m 41s  Mark continues to preach repentance
               by saying that the message Jesus gave to his disciples
                      (when he sent them out to heal the sick,
                      cast out demons, cleanse the lepers, & raise the dead)
               was: “Repent.  For the
kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.
               Mark concludes that repentance must accompany the ministry of healing.

                             Hence Mark then adds that the complete gospel is:
                                    'Repent of your sins, and put your faith in Jesus Christ,
                                    and you will be saved',
                             and that, if we omit the repent bit,
                                    then we're meeting people’s physical needs
                                    but their sinning remains
                                    and blocks their relationship with God.]

                                    [And, consequently, they run the risk of losing their healing,
                                    getting their demon back, etc.]

               [Jesus emphasised repentance
               because Pentecost, & hence the idea of renewing your mind,
               had not yet happened.

                             Hence, throughout the whole of
                             repentance is preached – but only to unbelievers.
                             Also, in
Heb c6 v1, Paul writes
                             that we should move on from repentance.]

               [Nevertheless, I love Mark’s emphasis on repentance.
                             Having a renewed mind is vital.
                              But, being a noun, it’s easy to think:
                                    “I’ve got a renewed mind now,
                                    so job done.”
                             Whereas repentance is a verb:
                                    “I stamp on my sins/wrongs, like on a bug,
                                    as soon as they appear.  It’s a good habit.”] 

               I love Mark’s teaching on seeing into the spiritual realm
               and its purpose and value.

               Mark rightly criticises the, fatalistic, Sovereignty of God doctrine.

               Mark explains his phrase: “The Holy Spirit’s located you”
               elsewhere in his website:
                             Go to
                             Scroll down to:
What does it mean to be located by the Holy Spirit?



        YouTube: – Spiritual SIGHT: seeing things
            from God's perspective, not MAN'S
               Amazing stuff.

               From 6m 23s onwards it is vital viewing.


               At 22m 26s Mark says that (one way) he grew in the Spirit

               was by watching healing & deliverance YouTube videos

               (like the ones he now makes)

               but having asked God to teach him, to show him,

               what’s happening in the spiritual realm.

               Hence, not watching the videos with only his natural eyes
               but also with his spiritual eyes.

               He adds that we can learn the same way he did.


               At 27m Mark says that spiritual discernment happens
               only when Jesus sends you,
               not because you decide to do something.

               This is because the Holy Spirit has sent you
               and therefore needs to gift you, and anoint you, to do the job.


               At 31m 10s Mark says that, if you want to minister to people,

               and you're looking at:
                             their problems
                             and their face,
               you won't progress.
               You have to look to Jesus
               because the power comes from God.
               Mark then quotes 
James c1 v17.,,,,,


               At 33m 35s Mark says that,
               once the anointing is flowing, it's amazing.
   [John c7 v37-39],,,,,
               So don't let people steal your focus by talk talk talk:

               your spirit has always got to be connected with God

               because God knows what's going on in the person's life.


               Mark then reads  2 Cor c10 v3.,,,,,

               Hence you don't retaliate against demonically encouraged persecution;

               you turn the other cheek, love your enemy.

               It's so easy to discern the problem in the natrual,

               and so not see the actual problem.


               Then Mark reads  2 Cor c10 v4-7.,,,,,


               Then, at 36m 34s, Mark says that, when you look at people

               through the eyes of the Spirit, you can see them as perfect,

               glorified, washed clean, delivered, healed, justified, loving, etc.

               As indeed God will change them to be.


               At 37m 48s Mark recommends pastors to get their flocks delivered:

               it changes them from asking for prayer to being prayer warriors.


               At 40m 05s, Mark says that people's demons encourage them
               to be offensive, particularly to believers,
               all in order to:
                             provoke your flesh,
                             make you respond in kind.

                             But that, when you respond in love,
                             you bring a disunity between the human spirit and the evil spirit.
                             Whereas, if you respond in kind,
                             it unifies the thinking of the human and the evil spirit.

               At 44m 14s Mark says that
               spiritual blindness, lack of discernment,
               has causes:
                             darkness, sin (fornication, unforgiveness).

               So repent.

                             When you believe the world view of the world
                             you [automatically] read the Bible wrongly,
                             read it with an earthly theology (e.g. dispensationalism),

                             Read it with unbelief all the time.



        YouTube: – Does your faith rest in the Truth,
            or in mere facts?
               Are you looking at Jesus, the answer,

               or at the world and your problems?
               Humility is key.



        YouTube: – Christ Centered Meditation.
               Vital teaching.
               The following notes are from only  4m 40s  to  11m 51s.
               So perhaps watch the whole video.

               Mark says that, when you're meditating:
                             Your focus is on Heaven

                             and you're not meditating on the problems of this world.

               Also that it’s not easy to keep your focus on only:
                             the Bible
                             and Heaven.
               so as to:
                             still your heart
                             and let your spirit be filled with the Glory.

               Mark then reads Philippians c4 v6  
               and says that the things of this world, anxiety,
               are what war against your meditating on Christ.

               Also that this meditating, this stillness in Christ, is faith [an act of faith?].

                             It is to be anxious for nothing.
                             To do nothing but to wait for Heaven.

                             To be still – when you know you should be doing something.
                             This anxiety comes against you when you meditate.

                             Then Mark adds that meditating in Christ is
                             to believe that, while you are still and waiting, that he is moving.
                             Hence, when you finish waiting before the Master,

                             and he gives you permission to get up,
                             you find that he has moved on your behalf.

               Mark then reads
Philippians c4 v7   
               and [if you must meditate on something]
Philippians c4 v8.,,,,,

               Then Mark reads James c3 v13-17   
               and says that, as you meditate on Christ
               he is changing you – to be [i.e. to become]
               without hypocrisy.
               Also that Jesus was clear that religion is hypocrisy:
                      that religion involves the outward, not the inner:

                      what people think of you, what they see of you,
                      not the inner person.

               But that, when you meditate on Christ,
               your inner person is focussed on the purity of Christ,
               and that purity indwells your heart
               and begins to transform you:
               gets rid of any hypocrisy you have:
                      ‘I have been crucified with Christ.’
                      ‘It's  no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.’
                      ‘The life I now live I live by faith.’

               Mark then says that meditation on Christ
               is a life of faith, a life of prayer.
               And that, for those involved in ministry:

                      As you seek to minister to others,
                      you first minister to Christ, by meditating on him.
                      You're not really focussed on people,
                      your heart is, and remains, focussed on him.

                      Then, when people talk about their problem,
                      the temptation is for [not only your mind, but even] your heart,
                      to become focussed on their problem.
                      But your heart must always be meditating on:
                             the presence of Christ
                             and the Word of God.

                             For Jesus is the answer, to every problem.

                      Mark then says that,
                      if your heart becomes filled with someone’s problem,
                      your faith will crash.
                      That your heart must be filled with the glory of Christ.


                      Mark repeats that, meditating on Christ
                      and letting his presence fill your heart, by faith,
                      is an act of faith.

                      Then he adds that, meditating on Christ
                      is one of the things that bears the most fruit in our lives.



        YouTube: – How to Exercise Real Authority
            over sickness & demons
               An illuminating teaching.  To be watched.



        YouTube: – The SIMPLICITY of BELIEVING in your HEART
            that Jesus will do it
               At  14m 11s  Mark says that faith is simple,
               that, when a sick person comes to you for healing or deliverance,
               you can, perhaps:
                             see the problem,
                             can certainly believe the problem,
               or that you can, instead:
                             believe Jesus,
                             believe his promises,
                             believe the answer.

       That you have a choice to make, in your heart,
               and that you should make that choice
               and then pray [or command] [in Jesus’ name].

               At  15m 18s  Mark says that we should
               purify our hearts [I'd say minds] of all doubt [unbelief],
               then speak to the mountain [
Mark c11 v11-25]
               whilst believing, in your heart,
                      what you are saying
                      is what God is doing.

               Mark adds that you can pray impressive prayers
               but, if there’s no faith, they’re worthless.
               Conversely, that faith sometimes doesn’t need words:
               that your prayer, in faith, can be made & answered
               without you having said anything.



        YouTube: – SENT BY JESUS:

            purpose, power & authority.

            Understand your commission.
               Don't think up what you can do for God.
               Instead, ask him to tell you what to do.
               Then do it.



        YouTube: – BINDING & LOOSING in the Spiritual Realm.
               This teaching is a subjective version 
               of my own, simpler, objective version:
                             see sixth & seventh cells of
                             WHY GOD’S WORDS HAVE POWER.,,,,,

               However Mark's version is more wonderful, interesting, and practical
               than mine.  I prefer his, but I’ll have both.

               Mark starts preaching by saying that
               binding & loosing in the spiritual realm
               is not a formula, it's a person.

               Mark then quotes 
Matt c16 v18-19,,,,, 
               and says (3m 30s) that, for every situation, God has a specific key
               and that you should wait for the master to give you the key
               and expands on this point interestingly.

               At  5m 35s  Mark says that people ask him “How do you do [all] this?”
               but his answer is “I [just] keep teaching [& obeying] the Bible”:
                      People want a model, that will work for everything.
                      But what they need – is to know Jesus, who will give you the keys.

                      The Bible is not like a manual for fixing a car.
                      You need the person.

               Mark then re-quotes 
Matt c16 v19,,,,,
               and, at  7m 15s,  says that these keys are Heaven being released.

               At  7m 24  Mark says that binding & loosing is not:
                      You do this here
                      and something will happen up there.
               Binding & loosing is:
                      Jesus Christ lives in us [by his Spirit]
                      and that, wherever he is, his kingdom is also.
                      Mark then quotes 
Luke c17 v(20)-21. ,,,,,

               Mark says that, as soon as you receive that key
               and bind the work of the devil, the job’s done 
               because Heaven is at work with you.

                      The mighty power of Jesus Christ is effectively working in you
                      as you totally surrender your life to Jesus Christ,
                      to his word, and to his will.
                      Then the keys will work effectively
                      and Heaven is right there, instantly there.

               Mark adds that, in Christ, you have everything.
               At  8m 24s he adds that you (the congregation)
                      are not only sitting in your seats,
                      you are also sitting in Heaven.
               The carnal Christian thinks only about the physical plain.
               But the spiritual Christian is in Heaven while on Earth.

               Mark then quotes 
Eph c4 v17  and says that
               the mind, without Christ, is useless.
               Mark then expands on this.

               Mark then quotes 
verse 9  of  1 Cor c5 (& c6) ,,,,,
               and adds: “So don't be a lazy Christian”.
               Mark then quotes 
verse 2  of  Rom c12 v1-2.,,,,,

               Mark then quotes 
Eph c1 v3,,,,,
               and adds: “Imagine what's yours in Heavenly places in Christ”
               [another dimension, – but accessible to you here]
               and continues with:
                      You are in the Heavenly places.
                      You are blessed, in Christ,
                      who has provided every blessing for you, at the Cross.
                      You are in him
                      and [so]:
                             you speak, and it is loosed,
                             you bind, and it is bound.

               Mark then says that the correlation between
               you and the Heavenly realm is:
                             You're in Christ.
                             So you're in Heaven.
                             So you're in Heaven now
                             yet you will also be going to Heaven.

               So don't live like Heaven's somewhere you're only going to.
               Live - in Christ.  Live - alive.  Live - and serve him.
               You are in him, you are in Heaven, you are seated there
with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.  [
Eph c1 v3] ,,,,,

               Mark then says not to let family & friends etc rob you of all this.
               Everything is yours:
                             deliverance; healing; prosperity; blessing;
                             peace; joy; love; righteousness. 
               It's yours, in Christ Jesus.

               Mark then explains that that's how people can be
               going through a big crisis
               yet are full of joy.  [v6  of 
1 Thess c1 v5-8] ,,,,,

               At  17m 46s  Mark adds that, in the Heavenly realm:
                             You see truth.
                             Your eyes are filled with the knowledge of
                             Christ and his word.

                             [So] you become less and less aware
                              of the physical realm (mere facts).

               That’s why, in the Heavenly realm,
               faith is born – because you see truth
               and you're believing what no eye can see:
                      You're seeing the Word of God.
                      You're seeing the Yes and Amen.

               Mark then mistakenly quotes 
Eph c1 v11,,,,,
               to try to show that we have the riches of his grace.
               [I can’t find any verses that directly prove his point
               but it seems obvious to me anyway.]

               Then Mark states that
               the primary meaning of grace, in the Greek, is power:
               Hence grace is not tolerating a problem [a common misconception].

               Mark then quotes the first half of 
verse 9  of  2 Cor c12 v1-10,,,,, 

               Mark then quotes, from 
Eph c2, ,,,,,
verse 8, ,,,,,
verses 1-3, ,,,,,
verse 13. ,,,,,
               Mark then quotes 
Eph c3 v16,,,,,
Eph c3 v20-21. ,,,,,

               These notes are not exhaustive.  Best watch the whole video.



        YouTube: – In Christ you are much more than a mere human.
            At   6m 00s   to   8m 20s   Mark says that
               it's good to know the  ‘who you are in Christ’  verses in the Bible.
               But that simply saying such verses
               won't cast out a demon in you;
               a demon who contradicts those verses.
               Mark says that what you need
               is for the demon to be cast out
               by someone using the power of the Holy Spirit.

               At   8m 20s   Mark says that Jesus taught
               that we are to abide in him,
John c15 v1-11:,,,,,
                             remain permanently in him
                             so that his words remain permanently in us.

               Hence that, if you are a Christian who is sinning
               then you are not abiding in Christ:
                             are a mere human, vulnerable, weak,
               but that, when you are abiding in Christ:
                             you have a miraculous, power filled, fruitful, life,
                             and a Godliness that automatically comes with it.

               At  10m 27s  Mark says that believers 
               are not normal humans anymore:
                             They are spiritual, born of God (having God’s Spirit).
                             Heavenly children, not sinning.
                             Bought by God, thus property of God.
                             Temples of God’s Spirit, temples of praise & worship.
1 Cor c6 v19,,,,,
               At  12m 54s Mark says that sanctification
               is the process of:
                             increasingly understanding God,
                             increasingly yielding yourself to God,
                             yielding what he already owns.
               Whereas surrendering is the state of:
                             already being surrendered (so you can’t surrender any more),
                             already belonging to God,
                             already being his possession,
                             already having been redeemed,
                             already having moved into his kingdom.
               At  22m 17s  Mark reads 
1 John c5 v4b-5,,,,,,,
               and adds that:
                             whatever the world throws at you
                             you have overcome it,
               so that [because?] your faith in Jesus:
                             makes you above your problems, not beneath them,
                             makes you, in Jesus, more than a conqueror. 
Deut c28 v13  and  Rom c8 v37,,,,,

               Mark then says that it's not about us,
               it's about what God has done for us:
                      Knowing you could never make up for your sins
                      God decided to take your sins,
                      God decided to cleanse you, clothe you with righteousness,
                      and seat you, with him, in heavenly places.

                      Mark therefore says that, when demons come against you,
                      defeat them by faith in the Son of God’s self-sacrifice in your place.

               At  26m 47s  Mark reads 
Rom c5 v17,,,,,,,
               concluding that a believer, having God’s Spirit,
               is more powerful than any problems or temptations
               that come their way 
Eph c3 v16. ,,,,,    
               Also, that this is God’s power & strength,
               not mere human power & strength,
Philipp c4 v13  &  Rom c13 v12:,,,,,

                      Hence, if you live a righteous, Godly, loving, pure, life,
                      always obeying the Spirit, always surrendered to Jesus,
                      then, when a demon looks at you,
                      it’s as if you have armour on, armour made of light.

                      Hence Mark says that, if you approach a demon:
                             you scare it,
                             it doesn’t scare you.

                      Mark therefore finds the armour of God
                      to be an offensive weapon, not a defensive weapon:
                             we don't need defending.
                             we are more than conquerors,
Rom c8 v37.,,,,,,,
               Hence, at   34m 16s   Mark says that,
               when the enemy attacks you,
               and all you are supposed to be defending,
                      if you are sinning,
                      not wearing your armour of righteousness, 
2 Cor c6 v7,,,,,,,
               then you are:
                      easy prey,
                      as vulnerable as any unbeliever.

               But that when you’ve:
                      put your faith in Jesus Christ
                      put on your armour of righteousness, of light,
               then you can move forward
               against the enemy.

               At   35m 51s   Mark explains what 
2 Cor c10 v3  means:
                             That, if someone were demonised
                             and, out of the blue, said something really nasty about you
                             something that everyone else believed,
                             then the demonic intention behind that

                             would be, not only to hurt you,
                             but also to offend you.

                             It’s to make you react, make you angry, respond in kind.

                             Mark adds that you were bought with a price.
                             So you are not your own.  So you should say nothing.
                             Just wait for God’s Spirit to tell you what to do.

               At  37m 49s  Mark concludes
               by quoting & applying 
1Tim c6 v11.,,,,,,,



        YouTube: – Walking in the REALM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
               At 10s Mark says:


                             “The title of this message is:

                             Living in the realm of the Holy Spirit.’

                             Not visiting.  But living.

                             That’s what I’ve been reflecting on.

                             Wouldn’t it be awesome to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit,

                             continually living in the realm of God.”


               The rest of this video doesn’t dissapoint.

               So I’ll not write any more notes.  I’ll leave it for you to watch.





            Ministry Training healing and deliverance.
               Online Zoom team meeting.
               Usually others ask questions and Mark answers, but not always.

               At   7m 30s   Mark says that the most important thing
               is [for you] to fix all the flaws in your own character.
               Then, at   9m 00s, that the Holy Spirit will work on you
               before he works on others.
               Mark then reads  
Eph c4 v29-32   and   Eph c5 v1-5  
               and adds that, regarding your healing ministry,
               it’s God’s work, so get out of his way.

               Mark then reads 
Luke c10 v3-4   
               and adds that [when ministering] we should be rude:
                      should completely ignore people
                      we’d normally not ignore at all
                      because we’re so focussed on God.

               At  17m 00s  Mark adds that the gifts of the Spirit come, to us, from God.
               That we don’t possess them.
               Mark then reads 
1 Cor c12 v7-12.     

               At  28m 50s  Mark warns us not to have our own methods.
               Indeed, not to have any template or mould,
               but instead to work with the Holy Spirit.
               Mark then reads 
1 Sam c16 v7.   
               and adds that God sees the heart.

               At  20m 20s  Mark says that God will never bless your will, your plans,
               if they differ from his.

               At  21m 40s  Mark tells us to be brief
               in our prayers & commands in Jesus’ name.
               and reads 
Mark c7 v32-34.   
               At  24m 20s  Mark tells us to not try so hard,
               to simply do whatever we hear the Holy Spirit telling us to do,
               and, at  25m 10s, to always speak in humility and love.

               At  27m 00s  Mark says that you may need to interrupt
               a person saying what they thinks their problem is;
               though only under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
               let the Holy Spirit set the agenda.

               At  33m 20s  Mark says that, after a healing,
               you’ll have to quickly correct any negative confession
               so that the person:
                             doesn’t talk themselves out of their own healing,
                             doesn’t undo it,
               but instead:
                             to ask the person to demonstrate their healing.

               Mark also tells us to:
                             Always give God the glory.
                             Take authority (don’t let demons take authority).
                             Correct people’s negativity.
                             And, finally, get the healed person
                             to give appropriate advice to others
                             who have the problem they just had.

                             [I notice that Mark often has to correct healed people’s grammar
                             who, out of habit, still say “they have their illness”
                             to change it to say “they had their illness”.]

               Mark also says one should get a woman, not a man, [prayer helper]
               to lay hands on a sick woman; and vice versa.

               Mark adds that, if a healing/deliverance does not happen,
               to give thanks for God’s promises regarding healings/deliverances.
               Find those promises in the Bible [notably the gospel, Jesus’ ones].

               When Mark says: “The power of God is on you.”
               what he is seeing is God’s power, as a cloud, or as a light.
               Either that or Mark will know it, in his spirit,
               or God will speak to him, telling him.

               Mark then adds that, If God reveals something intimate to you,
               ask the person: ”Can I talk to you?”.
               Have a humble and loving attitude
               and ask questions, never accuse.
               Mark adds that, when the Holy Spirit reveals something intimate to you,
               God gives the person the grace to receive you telling it to them.
               But, if you speak to them in the flesh, it will only do harm.
               So speak in love and with the Spirit.

               Mark says not to use models, or your own experiences/knowledge,
               to help people.  Use only the Holy Spirit
               [or rather, let the Holy Spirit use you].

               At  52m 40s  there is some excellent advice on deliverance ministry
               from a lady called Peggy:
                      She says that every person, hence every situation, is unique,
                      so there’s no model, no set way, to deliver someone from demons.
                      Hence you must listen to God’s Holy Spirit, and do whatever he says.
                      She also says that what a situation seems like may not be the truth,
                      so, again, listen to the Holy Spirit.
                      Also that all the training is from the Bible [notably the New Testament],
                      that it’s not about us, we cannot do anything,
                      it’s only Jesus who sets people free;
                      he knows, we don’t.
                      That the best thing we can do, is obey, by getting out of his way,
                      and humbly be there, for the person, in love.
                      [I’d say that “we do miracles” (that’s the verb & phrasing in the KJV)
                      but that Jesus paid to get the Holy Spirit to us
                      who is our only guide and power.]
                      She says that you should never, ever, judge the person,
                      and never go by what you see or hear
                      because you can’t see the heart, but God can.
                      [To conclude:] God HAS to be in charge.
                      HE can set people free, in an instant, if you get out of his way.

               Mark then adds that he finds that:
                      tongues is mainly for self-edification
                      and is not of much use in healing or deliverance.
                      [This fits in with its absence, in healings & deliverance,
                      in the gospels and in Acts.  I’d never thought of that.]

               Mark then warns against saying absolutely everything
               that you see in the Spirit.

               At  59m 00s  Mark says that we should simply ask
               for the Holy Spirit and his gifts, and reads 
Luke c11 v9-13.

               Mark then adds that it’s vital to:
                             meditate on the Bible [I’d add: notably on the New Testament],
                             in conjunction with
                             allowing the Holy Spirit to act.

                             Vital because God’s words [written & spoken] are light
                             and with light you can see into people’s problems
                             and that some people are in sickness and sin,
                             are in darkness.



        YouTube: – HOSTING the Holy Spirit:
            who is writing the program of your life, your ministry?
               For me, personally, this is one of the best sermons I have ever heard.
               Best watched, so I haven’t bothered making notes.



        YouTube: – The key to walking in the Power of Jesus
            is dying to the flesh
               Another, very valuable, sermon.  Few pastors say this kind of stuff.
               Again, best watched, so I haven’t bothered making notes.



        YouTube: – Training: Ministering in the Holy Spirit
            with Q & A
               At 37m Mark says it’s best to phrase prophesy, not as a command,
               but as a question.
               At 59m Mark says to rest – so that God’s Spirit can speak,
               or rather, so that you can hear.
               All in all – a valuable training video.



There are many more videos like these on YouTube.






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