Demons love laws


You may say:
            Your title is wrong.
            Demons hate laws.  It’s God who loves laws.


I say:
            Does God love laws?  Are laws his heart?

            God gave laws to the Jews
            only because he had to, for practical reasons.
            Having rescued them from slavery in Egypt,
            & while taking them to the good land he’d promised them,
            some of them were complaining, mistrustful, rebellious,
            even after each miracle God did to help them.
,         ,         Perhaps see: Exo c1 – c19   and   Exo c32., , , , ,

,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section: JEWISH LAWS ARE NOT FOR GENTILES.,,,,,

            God gave the Jews laws
            only to show them that they could not keep them.

                       Jam c2 v10:
                       For whosoever shall keep the whole law,
                       and yet offend in one
                       he is guilty of all.

                       Gal c3 v10   (Gal c5 v3):
for it is written, Cursed is every one
                       that continueth not
                       in all things which are written
                       in the book of the law
                       to do them.

            God’s actual plan was to, instead, provide a saviour.
            A saviour who would earn, for all of us:
                       Heaven in the future
                       and God’s Holy Spirit now.

            But do you believe?  Do you want it?
            Will you
forever put your own righteousness to one side
            and forever boast of only Jesus’ work, for you, on the Cross

            Believers who have renewed their minds
            are grateful:
                       for Heaven to come
                       and God’s Spirit now.

            Hence believers are constructive:
            forgive everyone who’s wronged them,
            love everyone,
            keep all, still right, Old Covenant laws – without effort,
            indeed do all natural good – without effort,
            indeed do miracles – without effort.

            It’s all self-expression.

            In wanting to do only good, be it natural or miraculous, 
            believers never again need the punishments of laws.

            Believers are not of this world.



But demons are of this world .
Demons want, above all else, to have self-expression, to live.
And that means: speaking to us, and seeing the desired effect.

We are their entertainment, their interactive entertainment.
Our life is their life.  They are our parasites.

Perhaps see first four cells
of later section:
later section:


            If their speaking encourages us to do
            what’s wrong
            then that pleases them. 

            If their speaking encourages us to do
            what’s wrong and bad,
,,        ,,        Perhaps see earlier section: GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG.

            then that pleases them even more.

            If it also incurs breaking laws
            then that pleases them even more.


            Most laws are to do with us not doing something.

            So if we:
                       keep laws, but otherwise do nothing,
                       don’t do wrong, but don’t do right,
            that also pleases them.
, , , ,


            If we keep fake laws, socio-‘religious’ laws,
            then that pleases them even more.

                  Matt c15 v1-20    Mark c7 v1-23    Col c2 v8-12:
                        Getting a:
                             morally-meaningless tradition
                             that was invented by humans
                       and presenting it as a
                             that was given by God
                       is particularly evil.   my abbreviation


            If we keep fake laws
            out of vanity, pride, selfishness, etc,
            then that pleases demons even more.



Demons love dead religion.
Perhaps see the whole of earlier section:


For demons love to ‘be’ God, play God:

            In dead religion:

                             get to speak, express themselves, ‘live’.

,         ,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier sections: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS
,         ,         ,         ,,        ,         and: SATAN LIKES IT HERE.,,,,,


                             appear to keep those laws,
                             with all the respectability that that brings.

            That’s the deal, the symbiotic deal.





Demons are legalists:

            Demons are, primarily, destructive.
            Hence they tend to isolate themselves
            from the web of:


            Hence they end up each having:
                       the legalistic conviction they are always right
                       and the mad attitude they are each God.



Indeed, demons are destructive legalists:

            Even if they still had bodies,
            bodies that could enjoy your goods,
            they’d get more satisfaction
            from preventing you having those goods
            than from enjoying them for themselves.


            And laws can be fuelled by hate as well as love.
            Justice can be motivated by hate as well as love.

            Hence demons, even though they are full of hate, love laws.


            Demons are destructive legalists here and now
            because they are here and now.

            When they are in Hell, amongst only their own kind,
            all they will do is rant & scream
            in anger fear & frustration:
            become completely destructive again.

,         ,         Perhaps again see earlier section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS, , , ,





Demons hate the gospel
our belief of the gospel denies them ‘life’
the gospel, when believed by us,
gives us freedom
from all laws (all right laws, of course).

Or, to be precise,
freedom from the necessity of laws.

Or, to be precise,
from the necessity of laws’ punishments.

            If you believe the gospel
            and so have gratitude and the Spirit
            if you’ve also renewed your mind accordingly
            you will have agape love for others
            and so
            will obey all right laws
            without even knowing they exist.

Rom c13 v8-10    Gal c5 v14: 
            Loving everyone
            means that you are also keeping
            all Jewish laws
.   my abbreviation



Legalism is:

            The un-renewed mind:
                       Continuously silencing the heart/
                       Continuously stopping itself
                       from being the mouthpiece of the heart/

                       Continuously trying to repair itself
                       but continuously failing to repair itself.
,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section:
,         ,         ,         ,         THE HEART/SPIRIT TRIES TO CHANGE THE SOUL. , , , ,


Christianity is:

            Your heart/
spirit gradually renewing your mind.

            You renewing your mind
            means you’re becoming like the Holy Spirit,
            means you’re increasingly able to:
                       Work together
                       without getting in each other’s way.
                       Both do
                       what you both want to do.

            Gal c5 v16:
            This I say then,
                  Walk in the Spirit,
                  and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.   KJV



N.B. Demons found out long ago
that the best way to stop someone becoming a Christian
is to
encourage them to believe
they’ve already become one.





Regarding demons speaking to us:

            Do demons prefer to speak to the righteous
            or the wicked?

            The wicked and demons have
            more in common with each other
            than the righteous & demons.

demons can achieve more, do more, live more,
            with, & through, the righteous
            because of the righteous’ abilities & virtues.

,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section: GOD: THE CONSIDERATE DELEGATOR. , , , ,


Regarding demons actually possessing us:

            Demons would find possessing the wicked
            too much of a fight; they’re too alike.


            So, ironically, demons tend to possess the righteous.

,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section:
,         ,         and later section:
,         ,         DEMON POSSESSION. , , , ,


            However, by the end of the End Times:

                       just before Judgment Day,

                       when all the righteous believe the gospel
                       and so listen to only God,

            demons will have no choice but to return to the wicked:

                        Matt c12 v43-45:
                       When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man,
                       he walketh through dry places,
                        seeking rest, and findeth none.
                       Then he saith,
                             I will return into my house
                             from whence I came out;
                       and when he is come,
                       he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
                       Then goeth he, and taketh with himself
                       seven other spirits more wicked than himself,
                       and they enter in and dwell there:
                       and the last state of that man is worse than the first.
                       Even so shall it be also
                       unto this wicked generation.

            The verses prior to the above, i.e.
Matt c12 v1-42, 
            show that, by ‘this wicked generation’ 
            Jesus meant ‘the legalistic wicked’.


            Unnecessary socio-‘religious’ laws
Matt c15 v1-20     Mark c7 v1-23   
            make the legalistic wicked’s houses (bodies) clean.

            Not clean enough for God
            but clean enough for a demon.
                       Luke c17 v34-37    (
Matt c24):
      I tell you, in that night [at the end of the Earth]
                        there shall be two men in one bed;
                             the one shall be taken,
                             and the other shall be left.
                        Two women shall be grinding together;
                             the one shall be taken,
                             and the other left.
                        And they answered and said unto him,
                  Where, Lord?
            And he said unto them,
                  Wheresoever the body is,
                  thither will the eagles be gathered together.   KJV

,         ,         ,         ,         ,         The NIV has vultures.

,         ,         ,         ,         ,         I reckon verse 36 is forged, so I’ve omitted it.
,         ,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section: BIBLE VERSES THAT I OMIT.

                       Matt c24 v26-28:
                       Wherefore if they shall say unto you,
                             Behold, he is in the desert;
                       go not forth:
he is in the secret chambers;
it not.
                       For as the lightning cometh out of the east,
                       and shineth even unto the west;
                       so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
                       For wheresoever the carcase is,
                       there will the eagles be gathered together
.   KJV

,         ,         ,         ,         The NIV has vultures.





All demons have bad hearts/spirits.
Hence they find it impossibly painful
to even consider their own hearts/

            Like us:
                       demons look, from the middle, outwards:
                       cannot look at their own hearts/
,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier webpage: Looking inside yourself.

            But, unlike us:
                       demons cannot even infer
what their hearts/
spirits are like
                       because they are wrong throughout;
                       indeed, currently, mostly bad/destructive throughout.
,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section: GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG.

                       If they did start to infer
                       what their hearts/
spirits are like
                       they’d find it too disturbing, too painful, to continue.


            Hence a demon considers only:
                       his outer area,
                       his behaviour:

                       They think of themselves in a:
                             letter of the law,
                             what they did,
                       kind of way,

                       not in a:
                             spirit of the law,
                             why they did it,
                       kind of way.

,         ,         ,         ,         Hence I wrote the verse:
,         ,         ,         ,         ,         They hid, from themselves,
,         ,         ,         ,         ,         behind formality.
,         ,         ,         ,         ,         Denied, first themselves,
,         ,         ,         ,         ,         then the rest of reality.
,         ,         ,         ,         in the poem in earlier section: THE FIRST WAR. , , , ,


            Hence demons don’t like all truths
            for the same reason
            that animals don’t like all truths:

                       Truths lead somewhere.
,         ,         ,         ,         Hence ‘the web of truth’
,         ,         ,         ,         in earlier section DESTRUCTIVE LEGALISTS:


                       The whole truth leads to
                       your own nature and destiny.
,         ,         ,         ,         See earlier section: ANIMALS and its subsection



            Because of all the above:

                       demons tend to think about us, too, in a:
                                   letter of the law,
                                   what we did,
                       kind of way

                       not in a:
                                   spirit of the law,
                                   why we did it,
                       kind of way.


            Demons also find it too painful to think about
            human selflessness,
            and impossibly painful to think about
            human good hearts/
                       Job c1 v6-22:   my abbreviation
                       Satan visited God, along with the angels.
                       God said:
                             “Seen Job.  What a good man.”
                       Satan said:
                             “Nah.  He’s only good because you’ve blessed him.
                               Destroy it all and he’ll curse you to your face.”
                       God said:
                             “It’s a deal.  You destroy all he has.
                               But don’t harm Job himself.”
                       So Satan destroyed all that Job had.
                       But Job did not then curse God,
                       even though he thought it was God who’d done it.
                       So Satan lost the bet.
   my abbreviation

Job c2 v1-10:   my abbreviation
                       Again Satan visited God, along with the angels.
                       God said:
                             “Seen Job.  He’s still a good man
                               even though you got me to harm him.”
                       Satan said:
                             “I got it wrong that time.
                               But I bet he’ll curse you if you made him really ill.”
                       God said:
                             “OK.  You make him really ill.
                               But don’t kill him.”
                       So Satan made Job really ill.
                       But Job still did not curse God
                       even though he again thought it was God who’d done it.
                       So Satan lost that bet too.
   my abbreviation



            Demons cannot comprehend how anyone can be selfless.
            So the only way they can see life is through laws, our laws:

                       Our life is their life.
                       They are our parasites.

                       The kingdom of the world
                       and the kingdom of demons
                       are two pyramids meshed together.

,         ,         ,         ,         Blue text copied from earlier section:
,         ,         ,         ,         THE KINGDOM OF THE WORLD & THE KINGDOM OF DEMONS, , .





In order to avoid thinking about:
            their doomed state
            and that God has Forgiven all of us,
demons speak to us
about our laws:

            As well as our flesh encouraging us to sin, do wrong,
            demons encourage, in us:
o    Revenge, hatred, offence,
                             whenever laws are broken against you.
o    Self-justification, or self-hatred,
                             whenever you break laws.
o    Pride, vanity, and worldliness,
                             whenever you keep laws.




Having encouraged us to sin
demons then accuse us of those sins:

            In the past demons could truthfully accuse us of sins
            and tell God
            and rightly expect him to act.

Rev c12 v10:
                       ctd  for the accuser of our brethren is cast down,
                        which accused them
                       before our God day and night.

            But now, now that Jesus has suffered in our place,
            demons can, if they are truthful, tell us
            of only our wrongs,
            not our sins.

            Our sins no longer exist.

            So they lie.
            They encourage us to be simple & sloppy
            and to think that we each have only one account:
            a combination of:
                       our with-God account
                       and our with-each-other account.


            Hence they are keen on justice.


            Hence, for example, to prevent/reduce/undo
            healing &/or deliverance,
            they’ll remind you of some wrong you’ve done
            to trick you into being defensive:
            making you think, even say,
                       that you did not do
                       that wrong.   
1 John c1 v8-10

                       Hence, for that crucial moment:
                             You forget, in your mind,
                        that God has put all of us right with himself.
Hence belief remains active in your heart/spirit
                             but becomes inactive in your mind. 
,         ,         ,         ,                  Perhaps also see later section: UNBELIEF and its subsections
,         ,         ,         ,                  and
,         ,         ,         ,                  later section: SIN CONSCIOUSNESS.

            Likewise, to prevent/reduce/undo healing,
            demons will remind you of a wrong done to you.
            Though they’ll not also remind you
            that, collectively, it’s our fault:
                       We isolated ourselves from God. 
                       Hence nature does bad things as well as good.

,         ,         ,         ,         See earlier section: WHY IS THE UNIVERSE SECOND CLASS? .

            Nor will they also remind you
            that you’re dead to the world,
            remind you to forgive all who hurt you,
            remind you to be constructive.

                       You’ll conclude that God could have stopped
                       people hurting you, but didn’t.

                       Hence, for that crucial moment,
                       you don’t want anything to do with God.
,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section:
,         ,         ,         ,         THE PROBLEM WITH BELIEVING THAT GOD STILL DOES BAD.

                       Hence, again, belief remains active in your heart/spirit
                       but becomes inactive in your mind.



But now: there is no blame, no punishment,
not from God, not any more.

There is even power to do miracles: God’s Spirit inside believers.


And demons hate it when people believe these things.


            It makes them frightened
            (even though they may act angry, mouthy, fearless).

            The message of God’s love, when believed by us,
            spells the end of their new lives here.


            If it weren’t that demons treat us as playgrounds,
            they’d have no reason to construct temptations,
            have no distractions:

                        They’d drift back into
                        endlessly reminding themselves & each other
                        of the horror of their condition:
                        tormenting themselves & each other.

                        When all you are is words, words hurt.

,         ,         ,         ,         Blue text copied from earlier section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS, , , , , , .





When the righteous go to Heaven, or the new Earth:
            the wickeds’ & demons’ ‘love’ of laws
            the design of the universe,
will be a trap for them,
will keep them all here:

            God designed the material of the universe
            to be second class
,         ,         ,         ,         See earlier section: WHY IS THE UNIVERSE SECOND CLASS? .
,         ,         ,         ,         and, immediately after it, first & second cells of:
,         ,         ,         ,         IN WHAT WAYS DID GOD MAKE THE UNIVERSE SECOND CLASS? .

            so that it moulds the souls
,         ,         ,         ,         See fourth cell (starting N.B. Jewish laws)
,         ,         ,         ,         of earlier section: SO, BEWARE OF THE OLD COVENANT.

            of both humans and demons alike
,         ,         ,         ,        
See first two cells of later section: THE BASIC MECHANICS.

            to be legally minded.

Hence their souls feel at home here:
                       in this everything-must-be-earned world
                       that’s built from a competitive earth,
            and love all the:
                       I-can-manage-to-keep-these-laws-that-I-chose  laws.



            Jesus describes:
                       this trap
                       and the wicked who will be trapped,
            in his parable of the wedding guests:

      Matt c22 v1-13    (Luke c14 v15-24):   my abbreviation
                       Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like
                       a king who had prepared his son’s wedding:
                       He sent out invitations
                       to all he thought would come.
                       But they all said they had
                       better things to do
[felt above it all].
                       Some even mistreated & killed the king’s messengers.
                       So the king became angry
                       and sent soldiers to kill the murderers.
                       Then he invited everyone, good & bad,
                       everyone other than those he’d originally invited,
                       so that the wedding hall was filled with guests.
                       Then the king spotted a guest
                       not wearing wedding clothes
                       who had no excuse.
[One of the ‘above it all’ people.
,         ,         ,         ,         At a royal wedding, guests would be offered wedding clothes.]
                       So the king had him thrown out.
                       Therefore, everyone was invited
                       but not everyone was chosen.
   my abbreviation


                       Jesus’ Punishment in our place
                       hides all human sins from God
                       the king’s gift of wedding clothes
                       hides all commonness from the king.

                       But believing Jesus’ Punishment in our place
                       is like
                       putting the clothes on.



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