Hell does not exist yet

The Bible says that God made:
            Heaven, stars, sun, earth, moon, sea, and land. 
Gen c1 v1-10,


            But there’s no mention of him having made a Hell.

You may say:
            “Then what’s the Second Dimension you write about?”

I say:
            God made the Second Dimension
            by pushing the bad angels
            out of his presence
            and into the Second Dimension.
,                  See third & fourth cells (starting I say)
,                  of earlier section: THIRD COMPLAINT.

            Then God immediately made this universe
            (of which we became part)
            also in the Second Dimension.

            Then here, in the universe,
            the bad angels fought themselves & each other
            and so became demons. 
,                  Perhaps see earlier section: THE FLOOD: Gen c6 – c8.


            But there’s still no Hell yet.”

In the Old Testament:
            Hell (Hebrew: Sheol) is not a place of punishment
            but merely a ‘sleeping place’ for the dead.

Whereas, in the New Testament:
            Hell is a place of punishment.
            Though it’s a place of punishment to come.

            It doesn’t jump to mind that:
                 not only will the punishment occur in the future
                 but also the place of punishment will occur in the future.

            So it’s an understandable mistake
            to think that there is a Hell now.



In the Old Testament of the Bible
there is only one meaning for the word Hell:

o    Sheol (Hebrew):
where all the dead go,
                 to merely ‘sleep’ in death, not to suffer

But in the New Testament of the Bible
there are three meanings for the word Hell:

o    Hades (Greek):
where all the dead go,
                 to merely ‘sleep’ in death, not to suffer
                 though only until Judgment Day.
                 Hence Hades (Greek) is like Sheol (Hebrew).

o    Gehenna (Greek):
A place of extreme punishment.
                 A Greek word
                 but based on a rubbish tip outside
                 where rubbish & unwanted bodies were dumped
                 and where there was always something burning.
                            See: Don Stewart: What Is Gehenna?.

o    Tartarus (Greek):
                 Deeper down than Hades.
A place of extreme punishment.
                 Hence it’s like Gehenna.
                 It’s mentioned only once, as a destiny for demons,
                 people not mentioned.

So the concept, in the Bible, of Hell as a bad place,
i.e. Gehenna and Tartarus, 
did not start until Jesus preached it.





1)  In:  Luke c16 v19-31:
            Lazarus goes to Heaven
            and the callous rich man goes to Hell.   my abbreviation

Jesus seemed to say that Hell already exists.
      However, the above is a parable, not a factual statement.


2)  In:  Matt c25 v41:
            Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand,
            Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire,
            prepared for the devil and his angels:   KJV

      Jesus seemed to say that Hell already exists.

      But, the word ‘shall’ implies that Hell is yet to exist.
      Indeed, the whole passage,
Matt c25 v31-46, is set in the future.


3)  In:  Jam c3 v6:
            And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity:
            so is the tongue among our members,
            that it defileth the whole body,
            and setteth on fire the course of nature;
            and it is set on fire of hell
.   KJV

      I reckon that Jesus made such an impression, on James,
      about Hell (Gehenna),
      that James made the assumption I mentioned
      in the previous section:
                 that the place of such a substantial future event
                 must surely already exist.


4)  In:  2 Pet c2 v4:
            For if God spared not the angels that sinned,
            but cast
them down to hell, and delivered them
            into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;  

      I reckon that the Hell spoken of here (Tartarus)
      is only temporary, is only a holding place.


5)  In:  Jude v6:
            And the angels which kept not their first estate,
            but left their own habitation,
            he hath reserved in everlasting chains
            under darkness unto the judgment of the great day
.   KJV

I reckon that the Hell spoken of here (Tartarus)
      is only temporary, is only a holding place.





Jesus never cast demons . . out of people and into Hell.
Jesus only cast demons . . . out of people.

The demons are still here.


Hence Jesus once commanded a demon to
‘come out, and stay out’.

            Mark c9 v25:
            When Jesus saw that the people came running together,
            he rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto him,
            Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee,
            come out of him, and enter no more into him.   KJV


If God had already made Hell
Jesus would have cast demons back into it.

Indeed, if God had already made Hell:
            as a prison for demons
            so that we are safe from them
            (which is what most people think),
would it have leaked in the first place?

Would God have made something so shoddy?



Such a leaky prison does not exist.

Not some, but all demons
are running around here, in the universe.


But a leak-proof prison will exist.




Jesus’ statement:
            Matt c16 v18-19:
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter,
            and upon this rock I will build my church;
            and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
            And I will give unto thee the keys
            of the kingdom of heaven:
            and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth
            shall be bound in heaven:
            and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth
            shall be loosed in heaven
.    KJV
only makes sense if Hell exists:
            here & now,
            not somewhere else & now.

            Jesus means that the church will fix:
                       addictions, mental illness, physical illness,
                       life-styles that harm yourself &/or others, etc,
            that are encouraged by, & protected by (2 Cor c10 v4


From a chronological-order point of view
Acts c2 and Acts c5 show that Peter is, indeed, the foundation, of the Church.

And, using that same view,
Acts c9 onwards show that Paul built much of what’s on top of that foundation.  E.G. Acts c20 v7-12. ,,,,,

However, to force-change the chronological-Peter-foundation concept
into a relatively unimpressive, succession of Popes
is unconvincing.

No Popes have miraculously used those keys
but the believers on the
A better site than this one webpage have.



You may ask:

            “What of someone who died and came back to life
            then gave a lucid, consistent, plausible, account
            of Heaven and Hell.
            A Hell that, presumably, exists now?”

,         ,       For example:
,                  YouTube: – Jim Woodford Died and Spent 11 Hours in Heaven!
                   Find Out What He Saw!
,         ,
       (N.B. After he’d been resuscitated Jim realised that
,                  the intense pain of his condition had vanished miraculously.)

I say:
            “God travels in time in Heaven.
            So God could give, to a human,
            a vision of the future, a vision of Hell.

,                  Perhaps see earlier section:
,                  HOW JESUS EXISTED BEFORE HE WAS BORN.,,,,,





In the past, many of us could understand Hell
only as already existing.
Just like Heaven already exists.

But we are better equipped now
to understand the truth
as described, between the lines, in the Bible.

            On Judgment Day, God will:
                       1)  Take to Heaven – the people he wants.
                       2)  Leave here – the people he doesn’t want.

            Or, to be exact:
                       1)  Take to Heaven – the people who want him.
                       2)  Leave here – the people who don’t want him
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        See earlier webpage: We choose where we go.,,,,,

                             who, not being with the rest of us, nor with God,
                             will find that this place becomes Hell for them.

                              Just like it will have become Hell for demons.
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        See earlier section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS,,,,,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        and perhaps
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        earlier section: SATAN LIKES IT HERE.,,,,,



I reckon that God deliberately designed
the material of the universe
to become thin, so that stars condense far apart,
with each star having only one planet in its Goldilocks band:

            Hence every race of beings increases in number
            and is then ended, by God,
            without ever having met each other.

,      ,      I think UFO sightings have all the hallmarks of demonic activity:
,,        ,,        ,,        They lack logic: aliens could find out everything about us,
,,        ,,        ,,        from behind the Moon,
,,        ,,        ,,        by looking at our TV, and now internet.
,,        ,,        ,,        Why teasingly slightly-apparent.  Instead of invisible or obvious?
,,        ,,        ,,        Spacecraft: appearing & disappearing, high acceleration & deceleration,
,,        ,,        ,,        all purely visual, of a visually simple spacecraft,
,,        ,,        ,,        with no sound or other information given off,
,,        ,,        ,,        all smack of idea-less demonic showing off
,,        ,,        ,,        it seems to me.

,,        ,,        ,,        Also see first two cells
,,        ,,        ,,        of later section: TRICKS & MIRACLES.
,,        ,,        ,,        and the links within it.
,,        ,,        ,,        (This link does not open a new tab.)


You may say:

            “If this place (with its many stars & planets
            still remaining after Judgment Day) becomes Hell,
            then why does Jesus say that Hell is a dark place?
Matt c22 v13   Matt c25 v30.

            Will they not be able to see anymore?”

I say:
            “To visually comprehend, in itself,
            is a constructive thing to do.

            So, when seeing no longer serves
            a destructive purpose,
                       when those in Hell can only spiritually sin,
                       not physically sin,
,                                      Perhaps see all sections under later title:
,                                      THE TWO BASIC KINDS OF SINS: SPIRITUAL SINS & NATURAL SINS.,,,,,
            they then choose to not see.

            Matt c6 v22-23    (
Luke c11 v34-36):
            The light of the body is the eye:
                 if therefore thine eye be single,
                 thy whole body shall be full of light.
                 But if thine eye be evil,
                 thy whole body shall be full of darkness.
                 If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness,
                 how great
is that darkness!   KJV

            If you see with constructive intent
            you will see more & more.

            If you see with destructive intent
            you will see less & less.”


,,        ,,        Why: ‘eye be single’?

,,        ,,        Because most/many people look at:
,,        ,,        ,,        some people/situations/things/etc
,,        ,,        ,,        the way they should
,,        ,,        ,,        but
,,        ,,        ,,        other people/situations/things/etc
,,        ,,        ,,        the way they shouldn’t.

,,        ,,      ,,        It’s the precursor to
,,        ,,        ,,        both:
,,        ,,        doing what you should
,,        ,,        ,,        and:
,,        ,,        ,, ,,              doing what you shouldn’t.


            John c9 v39:
            And Jesus said,
            For judgment I am come into this world,
                 that they which see not
                 might see;
                 and that they which see
                 might be made blind
.   KJV

,         ,         Perhaps read all of John c9. ,,,,






Hell, the permanent Hell, will exist.

Rev c20 v7-15:
            Demons will get Judged
            when we get Judged:
            on Judgment Day
.   my abbreviation

,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS, , , , , , .


But, in the meanwhile, there is a temporary Hell,
here & now, in the universe:
a holding place for demons.

            Luke c8 v31:
            And they besought him
            that he would not command them
            to go out into the deep.   KJV

This temporary Hell is called the deep:
            It is in the spiritual realm
            so it cannot be seen with natural eyes, carnal, eyes.

            Though it might be seen,
            but only with the eyes of faith, the eyes of the heart,
            or via God’s Spirit, with his help.
,         ,
         Perhaps see earlier section: THE SPIRITUAL REALM , , .



Sheol, or Hades:
            a temporary place for humans,  
Rom c10 v4-10  
is not the same as the deep:
            a temporary place for demons.  
Luke c8 v27-35  

or Hades:
                       is not a place of pain for us,
                       only a place of sleep.

,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section:
,         ,         ,         ,         SLEEPING IN DEATH  and its subsection.

            But the deep:
                       isolates demons from us
                       yet keeps them together,
                       hence it’s a place of pain for them.

,                                      Perhaps again see earlier section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS, , , , , , .



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