Love, beauty, pain, pleasure,
& doing good.




Love, beauty, and pleasure (i.e. non-destructive pleasure):
            are all to do with
            doing good, being constructive.


            You are constructive towards/with
            the object of your love.
            Or the object of your love
            is constructive towards/with you.


            Or both.





Natural beauty, outer beauty, passive beauty:
            is what someone or something
            looks like,
            sounds like,


Spiritual beauty, inner beauty, active beauty:
            is what someone does,
            is how someone is,

            which produces what they do.



            Good material circumstances
            are only temporary – so they give you only happiness.

            Salvation is eternal – so it gives you joy.
            Salvation, plus you renewing your mind
            & so seeing the miraculous,
            fills you with joy.
  John c16 – c17,,,,,


            Joy sustains you
            even when you have no happiness.





Natural beauty is either:


In this life, we have:

            Natural beauty:
                       a human’s good looks
                       a flower’s shape & colour,
                       a tiger’s looks & movement,
                       a sunset,
                       a waterfall,

            Some human-made beauty starts as natural beauty:
                       a human’s good looks
                       a flower’s shape & colour,
            but, being creative like God, we:
                       are inspired by natural beauty,
                       develop natural beauty,
            so that it becomes:
                       a natural pattern/design.

            Being creative, like God, we also create from scratch:
                       great music,
                       an abstract pattern/design,
            all of which can have little or nothing
            to do with the natural world;
            could even be appreciated in a future city
            on a colonised barren planet.


God designed death, survival, & reproduction into this place:
See first row of cells of earlier section: SOME TECHNICAL DEFINITIONS.

And death, survival, and reproduction, are why this place
is so leafy, wavy, random, dusty, flowery, muddy, messy.
See earlier section: EVOLUTION OF PLANTS & ANIMALS, , , ,

However, in the next life, in the next place:

            Nothing dies, and survival is guaranteed.
            So God does not make mechanisms of reproduction there.
            Matt c22 v30    Mark c12 v25    Luke c20 v27-36:
            We won’t breed in the next life.   my abbn

            And things of natural beauty there
            will be less messy than things of natural beauty here.
            Rev c21 v1  (
Isa c65 v17    Isa c66 v22    2 Pet c3 v13):
            And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
            for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;
            and there was no more sea.  

            No sea!  It’s that tidy.

            Sometimes the Bible says we go to Heaven.

            But sometimes the Bible says we go to a New Earth.
Isa c65 v17    Isa c66 v22    2 Pet c3 v13    Rev c21 v1,,,

            I reckon that we go to a New Earth
            and that it’s in some sort of sub-dimension 
            of the First Dimension.

,,        ,,        Perhaps see earlier section: FIRST COMPLAINT.

,,        ,,        Perhaps see As for our future relationship with the Spirit 
,,        ,,        in third cell of later section: GOD THE SON,
,,        ,,        and the links within it.
,,        ,,        (This link does not open up a new tab.)





Pleasures are processes, changes of structure.
Perhaps see earlier section: STRUCTURE, PROCESS, & TIME.

            You cannot bottle a pleasure,
            cannot keep it going indefinitely.

            Once a change has been made
            it cannot be kept on being made.


            Your body & brain need time to recuperate
            from each pleasure:
                       time for some processes to reverse
                       while other processes progress,

                       while you recover from sport, you eat with a friend,
                       while you digest that meal, you watch TV,
                       when the programme ends, you have a nap,

            It is because God is constructive
            that he designed the pleasures of this life
            to be so many & so varied.



On the new Earth:

            Pleasures will be even more numerous & varied
            than here.

            Not because there will be more
            physiological & neurological limits than here.

            But because it will be better, more complex,
            than here.

                 You won’t have to change what you’re doing
                 because you’re, say, tired.
                 You’ll change what you’re doing
                 because you want to.

,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section: GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG.





A pleasure occurs within the brain.

But the bodily activity associated with it occurs outside the brain.

            The bodily activity and the pleasure
            are connected to each other
            by motor nerves and receptor nerves.


In this life, before becoming a believer:

            Bodily activities that accompany pleasure
            are often selfish, even destructive,
            because they are moulded by:
                 o    our flesh and our earthly thinking,
                  o    the earth and world we’ve built from the earth,
            o    demons’ temptations.
,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see later section:
,         ,         ,         ,         THE EFFECT OF MANY SUGGESTIONS: MOULDING.

                 This may suit your un-renewed mind
                 (which is in, & part of, your soul).

                 But your spirit(core)
                 wants to have pleasure in activities
                 that are only constructive.


                 And, in the next life,
                 the wants of your spirit(core) will be granted:

                 For what makes wrongdoing possible here
                 will not be there.

             Matt c13 v41:
            The Son of man shall send forth his angels,
                  and they shall gather out of his kingdom
                  all things that offend, ctd   KJV


On Earth, God designed
the material of the universe, hence nature:
            hence the flesh & souls of animals
            & hence the flesh & souls of humans
,                  (though not the spirits(cores) of humans)
to have concentric circles of selfishness:
            inner circle        an animal             you
            midway circle   related animals    your family/friends
            outer circle        pack/flock/herd   your group/nation/bloc.

,                  Perhaps see later webpage: The design of everything. ,,

But, on the new Earth:
      o    Our environment will be redesigned
            (e.g. it will be a place of plenty
            so pain that’s caused by lack cannot occur).
      o    Our bodies will be redesigned, perfected.

Hence many activities on the new Earth
will be different from activities here.

,         ,         YouTube: – Spokane, WA highlights.
,                   See from:  1hr 21m 52s.


Will there be eating on the new Earth?

Pretty much.

The Father made Jesus’ resurrected body able to eat   Luke c24 v43,
and Jesus says we will eat with him
in Heaven (or on the new Earth).
   Luke c22 v30,

But, will our bodies also excrete,
also have fully functioning intestines?
No.  The idea of sewage works in Heaven (or on the new Earth)
is too un-heavenly.


Will there be sex on the new Earth?

No.  This place is the only breeding ground:

      Gen c1 v28: ctd and God said unto them,
            Be fruitful, and multiply
ctd   KJV

Matt c22 v30    Mark c12 v25    Luke c20 v27-36:
            We won’t breed in the next life.   my abbn




,,        ,,        The last row of verses, above, say that we’ll be like angels.

,,        ,,        I reckon we’ll be pretty much unrecognisable.
,,        ,,        ,,        If you were your grandmother’s favourite grand-daughter
,,        ,,        ,,        and your grand-daughter’s favourite grandmother,
,,        ,,        ,,        and all three of you are there,
,,        ,,        ,,        what ages will you each be?
,,        ,,        ,,        Early twenties I reckon.





Demons will suggest to you
that there is:
            1)  pleasure here
            2)  pleasure in Hell
            3)  no pleasure in Heaven



People who swallow the above, particularly 3),
mould their world to fit that prospect:
            they are anxious to get as much pleasure here as possible
            because they think it’s the only pleasure they’ll ever get.




God designed:
            the material of the universe
            hence the earth
            hence all plants & animals
            hence us
            hence the world we’ve built out of the earth
to all be fragile.

Things are more easily broken here than made/fixed.

Hence this place favours:
            those who want to destroy
            those who want to construct.

God did all this because he cares more about:
            what we do here
            & why we do it,
than he cares about:
            what happens to us here.

            This is because he will, one day,
            sort us for Heaven or Hell.

,         ,         Perhaps see later webpage:
,         ,         The two ways God sorts us:
,         ,         Judgment & Forgiveness
,         ,         and later section:
,         ,         THE DESIGN OF THE UNIVERSE
,         ,         PLUS ‘LOVE’ OF LAWS
,         ,         IS A TRAP
. ,,,,,




In Heaven
God will more than make up for all the suffering:
            manmade or natural,
            deliberate or accidental,
that we’ve suffered here.  
Matt c5 v1-12,,,,,


For now, God is constructive towards
those who invite him into their lives (i.e. to believers)
because, basically, constructive is what God is.

            John c10 v10:
            The thief cometh not, but for to
            steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
            I am come that they might have life,
            and that they might have
it more abundantly.   KJV

            Matt c7 v7-11    (Luke c11 v9-13):
            [Continuously] ask, and it shall be given you;
            [Continuously] seek, and ye shall find;
            [Continuously] knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
            For every one that [continuously] asketh receiveth;
            and he that [continuously] seeketh findeth;
            and to him that [continuously] knocketh it shall be opened.
            Or what man is there of you,
            whom if his son ask bread,
            will he give him a stone?
            Or if he ask a fish,
            will he give him a serpent?
            If ye then, being evil,
            know how to give good gifts unto your children,
            how much more shall your Father which is in heaven
            give good things to them that ask him?   KJV

,                  The original Greek verbs, ask seek knock,
,                  are in the present imperative tense.

,         ,         See five cells (starting Jesus explains)
,         ,         in earlier section: WHY GOD’S WORDS HAVE POWER.
,         ,         and the links within them.
,         ,         (This link does not open a new tab.)




If you are a believer, bear in mind that:
            though God is constructive towards you,
            other people may not be constructive towards you,
            may persecute you.

,         ,         See later section:
,         ,         WHY THROW AWAY THE PRESENTS? ,,,,,
,         ,         and the links within it.
,         ,         (This link does not open a new tab.)





Animals with central nervous systems
evolved into existence.

Hence physical pain & physical pleasure
evolved into existence:

            Physical pleasure, or the perceived likelihood of it:
                       drove animals towards
                  good situations & activities.
                       This promoted their existence.

            Physical pain, or the perceived likelihood of it:
                       drove animals away from
                        bad situations & activities.
                       This also promoted their existence.

            Hence, in animals:
                       physical (and, for higher mammals, mental)
                       pain & pleasure
            evolved into existence.


            Before God changed us into eternal animals
            we were just animals.
                             Perhaps see earlier section:
                             and, Immediately after it:
                             and the following three webpages.

            We inherited the biological mechanisms of:
                       pain & pleasure
                       fear & attraction
            from our non-eternal, non-human, animal ancestors.


                       the pains & pleasures,
                       fears & attractions,
                       of these bodies,
                       of this life,
            are a context for,
            give meaning to:
                       the pains & pleasures,
                       fears & attractions,
                       of Heaven or Hell,
                       to come.

,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see later section:
,         ,         ,         ,         THE KEYWORD IS CONTEXT. ,,,,,




This planet and what’s on it
also provides ideas
for Satan & his underling demons
here & now:

            They may take on the visual form:
            of a snake, or a beast, or a monster, or a shadow.

Demons’ destiny is frustration:
            they try to completely destroy
            each other & themselves
            even though
            they are spirit(ghosts)
            such that they cannot so destroy
            any more or any further.

            It’s a frustration that’s like the pain of burning:
                       and down is: earth, burial, immobility, even lava,
                       and up is: freedom, flight, & coolness.


The spin of the Earth
and our human eyes
mean that, for us:

            Daytime favours elucidation & constructiveness
            Night time favours deception & wrongdoing.

            God’s kingdom is always all lit up.
            Satan’s kingdom is always in darkness.


            John c9 v39-41:
            And Jesus said,
            For judgment I am come into this world,
                 that they which see not
                 might see;
                 and that they which see
                 might be made blind
.   KJV

,,        ,,        ,,        Perhaps see all of John c9. ,,,,




Jesus also said:

            John c9 v5:
As long as I am in the world,
            I am the light of the world
.   KJV

            John c8 v12:
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,
                 I am the light of the world:
                 he that followeth me
                 shall not walk in darkness,
                 but shall have the light of life
.   KJV


But later, Jesus would suffer, die, & rise from the dead,
so that the Holy Spirit could come into us
so that we could continue his work.
Hence he also said:

            Matt c5 v14:
Ye are the light of the world.
            A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid
.   KJV

            Matt c5 v16:
Let your light so shine before men,
            that they may see your good works,
            and glorify your Father which is in heaven
.   KJV
,,        ,,        The word glorify implies that the good works are miracles.




Even the apostle Paul wrote:

            2 Cor c4 v18:
            While we look not at the things which are seen,
            but at the things which are not seen:
            for the things which are seen
are temporal;
            but the things which are not seen
are eternal.   KJV




The above spiritual, eternal, concepts
can only exist here
because God:

            designed carefully
            the material of this temporary universe

            chose carefully
            the Indivisible Factors it’s made of.

,         ,         Perhaps see earlier webpages: Proof of God’s existence,,,,,
,         ,         and
,         ,         (the end of): God’s origin.,,,,,


Also, the universe had to:

            not only work
            but also look like a bodge
,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section:
,         ,         THE UNIVERSE IS SECOND CLASS.,,,,,

            so that God could hide
            so that we’d need faith that he exists

so that the war would be
            a war of words
,         ,         See earlier section:
,         ,         WHAT’S WRONG WITH A VISIBLE SOLUTION.,,,,,





Realise that demons encourage us to:

o    Think wrong and do wrong,
                 ideally without us gaining anything.
o    Worry and be fearful,
                 ideally unnecessarily so.
o    Doubt in our minds
                 what we believe in our hearts:
                       that God’s Son
                       put all of us right with his Father.
o    Etc.


Also realise that, if it weren’t that demons treat us as playgrounds,
they’d have no reason to construct temptations,
have no distractions:

            They’d drift back into
            endlessly reminding themselves & each other
            of the horror of their condition:
            tormenting themselves and each other.


            When all you are is words, words hurt.



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