Time travel occurs in Heaven.


Jesus said that he existed before he was born.
            John c8 v58:

            Jesus said unto them,
                 Verily, verily, I say unto you,
                 Before Abraham was, I am.  
John wrote that Jesus had already been in Heaven.
            John c1 v1-3:

            In the beginning was the Word,
            and the Word was with God,

            and the Word was God.
            The same was in the beginning with God.
            All things were made by him;
            and without him was not any thing made
            that was made.  

,                  Subsequent verses, i.e. John c1 v4-17, show that  the Word  means  Jesus.

Jesus said that he had already been in Heaven.

            John c17 v5:
            And now, O Father, glorify thou me
            with thine own self
            with the glory which I had with thee
            before the world was.


Here’s how I reckon all this worked:

      First of all, God made the First Dimension, Heaven.

God made the Second Dimension
      by pushing the bad angels
      out of his presence
      and into the Second Dimension.
,         Perhaps see third & fourth cells (starting I say)
,         of earlier section: THIRD COMPLAINT.

      Then God immediately made the universe
      (of which we became part)
      also in the Second Dimension.

,         Perhaps see:
,                  earlier section: EVOLUTION: THE SCIENTIFICALLY ELEGANT SOLUTION,
,                  and
,                  first five or more cells of earlier section: THE FLOOD: Gen c6 – c8  
,                  and
,                  earlier section: FIRST COMPLAINT.  , ,

      I draw the Second Dimension inside, but distinct from,
      the First Dimension.

 The First Dimension, Heaven  The Second Dimension


      So, in this Second Dimension,
      events progress left to right

But in the First Dimension,
      events can progress either way.


The First Dimension, Heaven  The Second Dimension


      Hence, as soon as Jesus was in Heaven,
      he was able to go back in time,
      was able to exist before he was born. 

The First Dimension, Heaven  The Second Dimension


      Jesus (the red dot):

            Went back in time, within the First Dimension.

            Then came back into this Second Dimension
            and stayed here for a while.
            I.E. Jesus reappeared here, for a while, in the past.

            Old Testament appearances of Jesus,
            before-he-was-born-appearances of Jesus,
            are called Christophanies.

Dan c3:   my abbreviation
            King Nebuchadnezzar made a gold idol
            that everyone had to worship.
            But three Jewish administrators,
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego,
            refused to worship it.
            So the king had them thrown into a furnace.
            But the king then saw four figures in the furnace,
            walking around, unharmed.
            The fourth figure seemed to be the Son of God.
            The king was deeply moved,
            invited Shadrach, Meshach, & Abed-nego
            out of the furnace,
            let them live,
            promoted them,
            and protected them and their fellow Jews.   my abbreviation






Knowing that Peter
would deny him.

Mark c14 v27-31


Knowing that there’d
be a donkey there.

Matt c21 v2-3


Knowing that there’d
be a room there.

Luke c22 v7-12


Knowing about
his own death
and resurrection.

Matt c16 v21    c17 v22-23.
c20 v17-19.
Luke c9 v21-22    c18 v33.

Matt c27 – c28.
Luke c23 – c24.

Knowing about
the destruction of
the temple 

Matt c24 v1-2

E.G. Josephus 


And, of course, God travelling in time, in Heaven,
explains all the many Old Testament predictions & prophesies
and their fulfilments.

For the difference between predictions & prophesies:
YouTube: – Prophetic Word vs. Word of Knowledge
// Katia Adams // Vineyard Insights
. ,,,,,
Difference Between Prediction and Prophesy. ,,,,,



There is an Old Testament scripture
that seems to indicate that God cannot foresee
(or, I’d say, does not want to foresee)
every future event:
Jer c32 v34-35:
            I never even thought
            that my people
            would sacrifice their own children
            to foreign gods
      in my temple.   my abbreviation

I reckon:
can see the future
            but he speaks & acts as if he cannot.

            If you were aware
            that God knew the rest of your conversation with him,
            even the rest of your life,
            you’d find it difficult to converse,
            difficult to relate.

            So he pretends to be a mere mortal
            as far as seeing the future is concerned.


Regarding God, in the future,
Judging us, for Heaven or Hell:

            God does not only see
            your every thought & deed now.

            He also foresees
            your every thought & deed in the future.

            This means God does not need to log anything.
            He immediately sees it all.

            Indeed, in order to Judge us,
            God does not even need to see it all:
ll he actually needs to do
                        is wait, and see what our hearts become.
,                                      See first cell of later section:
,                                      HOWEVER, ON JUDGMENT DAY,
                                       OUR HEARTS/SPIRITS WILL CHANGE US QUICKLY

However, him not needing to do something
for his sake
does not mean he doesn’t do
it for our sakes:

            I reckon God logs it all for our sakes:

            Matt c12 v36-37:
            But I say unto you,
            That every idle word that men shall speak,
            they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
                 For by thy words thou shalt be justified,
                 and by thy words thou shalt be condemned
.   KJV

            That way the righteous can see, even the wicked can see,
            that God is right:

                       is just:
                                   wants to punish us
                                   for all the injustices we’ve committed

                       yet is also loving:
                                   willingly took all those punishments
                                   in God the Son.



1)  Demons can read God’s prophesies
      in someone’s open Bible (or closed one?).

                 Mind you, being so destructive
                 they find complete knowledge of something hard work,
                 and complete understanding of something
                 extremely hard work.

,,        ,,        ,,        Knowledge,,,,,,,      =,,     mental models.
,,        ,,        ,,        Understanding,,     =,,     the organic linking of those mental models.

,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ‘Organic’, here, meaning:  like a spider’s web
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        with the most important bits in the middle.,

                 Indeed, as they edge towards understanding
                 all prophesies,
                 they begin to realise their own condition & destiny.
,                            Perhaps see later section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS.

                             Hence they become increasingly evasive
                             (much as happens in animals).
,                                               Perhaps see earlier section: ANIMALS.

                 Old Testament prophesies:
                             about God’s Son being a
                             loving, selfless, sacrifice for all humans,
                 are not clear to anyone, human or demon,
                 who does not think like God thinks.
                 A mind cannot comprehend
                 what it’s not built to comprehend.
,                            Perhaps see first two cells
,                            of later section: WHY DEMONS LOVE LAWS: THEIR PSYCHOLOGY. , , ,

                 To conclude: demons simply read God’s prophesies.

Demons can overhear people.

                 Hence Jesus rarely said
                 exactly why he was going to be crucified.

                       He said it only in:
Matt c20 v28    (Mark c10 v45):
and to give his life
                        a ransom for many.  

                       Other than the above scripture
                       the reason Jesus was crucified
                       is not clearly given
                       until after the crucifixion
                       (i.e. in Acts & the epistles).

      If demons had known that crucifying Jesus
                       would have such a good effect
                       they would have continued discouraging it
                       (instead, they changed, to encouraging it).

,                                      See last three cells (starting However, a demon)
,                                      of later section: WHY DO DEMONS ONLY TEMPT, WHY NOT CONTROL?.
,                                      (This link does not open a new tab.)

                 To conclude:
demons can overhear people.

3)  So demons can overhear your prayers
      and see the results you get.

4)  Demons can calculate the future (though unreliably)
      using a combination of:
                 All the above.
                 Events in the natural world.


However, 1) to 4), above,
are all achieved from natural, material, observations.

5)  I reckon demons can also see the future, supernaturally:

                 One’s destiny may be with God, in Heaven.
                 And God can travel in time in Heaven.
                 Hence there are people here
                 who are linked to Heaven, the First Dimension.

                 Conversely, no demon (all demons are here)
                 will go to be with God, in Heaven.
                 So no demon is linked to Heaven, the First Dimension.

      That there are people who are linked to the First Dimension
      means that demons can see the future, supernaturally:

                 Though only:
                             in conjunction with a human medium
                                                    that medium has a good spirit(core)
                                                    and so is
                                                    eventually destined for Heaven.
                 And only:
                             via the First Dimension, Heaven.

It seems as if the human relies on the demon.  
Acts c16 v16-18.
But actually it’s teamwork, symbiotic.

            God, on his own, can see the future.

            But demons, on their own,
            cannot see the future, only the present.

,                  They can see into both realms.
                   But they can’t see into both dimensions, can’t see into Heaven.
                   They have to go there instead, indeed be invited.
                   Perhaps see: Does Satan still have access to Heaven?,,,,,,,

That demons can see the future
only via the First Dimension, Heaven,
means it’s God-controlled.

Hence, from their point of view, it’s unreliable:
            God is truthful.  Never lies.
            But he keeps secrets.
            So is this the whole truth, or a half-truth,
            or a bluff, or a double bluff,
            or nothing at all.

Hence demons use  5),
ideally in conjunction with  1)  to  4).
See previous cell.


When demons discern the future
they do so only with the aim
of doing wrong.

And this has an effect.

            The things that build demons’ minds are:
o    Their own bad spirits(cores).
o    God’s design of the material of the universe
                       that we are part of.
,                                      Perhaps see later section:

                 o    The choices we make.
,                                      Our life is their life.  They are our parasites.
                                      Perhaps see first two cells of later section: THE BASIC MECHANICS.,,,,,

            Hence demons’ minds cannot comprehend
            what they’re not built to comprehend.

            Hence, for a while,
            demons wanted, so much, to see Jesus executed
            though they should have known it would backfire,
            they did not know.

,                  Perhaps see cell (starting Just before Satan spoke)
,                  of later section: section: WHY DO DEMONS ONLY TEMPT, WHY NOT CONTROL?.




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