The origin of angels & demons





I needed some thing
with a mind of its own,
that is someone else
when I pick up the phone,
that wouldn’t just yield
or sit up and beg,
that would think and decide
on all that I said.

So I made lots of angels
to be as they chose:
some became friends
some became foes.



The bad angels sought
to topple my headship
with subtlety of lie
& one-sided gossip:

            Though Heaven had order
            they campaigned for law,
            then campaigned for peace
            though they’d not yet caused war.

            Though Heaven had plenty
            complained all they could,
            then shrewdly complained
            on behalf of the good.



Their complaints were unfounded
but their feelings were real:
            completely sincere,
            a genuine zeal.

            No truths in their hearts
            for lies to grow on.
            Just truths as a skin
            to shed when they’re done.

            They hid, from themselves,
            behind formality.
            Denied, first themselves,
            then the rest of reality.



Then they arose
self-righteous & proud,
vicious, ungrateful,
mock-holy & loud.

Multi-armed swords
flashed clashed and grated
as two glowing armies
of angels were fated
to fight to the death
of eternal submission:
one mad with badness
one with God’s vision.



The good, never yielding,
pushed the bad back,
to another dimension
a supernatural sack

where bad fought with bad
(more bad than sane)
until their bad spirits
were all that remained.



Those spirits, called demons,
would all things destroy.
But they can’t, so they us
for destruction employ.

They make us temptations
and offer vain powers.
So don’t bother sniffing
at Satan’s flowers.




,         Satan is the leading demon
,         but underling demons are often referred to as Satan or the devil.


,         Some Christians may say:
                “The war was later than that.”   Rev c12  v7-10    

,         But I say:
                  “An early war explains the way things are
,                  (and this is a technical site).

,                  Luke c10 v18 is explained by
,                  later section: HOW JESUS EXISTED BEFORE HE WAS BORN. ,,,,,


,         Some Christians may say:
                  “You haven’t mentioned that only one third of the angels
,                  became bad.    Rev c12 v4

,         But I say:
                  “That’s mentioned only once in the Bible
,                  so it shouldn’t be made into a doctrine.

,                  Besides,  Rev c8 – c12  is festooned with
,                  14 instances of:  the third  or:  a third.”






When God made angels
he installed, in them, non-moral knowledge:
            how to walk, talk, read, etc.

But he did not install, in them, moral knowledge:
            whether to eventually become
            completely constructive
            or completely destructive.

            They’d have to decide that for themselves.


            It’s a decision that will shape all they know
            so it cannot have input from anything they know
            so it must be part of the first moral decision they make.

,         ,         If it could have input from anything they know
,         ,         then God would have designed everything they know about
,         ,         so that everything they know
,         ,         would cause all of them
,         ,         to decide to eventually become completely constructive.




God made angels such that they
already knew how to walk, talk, read, etc,
Like AI.  See earlier section: SELF-TEACHING COMPUTERS.,,,,

because it was quick.

            He knew that they’d soon be fighting each other
            and he wanted the war to start promptly, not be staggered.






So God gave, to the good angels,
the task of fighting the bad angels.
But that task was not as difficult as it sounds:

      The bad angels had the advantage of asymmetry:
                 They merely wanted to mindlessly destroy.
                 Whereas God & the good angels wanted to defend.

      However, a bigger advantage soon fell to the good angels:
                 The good angels wanted to serve or be served,
                  whichever was needed.
                 But the bad angels wanted to only be served.


                 This flexibility of the good angels
                 produced teamwork.

                 And teamwork is a big military advantage.


                 Indeed, the good angels’ many virtues:
                             eagerness to obey or to command,
                             common sense, wisdom, understanding,
                             bravery, industry, patience, etc,
                 and the bad angels’ many vices:
                             lack of foresight, lack of thought,
                             cowardliness, laziness, impatience, etc,
                 increased the good angels’ advantage even more.






Angels were quickly made
by the all-at-once
factory method
in a simple environment.

Humans are slowly grown
by the seed method
in a complex environment.


Good angels:
      Never did wrong.
      And so never gained
      personal knowledge
      of wrong.

Bad angels (now demons):
      Never did right.
      And so never gained
      personal knowledge
      of right.

Most humans:
      Have each done
      both right and wrong.
      And so have each gained
      personal knowledge

      of both right and wrong.

,         Perhaps see later section:
         GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG
,         and, immediately after it:
,         EXAMPLES.


Good angels have already
fully changed themselves.

Bad angels have already
fully changed themselves.

We humans have not yet
fully changed ourselves.

Perhaps see later section:


Good angels
always do right,
never wrong.
So they never need
God’s Forgiveness.

Bad angels (now demons)
always do wrong,
never right.
But never want
God’s Forgiveness.

All humans do right and wrong.

Hence God Forgave all of us
by way of Jesus being crucified
in place of all of us.

(But do you want to discard
your own righteousness
so that you can, instead, have
the righteousness
that Jesus gave to all of us?)


Good angels
never have God’s Spirit.

Bad angels (now demons)
never have God’s Spirit.

Those who believe in Jesus
have God’s Spirit forever.
Matt c28 v20    John c14 v18    Heb c13 v5

Jesus’ crucifixion in our place
and God’s Spirit inside us
makes ours an intimate rescue.


Any being
(angel, demon, human, alien,)
that does not have:
            A telepathic connection
            with God.
            Or, ideally,
            has God’s Spirit.
has a finite memory capacity
even though he/she is eternal.

In effect, God’s Spirit provides
(amongst other things)
a continuous
add-on memory capacity:

1 John c2 v20:
But ye have
an unction from the Holy One,
and ye know all things
.   KJV

This makes our lives, here,
and in the new Earth,
better, more complex.
For new Earth, see:  Isa c65 v17   
Isa c66 v22    2 Pet c3 v13    Rev c21 v1.

Perhaps again see later section:






God has set things up so that a dimension is:
            a set of Indivisible Factors
            which interact with each other
            but not automatically
            with those of another dimension.

               Hence, we can’t go wandering into Heaven
            and nothing in Heaven can automatically come here.




God made the Second Dimension
by pushing the bad angels
out of his presence
and into the Second Dimension.
See third & fourth cells (starting I say)
of later section:

Then, in this Second Dimension:
            The bad angels could reach each other
            but could not reach God or the good angels.
            Hence the bad angels started destroying each other.


            They prioritised destroying:
                       their opponents’ ability to fight back,
                       their opponents’ physically interactive abilities.

            So their opponents’ non-physically interactive abilities
            ended up
            not being destroyed.


            Hence the bad angels all ended up:




physical form, strength, touch, etc:
abilities that can, of themselves, destroy

visual form, a mind, emotions, a voice, sight, etc:
 abilities that cannot, of themselves, destroy.


            Hence they became insubstantial,
            mere spirits(ghosts) of the bad angels they once were,
            mere demons.

            (Angels don’t become corpses and spirit(ghosts).
            They simply downgrade, become demons.)


            So the only things demons can do now,
                 without our assistance,
                 without us doing their bidding,
o    see

o    be seen     Seen by our spirit(cores), the ‘eyes of the heart’.
,                                        ,        Or, if they so choose, by our eyes, natural sight.

o    speak        Telepathically.

o    hear          Acoustically or telepathically
,                                  ,                  (though they’re not able to read minds).
,                                  ,                  Perhaps see later big section: TELEPATHY.,,,,,

o    think         With their minds.

o    feel           With their emotions.






Our human form is shaped by:
o    Gravity pulling us down onto a flat surface.
o    Our need for: locomotion, respiration, digestion,
                 reproduction, sexual attraction.
o    Our need for: fingers (& therefore arms),
                 forward vision, hearing, & perhaps smell.
o    The effect our eternal nature has on our bodies
                 (e.g. grunts becoming words).
,                            Perhaps see fourth cell (starting: I reckon the real Adam(s)) to the end of
,                            earlier section: TREAT THE BIBLICAL ADAM & EVE AS REAL.

            o    Etc.

So I suspect that aliens have a similar layout to us.)


The Father made Jesus’ resurrected body able to eat   Luke c24 v43,
and Jesus says we will eat with him
in Heaven (or on the new Earth).  
Luke c22 v30,

But, will our bodies also excrete,
also have fully functioning intestines?
No.  The idea of sewage works in Heaven (or on the new Earth)
is too un-heavenly.

So, whether:
            We are functionally similar to aliens
            or not.
            The Son suffered on other planets too   
John c10 v16,,,,,
            or not.
            There’ll be one new Earth
            and many other, different, planets
            or not.
our future form, humanoid or not, will be:
            Purely cosmetic.
            Not humanoid out of necessity (as it is here & now).




Good angels,
having none of the physical & biological needs that we have,
have a default form that’s cosmetic,
substantial but cosmetic:

            Good angels change their form, from humanoid
            to alienoid,
            according to whether they are speaking to humans
            or to aliens.

            Therefore, when God made angels,
            he gave them all the ability to change form.

,,        ,,        This is a weak, introductory argument
,,        ,,        for angels being able to change form.

,,        ,,        The proper argument is in the fourth cell
,,        ,,        (starts Hence, during the fighting:)
,,        ,,        of next section: THE FLOOD: Gen c6 – c8.


            God never takes back, from beings,
            what he’s promised or given.
                  See first three cells
,                  of later section: WHY GOD’S WORDS HAVE POWER.

            So, God gave the ability to change form
            even to the angels who, later, became bad.

            So even bad angels, and therefore even demons,
            can also change form.

      Hence (treating the Bible account as true):
                 Satan, while he was still a bad angel,
                 before he became a demon,
                 actually became a snake for a while.   Gen c3 v1-5
,                            N.B. In the KJV even natural snakes are called serpents.




Good angels each take the right form:
Perhaps see later section: GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG.

            Whatever form God wants them to take;
            currently, here, for our sakes, it’s humanoid.

Bad angels, now demons, each take the wrong form:
            The easiest form – invisible.
            If it’s worth the effort – visible, but light-absorbent black.
            If it’s worth the effort – visible, and frightening.

            (Though, of course, whatever their form,
            demons are insubstantial.)

            I assume God set a size limit, for all angels,
            when he made them.


            Demonic: temptations,
            torments (unnecessary fears & worries),
            scary visions, demons taking on a scary visible form, etc,
            are all verbal &/or visual structures.
,                  Perhaps see later section: NOT ONLY WORDS,

                       Demons, being fundamentally destructive,
                       find constructing the above
                       (or any creativity or originality)
                       painfully hard.
                       Much harder than you or I would find it.

                       So a demon will construct
                       a temptation/torment/vision
                       only if he reckons that constructing it
                       will be outweighed by
                       the destruction it will cause.

                       Once he’s built a temptation/torment/vision
                       he finds repeating it
                       much less painful than building new ones.

                       Hence demons are repetitious,
this repetitiveness can give them away,
                       as can their conspicuous timing.


,                                      For what to actually do about temptations
,                                      see later section: ANOTHER EXAMPLE: TEMPTATIONS.
,                                      And the links within it.
,                                      (This link does not open a new tab.) , , .




THE FLOOD: Gen c6 – c8


Perhaps read: Gen c6 – c8, about the flood,
for context to this section.

You may find this section
(& indeed the Bible’s flood account itself)
to be rather fanciful.
But bear with me.





If the first war had been won by the bad angels:

            Then their winning would have ended
            with them destroying each others’ bodies
            (i.e. turning each other into demons)
            inside Heaven.

            Then that’s all there’d be:
            a Heaven with only demons in it.         



But, instead, the good angels won.

            And their winning ended
            with them pushing the bad angels:
            out of the First Dimension, Heaven,
            and into the Second Dimension.

,                  Perhaps again see third & fourth cells (starting I say)
,                  of later section: THIRD COMPLAINT.





All angels can change their form.
Perhaps see previous section:

Hence, during the fighting:

            The good angels:
                       Healed their own wounds (constructive)
                       in order to fight (destructive)
                       in order to enable God to
                       continue constructing unhindered (constructive)
                       because they knew that all this would lead to
                       more structure in the end (constructive).

            Conversely, the bad angels
            and the demons (the spirits of the ‘dead’ bad angels):
                       Struggled to heal their own wounds.
                       Wanted to be purely destructive.
                       Wanted to fight rather than fix.
            Indeed, both armies:
                       Weren’t just ‘the way they were’.
                       Weren’t just obeying orders.
                       They wanted to do what they did.
                       It was self-expression.






God made the Second Dimension
by pushing the bad angels
out of his presence
and into the Second Dimension.
Perhaps again see third & fourth cells (starting I say)
of later section:

Then God immediately made the universe
(of which we became part)
also in the Second Dimension

            The bad angels,
            as soon as they were pushed out of Heaven,
            would have continued to destroy each others’ bodies.

            But they couldn’t
            because they immediately found themselves
            in the big bang:
            mixed in with this rapidly expanding universe,
            being rapidly separated from each other.

, ,                Perhaps see item 1) of earlier section: MY ATTITUDE TO THE BIBLE , ,

,                  and
,                  earlier section: EVOLUTION: THE SCIENTIFICALLY ELEGANT SOLUTION. , ,

            So the bad angels wouldn’t be able to destroy each other
            for some time yet.

,                  Perhaps see earlier section: DESTROYING EACH OTHER, , , ,



            Later, when planets & life formed,
            whatever the bad angels might be attracted to,
            so as to destroy,
            would be bringing them closer to each other.

            If the attractive thing turned out to be:
                       something less satisfying to destroy
                       than destroying each other,
                       something that would take
                       only a short time to destroy,
            then they’d turn on each other
            instead of, or after,
            destroying the less satisfying thing. 



            The bad angels were attracted by the movement of animals.

            But they’d find that animals, like things,
            offered little or no resistance.
            So they were easy & unsatisfying to destroy.
                  Perhaps see earlier section:

            Often, having destroyed the animals,
            there’d often be groups of two or more bad angels
            left facing each other.
            It’s then that they’d fight each other.
            This resulted in an ever decreasing number
            of bad angel winners
            and an ever increasing number
            of demon losers.






            The bad angel winners eventually found humans:
            speaking humans,
            eternal beings, like themselves.

            They found us to be:
                       more satisfying to try to destroy,
                       more practicable to try to destroy,
            than animals or things.
            Especially if it was a society that:
o    Was religious (though not with the real God).
                                      Not with the real God – so that the bad angels themselves
,                                      would be idolised.

                 o    Had an enduring social structure
                       so that, even though they were damaging it,
                       it was self-repairing.

            Hence the bad angel winners became humanoid,
,                  Perhaps see earlier section: THE FORM OF HUMANS’ & ANGELS’ BODIES

            joined those societies,
            then set about destroying them.

            Yet those societies remained un-destroyed.
            Quite a meal.

,                  Perhaps again see
,                  earlier section: BIBLICAL EVIDENCE THAT ANIMALS LACK A SPIRIT(CORE). , , , ,





One intuitive form of destroying
was for the bad angel winners to become humanoid
then physically pollute humanity.

The bad angels married women
(Married? No harm in respectability.)

who produced human children, all male,
who grew up to be giants.   
Gen c6 v1-4

            Male: because males lead (certainly at that time & place).
            Giants: so that they would be idolised, like their fathers.

            The first generations of giants would be
            the biggest & worst behaved.

            Their high IQ and capacity for knowledge
            (due to their large brain size)
            would have been greatly reduced
            by their inherent hatred
            of social structure, knowledge, constructive thinking, etc.

Subsequent generations of giants who married
would increasingly normalise as their genes diluted.





Going back to the early generations of giants:


            The bad behaviour of:
                       a.   the bad angels
                       b.   their sons, the giants,
            and the bad behaviour of:
                       c.   surrounding humanity
                             (behaviour encouraged by a. & b.),
            inspired God to kill everyone with a flood.

            Everyone, that is, except Noah and his family.
                  God randomly chose to be kind to Noah.    Gen c6 v8  
,                  Mind you, Noah was a very good man anyway.    Gen c6 v9    Gen c7 v1 , , , , .



            Neither Noah nor his sons were giants.
            So they possessed no giants’ genes.

            Yet giants continued to exist after the Flood.
            Deut c3 v11     2 Sam c21 v15-22     (1 Chron c20 v5-8)
            This shows that not all the giants drowned.

                       This shows that the Flood was not worldwide
                        but local:
                             It seemed worldwide, to its participants.
                             But actually it was local.

,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        It was low-lying, but God could have seruptitiously
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        shored up the water at the edges, as in: Exo c14. ,,,

,         ,         ,                  ,         I thought of this before I found the following YouTube video..
,         ,         ,                   ,         YouTube: – Noah’s Flood: Global or Regional?.,,,,,

,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        Jesus spoke as if the flood were true, even if it were
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        only local.   Matt c24 v37-39   Luke c17 v26-27 ,,,

            Today, there are no giants at all:

                       This shows that giants stopped being conceived
                       &/or born
                       &/or growing to maturity.

                       Or, more probably,
                       they were conceived, born, & grew to maturity,
                       but their genes were increasingly diluted
by the wider population.



The Flood was local because:
            bad angels, their giant sons,
            and the humans they all lived with,
were local:

Before the Flood:
      the bad angels wanted to be with
            religious (though not with the real God) people
                 who needed to be near
                       religious (with the real God) people.

                       The bad angels wanted to be near Noah & family
                       because nearness of
                       the real God and his worshippers
                       encourages humans who do not know God
                       to idolise someone or something.






Before the Flood:

            The bad angels stayed in the above location & situation
            in order to:
                       Not fight each other, retain their bodies,
                       not become demons.
                       Change their bodies to humanoid. 
                       Marry women and produce giant sons.  
Gen c6 v1-4,,
                       Be idolised (thanks to the nearness of Noah).

            But their offspring, the giants, as they normalised:
                       Had fewer reasons for staying there.

                       So, at least some of them, left the locality
                        and survived the Flood.  
1 Sam c17 v1-7,,,,,



During the Flood:

            The humanoid bad angels:
                       could change back to being non-humanoid
                       &/or could fly (though they may tend to get lost)
                       &/or did not need to breathe air.
            Hence they would not have drowned.

            However, they suddenly found themselves
            without living human company.

            So they thought all humans had drowned,
            thought the flood had been worldwide.

            So, while in the water,
            they fought, & destroyed, each other;
            became demons.

,                  I’ve since found out that ministers call these demons “marine spirits”
,                  and, surprise surprise, they encourage destructive lust more than other sins.
,                  Perhaps see: YouTube: – Free from marine spirits
,                  and spiritual husband. Liverpool Revival Miracle Meeting



            The last man standing principle meant that
            Satan was the last bad angel.

            But even he, eventually,
            destroyed his own body, become a demon.
            Hence he was able to be inside Judas.  
Luke c22 v3    John c13 v27 , ,






As for lack of archaeological evidence for all the above,
I reckon that:

      Bad angels:
o    Didn’t make anything themselves.
o    Tended to destroy things that were given to them
                 to spite the people who’d made them.
o    Left no corpses.
                 (Angels don’t become corpses and spirits(ghosts).
                 They simply downgrade, become demons.)

            Left corpses, big ground-floor rooms,
            big chairs, big armour, etc.
            But, after they’d died,
            those things would’ve been destroyed:
o    Because of the items’ freakish, frightening, appearance.
o    Because the giants had few virtues,
                 were unattractive inside,
                 were respected only in life, not in death.
o    Out of revenge, by relatives & friends of their victims.






Don’t worry about giants’ genes
remaining in the human gene pool:

            Materially, carnally, temporarily, in this life:
                       giants’ genes have become very diluted
                       and so are now of negligible material consequence.

            Spiritually, eternally:
                        giants’ genes never were of any consequence.

,                                      See later section: YOU INHERIT THE QUALITIES
                                                                             BUT NOT THE PREVIOUS CHANGES
,                                      and perhaps the two sections before it.









Demons telepathically encourage us to believe:
            the potency of
            our sicknesses/problems/wrong ways/etc
            that we see
more than we believe:
            the potency of
            Jesus’ self-sacrifice in our place
            that we don’t see.

Even an illness, problem, negative behaviour, etc:
            that’s not demonic,
            that’s completely natural,
would still attract demons:

            They would verbally encourage you to:
                       keep your attention on the natural
                       instead of on God and on his love & ability to fix,
            encourage you to:

            add fear/vanity/self-pity/depression/short temper
                       to the problem,
            so that you:
o    Stay not believing.
o    Or, if you do believe,
                             add unbelief, to your belief.
,                                               Perhaps see later section: UNBELIEF and its subsections.
                       o    Even make you accept your illness.

            All in the hope that you’ll be entertaining:
                       Full of self-pity, selfish anger, (selfish anything).
                       Full of fight instead of faith
                       so that you don’t trigger the miraculous.



            If you have been miraculously healed
            then, whether you are:
                       a believer,
                       an unbeliever,
or a ‘believer’,
,               ,                ‘Believers’ are people who don’t believe all that Jesus said:
,               ,                  are not (yet) believers, but who think they are.

            I’ve found that a demon can, probably with much effort,
            put back the symptoms you used to have.
            Though only the symptoms.

            But if you then:
                 believe in your spirit(core), that the Almighty succeeded
                 but doubt in your mind, think that the Almighty failed,
            then the demon, with little effort,
            will put the whole illness back.

            Or, if you believe that the demon is greater than God,
or even that God doesn’t exist, that only the demon exists,
            then the demon, with ease,
            will put the whole illness back.

,                  How can demons physically do things?  I explain shortly.

            (This rolling over & giving in
            is the opposite of:

            Jam c4 v7:
            ctd Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.   KJV)

Or, a demon may suggest some natural explanation
            for your miraculous healing:
                       that’s agreeable, particularly to you,
                       that you would believe instead of believing that
                       God healed you,
            so that you don’t go to God again.

Or, if you believe wrong religious teaching:
o    that God is unloving or weak,
o    or that God has not Forgiven all human sins
                       past present & future,
o    or that God is doing you bad
                       in order to do you good,
            then the demon will:
                       deliver your expectations,
                       work on God’s behalf anonymously,
                       ensure that your faith is rewarded,
                       and that God gets all the credit.

,                                      See last three cells (starting Our account with the Father)
,                                      of later section: THE TWO ACCOUNTS.






Using their own imagination
is a constructive thing for a demon to do.
Hence it’s difficult & painful for them.

Hence they tend to imitate the things of the world
and even the things of God.  Though always to wrong effect.

      Exo c7 v7 – c8 v17:
            Some of the things Moses & Aaron did
            Pharaoh’s magicians then did
            (even though it was against
            their own interests).
   my abbn

      Matt c24 v24    (Mark c13 v22):
            For there shall arise false Christs,
            and false prophets,
            and shall shew great signs and wonders;
            insomuch that, if
it were possible,
            they shall deceive the very elect
.   KJV

                   For clarification of this verse
                   see later section: TRICKS & MIRACLES, ,




But how can demons act in physical ways
(as compared to verbal ways)?
How can they, for example, cause sickness?

Biblically, Jesus usually healed people of natural sicknesses.
It’s not often that Jesus healed people of sickness
that was caused by demons.
I can find only two instances.

Luke c13 v16:
            And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham,
            whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years,
            be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?  

Matt c9 v32-33    Matt c12 v22    Luke c11 v14
            Jesus healed a man of dumbness
            by casting out a demon from him.
   my abbreviation



When demons do cause sickness,
I reckon they’re helped by the design of this place:

      Sickness is one of the many bad aspects
      that God has already designed into this place.
,         Perhaps see later webpage: The design of everything.

God would have made the particles that make up:
                 himself, his Spirit, & his Son,
                 angels & demons,
      of similar size etc
      to the particles we are made of
      for the sake of interaction & communication.

However, demons actually cause sickness because:

God made angels, he gave them all:

            1)  Natural power (we also have this).

            2)  Supernatural power (we don’t have this).

            3)  No authority:
                       Hence, every time they wanted to use either power,
                       particularly their supernatural power,
                       they needed God’s authority to do so.

                       Authority  =  Someone giving you, or denying you,
                                              permission to do it.
                                              Letting you, or stopping you, do it.


                             Power  =  You, quite separately,
                                              possessing the ability to do it.



God never takes back, from beings,
what he’s promised or given
Perhaps see first three cells
of later section:

So, God never took back, from angels:
            1)  natural power,
            2)  supernatural power.

So, when the bad angels destroyed each others’ bodies:
Perhaps see earlier section: DESTROYING EACH OTHER. ,,,

            They destroyed their own:
                       1)  natural power

            so that they now have only:
                       2)  supernatural power.

            But they still need:
                       3)  God’s authority
            to use that:
                       2)  supernatural power;
            authority that God will never give.

,                  Perhaps again see first three cells
,                  of later section: WHY GOD’S WORDS HAVE POWER. , , , , ,



We humans, though eternal, are part of the earth.

We humans were given:
authority over the Earth – the only authority we have,
authority to use our natural power – the only power we have.

            Gen c1 v28:
            And God blessed them, and God said unto them,
                 Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,
                 and subdue it:
                 and have dominion over the fish of the sea,
                 and over the fowl of the air,
                 and over every living thing
                 that moveth upon the earth
.   KJV

Natural authority & natural power
are the only authority & power we have in this life.
(Unless, of course, you are a Christian
in which case you also have God’s powerful Holy Spirit.)

And demons already have supernatural power.

            So, if we give them our authority
            to use their supernatural power – 
            then they can supernaturally do things.

            Mark c5 v1-10    Luke c8 v26-31:
            A large number of demons, all in one man,
            broke any chains & manacles used to bind him
.   my abbn

Acts c16 v16-18:
            Paul cast a spirit out of a girl
            that had enabled her to tell the future
.   my abbreviation

Acts c19 v13-16:
            A demon, within a man,
            overpowered seven men
.   my abbreviation

,                  Perhaps see later section: DEMON POSSESSION, , .



Hence, if you want to do wrong:
            here in this natural world
            but by supernatural means,
and don’t mind being symbiotically allied with a demon
Symbiotic = mutually parasitic. 
(Many natural creatural relationships are symbiotic.)

then the demon will do the supernatural wrong
that you & the demon both want:

            1)  Demons outlive humans.
                 So one human’s ‘legitimate’ hatred of another human
                 could include his/her descendents.
                 Hence such a hatred could authorise a demon
                 to ‘legitimately’ carry out that hatred: a curse.
,         ,         ,
         Perhaps see later webpage: Demons love laws.

                 Then, after the person dies,
                 the demon could act against the victim’s descendants.
                 Hence, in
Mark c9 v14-27 (Matt c17 v14-18),
                 a child has a demon.

            2)  Exo c7 v8-12:
                 Satan &/or his underling demons
                 were behind Pharaoh’s magicians’ ability
                 to turn sticks into snakes.
   my abbreviation

,         ,         ,         Perhaps also see later section: TRICKS & MIRACLES.

To conclude:
            Demons already have supernatural power.
            So, all they need, to actually do things, is human authority.




God never takes back, from beings,
what he’s promised or given
Perhaps again see first three cells
of later section:

Hence God never takes back
the authority he gave us.

But authority, without power, means nothing:
            So, as soon as we die
            as soon as we lose our natural power over the earth
            (the only power we have)
            then our authority over the earth
            (the only authority we have)
            becomes meaningless.

            Natural authority & natural power
            are the only authority & power we have in this life.
            (Unless, of course, you are a Christian
            in which case you also have God’s powerful Holy Spirit.)

                 Authority  =  Someone giving you, or denying you,
                                         permission to do it.
                                         Letting you, or stopping you, do it.


                       Power  =  You, quite separately,
                                         possessing the ability to do it.

            Hence human spirits(ghosts), on their own, can do nothing,
            can only speak.

            Hence, in
1 Sam c28, the living witch of Endor
                 her own God-given  natural authority
                 plus a demon’s  supernatural power
            so she was able to raise Samuel’s ‘sleeping’ spirit(ghost)
            from the dead.

            And Samuel, being ‘asleep’ in death,
            could not stop her progress.

            However, once raised, a prophet’s words still have power.
1 Sam c28:
            The spirit(ghost) of the prophet Samuel,
            awoken by a witch,
            gave one last, damning, prophesy to king Saul
.   my abbn


            Mind you, an ‘awake’ spirit(ghost)
            can physically do things
            by combining:
                       their own natural authority
                       with a demon’s supernatural power,
            providing both agree
            as to what should be done.

            But such activity is stopped by:
                       a living human, 
                       who believes & has no unbelief,
            commanding them to stop, in Jesus’ name.



Exo c7 v8-12:
            Satan &/or his underling demons
            were behind Pharaoh’s magicians’ ability
            to turn sticks into snakes.
   my abbreviation

you & a demon may not want to turn sticks into snakes:

            You may want God’s voice to be muffled for you
            and for things to go to plan
            as you commit adultery.
            And the demon will do those things for you.

            But the demon may also do some other bad thing to you
            as part of the deal.
            He’d have mentioned it when you didn’t care what he said,
            e.g. when your excitement at the prospect of adultery
            was at its highest.

            Think of it as dealing with a legalistic criminal.


            But, whether a demon
            causes strife/expense/illness/etc in your life
            or ‘merely’ wastes your time:

                       Symbiotically allying with a demon
                       will always be something you eventually regret.

                       Eventually you will cease coming back
                       to do business with him.

,                                      Symbiotic = mutually parasitic. 
,                                      (Many natural creatural relationships are symbiotic.)



So, there are occasions when a demon directly causes an illness.
Perhaps see two cells (starting But how can demons act)
earlier in this section.

But there are also occasions when a demon merely
keeps a natural illness in place:

            Mark Hemans,
,                  Perhaps see eighth cell (starting Mark Hemans)
,                  of earlier section: ABOUT BIBLICAL TEACHER-HEALERS GENERALLY,
,                  and some of Mark’s many YouTube links that follow that.
,                  (This link does not open a new tab.)
            Smith Wigglesworth,
,                  Perhaps see thirteenth cell (starting Smith Wigglesworth, 1859-1947)
,                  of earlier section: ABOUT BIBLICAL TEACHER-HEALERS GENERALLY.

            and many other biblical teacher-healers on that webpage:
            see many sicknesses
                       as defended by, even caused by, demons.

            Hence s
uch healers first cast out the demon
            then God is able to, easily & immediately, heal the sickness.

We all have demons hanging around us,
speaking to us whenever they want to.
Perhaps see later section: ANOTHER EXAMPLE: TEMPTATIONS.

Even Jesus had Satan, the leading demon,
hanging around him, talking to him, more than once.
Perhaps see sixth cell (starting A demon will keep)
of earlier section:




How does a demon keep a natural illness in place?

            The patient is eager to be healed,
            But God is very very very eager to heal
            (if the Cross is anything to go by).

            However, the patient has a sinful way/activity that they like:
                       They dislike the sickness
                       more than they like the sinning.
                       But the sinning has become
                       an entrenched habit. 
 2 Cor c10 v3-5,,,
            Hence the patient has a demon hanging around
            and that demon verbally encourages the sinning:
                       by providing the patient with strategy & excuses
                       to give himself/herself for sinning.

            The demon speaks phrases that the person:
                       thinks are their own
                       &/or soon adopts as their own.
            “You’re right to not forgive him/her (and be bitter & angry).”
            “You’re right to feel sorry for yourself (and be loveless).”
            “The others have hurt you (so hurt them back).”
            “(There is no God, so) do what you want.”

            It’s all carnal, worldly, ‘logic’
            that comes with an emotional buzz & sensual satisfaction.
            All of which keeps you coming back for more.

            The demon has tricked the patient into welcoming him.
            The patient and the demon
            now have a symbiotic relationship.

,                  Symbiotic = mutually parasitic. 
,                  (Many natural creatural relationships are symbiotic.)


            It’s not that:
                       The demon is able to stop the Almighty from healing.

            It’s that:
                       God has given everyone free will
                       and the patient wants the demon
                       to hang around & speak
                       and the demon is repellent to God
                       and all parties know it
                       (though you might not).

            Hence, if someone:
                       who has a demon hanging around them,
                       speaking to them,
agrees for a believer to:
                  cast the demon away/out
,                                      See later section: DEMON POSSESSION to see why I write ‘away/out’.

                       even if it’s only temporarily 
,                                      (temporarily – for the patient could invite the demon back in)

                       then, as soon as the demon’s gone,
                       God can heal.
                       It would bring instant relief, and insight,
      such that the patient is less likely
                       to welcome the demon back into their life
      and, instead, more likely to cling to God.

,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ‘Less likely’ depending on how much they suffered,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        how glad they are that the demon’s gone.

,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        A minister might even refrain
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        (or be told by God to refrain)
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        from casting out a demon
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        because the patient’s not ready for it yet.






Satan, the leading demon, likes it here:

            Where structures are fragile,
            more easily broken than built.

            And concentric circles of selfishness
            are built into every creature.

,                  Perhaps see later section:


And Satan likes us – like a cat likes to play with a mouse:

            If demons encouraged us to actually kill each other
            it would cut short their new lives here.

            So, instead, demons encourage limited destructiveness,
            sustainable if possible,
            with self-interest as the excuse they give us
            to give ourselves.


            Our fragility restricts demons’ choice of temptations:
                       from . .destroy each other”
                       to . . . .  be selfish”.

            But half a loaf is better than none.


Satan likes it that:

We are made of the same material as animals.
            Yet we are eternal.

            Hence, for us:
                       the law of the jungle
                       the ways of the world.


And Satan likes the way that:
            earth is what God gave us
            but world is what we made of it.


And Satan likes the way that:

            lack of teamwork
            comes with competition,

            and opportunity to interfere
            comes with teamwork.


Satan finds great self-expression here
for someone without a body.




Perhaps see:
,         later section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS
,         and
,         first four cells of later section: THE BASIC MECHANICES
,         and
,         later section: ANOTHER EXAMPLE: TEMPTATIONS. , , , ,








The world:

o    Likes human heroes, not God.

o    Likes to own what it’s earned,
                 not hear that there’s a God who says:
                 “It’s all mine.
                   But I want to be generous towards you.”

o    Does not like being told what to do, even by God.

o    Does not like being forgiven, even by God:
                 Would prefer to earn such forgiveness
                 if such forgiveness were needed.
uman justice sells papers, not God’s forgiveness.

o    God is not welcome in the world.

,                  Perhaps see later section:


            The kingdom of the world
            and the kingdom of demons
            are two pyramids meshed together.

            Our life is their life.
            They are our parasites.

,                  Perhaps see previous section:
,                  SATAN LIKES IT HERE. , , , , ,




The first humans, Adam & Eve,
chose to turn away from:
            their, now hidden, maker
            who, fundamentally, is loving,
and turn towards:
            their own wisdom – built on the seen world,
            and an evil advisor.
                  Perhaps see earlier section:

Every generation repeats that choice, that mistake.
                  Perhaps see later section: THE FIRST SIN.

            We each gave our world to Satan,
            our authority over it to Satan.
            He may say very little.
            But we, so often, do what he says.

That’s why Satan was able to offer the world to Jesus
            in what would have been a bad deal.
            Luke c4 v5-7    (Matt c4 v8-9):
            And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain,
            shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world
             in a moment of time.
            And the devil said unto him,
                 All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them:
                 for that is delivered unto me;
                 and to whomsoever I will I give it.
                 If thou therefore wilt worship me,
                 all shall be thine
.   KJV

Jesus refused Satan’s offer.
            But Jesus could not undo
            us having given the world to Satan in the first place.

            However, Jesus did what he could do:

                       For those who believe in him
                       he overcame the world   
John c16 v33  
                        by giving us:
                                   Heaven in the future   
John c14 v2
                       and by putting:
                                   God’s powerful, loving, Holy Spirit in us now,
kingdom of Heaven in us now.    Luke c17 v21, ,





Much of Satan’s, & his underling demons’, activity
is mindless interference & disruption:

            Demons are, primarily, destructive.
            Hence they tend to isolate themselves
            from the web of:

            Hence they end up each having:
                       the legalistic conviction they are always right
                       and the mad attitude they are each God.









The animal kingdom is a pyramid.

And we are flesh, like animals.

But, unlike animals, we are also eternal.
And this has put us at the top of the animal-kingdom pyramid.
We are the apex predators.

            We then built our world:
                       on nature,
                       out of nature,

                       hence the world is a pyramid,
                       human society is a pyramid,

            and the kingdom of the world
                       and the kingdom of demons
                       are two pyramids meshed together.



            In contrast:
kingdom of God, in Heaven,
                       and the
kingdom of God, on Earth,
            are two upside-down pyramids
            meshed together.

                       During this Church Age,
                       the Creator:
                                   who is the most powerful of all,
                       is at the foot,
                       at the points:
                                   as servant of all, supporting everything.






            The three upright pyramids: 
                       the world
                       & demons,
            are about:
                       and authority.

            The two upside-down pyramids:
kingdom of God in Heaven
                       & the
kingdom of God on Earth,
            are about:
                       and love.






Currently, in this Church Age, God is the way he is:

            Partly because he is, at heart,
            only loving/good/constructive.

            John c14 v9-11:
            Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you,
            and yet hast thou not known me, Philip?
            he that hath seen me hath seen the Father;
            and how sayest thou
            Shew us the Father?
            Believest thou not that I am in the Father,
            and the Father in me?
            the words that I speak unto you
            I speak not of myself:
            but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.
            Believe me that I
am in the Father,
            and the Father in me:
            or else believe me for the very works' sake
.   KJV

      Partly because
            he has to deal with the wicked, as well as the righteous.

,         ,         Perhaps see later section:
,         ,         JESUS’ USE OF THE WORDS ‘RIGHTEOUS’ AND ‘WICKED’. ,,,,,

,         ,         Perhaps see later section:



Currently, in this Church Age, we are the way we are:

            Partly because of our spirits(cores).

            Partly because of the way God designed
            the material of the universe.

God designed
the material of the universe, hence nature:
            hence the flesh & souls of animals
            & hence the flesh & souls of humans
,                  (though not the spirits(cores) of humans)
to have concentric circles of selfishness:
            inner circle        an animal             you
            midway circle   related animals    your family/friends
            outer circle        pack/flock/herd   your group/nation/bloc.

,                  Perhaps see later webpage: The design of everything
,                  and
,                  later section: THE ORIGINS OF: PAIN & PLEASURE
                                                AND FEAR & ATTRACTION
., , , ,



            Hence many of us would find it difficult
            to do what God currently does:
                       be the most powerful
                       yet also serve.
,         ,
         N.B. God only ever does what he wants to do.

            Indeed, many of us find it difficult to even imagine:
                       that God is the most powerful
                       yet also a servant.

      Matt c20 v25-28    (Mark c10 v42-45):
            But Jesus called them
unto him, and said,
                 Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles
                 exercise dominion over them,
                 and they that are great exercise authority upon them.
                 But it shall not be so among you:
but whosoever will be great among you,
                  let him be your minister;
                  and whosoever will be chief among you,
                  let him be your servant:
                  even as the Son of man came
                  not to be ministered unto, but to minister,
                  and to give his life a ransom for many.   KJV

Matt c18 v1-4     Matt c23 v11-12     Mark c9 v35,,,
            Mark c10 v42-44     Luke c9 v46-48     Luke c22 v24-27: ,,,
            The greatest in the kingdom of Heaven:
            is the ‘least’,
            is the one who serves others the most
.   my abbreviation



,                  The Christian meaning of serving:
,                            is not: –  do whatever people tell you to do,
,                                               give them whatever they want,
,                            but:       do whatever’s right for them
,                                               (hopefully right will mean good-&-right),
,                                               naturally or miraculously, as needed.

,                  Or, to put it another way: never serve people, serve only God.
                  That’s how to serve people.

,                  Perhaps also see fifth cell
,                  (starting Praying for good things for your enemies)
,                  of later section: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.







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