The two dimensions

God made two dimensions:
            first – the First Dimension, Heaven,
            secondly – the Second Dimension, where we are now.

God has set things up so that a dimension is:
            a set of Indivisible Factors
            which interact with each other
            but not automatically
            with those of another dimension.

            Hence, we can’t go wandering into Heaven
            and nothing in Heaven can automatically come here.


God made the Second Dimension
by pushing the bad angels
out of his presence
and into the Second Dimension.
See third & fourth cells (starting I say)
of later section:

Then God immediately made the universe
(of which we became part)
also in the Second Dimension.

Then, in this Second Dimension:
            The bad angels could reach each other
            but could not reach God or the good angels.
            Hence the bad angels started destroying each other.

            Hence they became insubstantial,
            mere spirits(ghosts) of the bad angels they once were,
            mere demons.

            (Angels don’t become corpses and spirits(ghosts).
            They simply downgrade, become demons.)

Blue text copied from earlier sections: DESTROYING EACH OTHER 
THE FLOOD: Gen c6 – c8, , . , ,



You may say:

            “That’s foolish.
            Why make us in this Second Dimension,
            where the demons are?

            Why not, instead, make a Third Dimension
            and make us in that?”

I say:
            “God the Father is the one who made the dimensions.
            So the dimensions are relative to him.

            Hence there can only be two dimensions:
                       Where the Father is.
                       Where the Father is not.

                       That’s what the word ‘holy’ is all about.

                       Holy is the adjective for
                       whatever, or whoever,
                       will never be destructive, to any degree.
                       Hence the Father can make it & keep it,
                       with him, in the First Dimension, Heaven.

this Second Dimension
                       is where:
                                   anything, or anyone,
                                   that may yet be destructive,
                       can nevertheless exist.



You may say:

            “How is it that the Son has been here
            and the Spirit is here now (even though invisibly)
            but the Father is never here, is always in Heaven?

            Is it because the Father is holy, & so cannot tolerate it here,
            but the Son & Spirit are not holy, & so can tolerate it here?”

I say:
            “No.  All three are holy.

because the Father
            (with his angels & his Spirit doing his bidding)
                 absolutely constructive
                 absolutely powerful
                 absolutely knowledgeable
                 absolutely intelligent
                 highly emotional
                 & fast.

                 If someone gets near him
                 the Father has no reason, in himself, without the Son,
                 to stop himself
                 from immediately:
                       empowering them to change themselves to perfection
                       or rejecting them if they don’t want to change.

,                            Copied from second cell
,                            of earlier section: WHAT’S WRONG WITH A VISIBLE SOLUTION? , , .

            But the Son & Spirit do not respond that way.

            The Son & Spirit have a tolerance & a patience
            that they need in their ministries.

A tolerance & a patience
            that the Father, on his own, lacks.

                 Hence the biblical phrase:
                       the fear of the Lord
                       the fear of the Father.”   
Acts c9 v31  and many OT verses

,         ,         ,         ,         Though perhaps also see later section:
,         ,         ,         ,         IN JESUS, THE FATHER REVEALS HIS HEART TO US, , .



You may say:
      “Why didn’t God make us inside the First Dimension, Heaven.
      Like he did the angels?”

I say:
      “God sorted the angels
      with a war, inside Heaven.

      God sorts us
      with a rescue,
      so that the conflict stays here, does not go to Heaven.

      Hence he made us in the Second Dimension,
      not in Heaven.”



You may say:

      “That makes sense: repeated conflict within Heaven
      would be bad,
      even though the enemy would continuously decrease.

      A rescue would be better.

      However, that being the case: why didn’t God
      make the angels inside this Second Dimension.
      Just like he did with us.

      That way he could rescue only the angels he wanted.
      Just like he will do with us.”

I say:
      “God had to make all the angels inside Heaven
      so that the good angels could fight the bad angels
      so that the good angels could defeat the bad angels
      so that the good angels could push the bad angels
      out of Heaven.

      It was the pushing that made this Second Dimension:

                 The bad angels were the first things/beings God made
                 that became bad.

                 There could be no Second Dimension
                 until there was something to put in it.

                 This Second Dimension
                 is where:
                             anything, or anyone,
                             that may yet be destructive,
                 can nevertheless exist.



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