Some political notes.


I’ve written this webpage on politics
to help people think through their political issues
so that they can move on to eternal ones.



Dictatorship = one person rules.

Democracy = every person rules.

Hence a democracy is the more socially complex
hence better.
See earlier section: GOOD & BAD, RIGHT & WRONG.,,,,,

On an island nation, that’s so blessed it doesn’t have money:
            You can’t really have capitalism or communism.
            But you can have a strong democracy or dictatorship
            (e.g. regarding social decisions).
This shows how the four concepts:

can be conceptually separated into two pairs:

                       democracy & dictatorship

                       capitalism & communism.


Dictatorship = one person rules.

Democracy = every person rules.

Capitalism = everyone can keep all they’ve made.

Communism = everyone must share all they’ve made.
Democracy & dictatorship are about people.
Capitalism & communism are about money.

Hence there are four possible extremes:

            communist dictatorship

            capitalist dictatorship

            communist democracy

            capitalist democracy

All nations fall inside these four possible extremes,
like four corners of a square.


Capitalism = everyone can keep all they’ve made.

Communism = everyone must share all they’ve made.

Capitalism produces wealth.

Communism gives that wealth a human face.

            That’s why every civilised nation has
            to some degree
                       capitalistic mechanisms
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        Free markets.
                       communistic mechanisms
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        Unions (though they’re less needed as the economy grows)..
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        Tax-paid-for means-tested needs-tested:
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        housing,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        healthcare,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        education,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        unemployment money,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        disability money,
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        so that no-one suffers inhumanely.

,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        N.B. You need to have produced wealth (not debt)
,,        ,,        ,,        ,,        in order to share it out.)

Why does capitalism, rather than communism, produce wealth?

Because, even if you are not a selfish person,
your life would still be structured selfishly.
You would have structured your life
around yourself.

God designed
the material of the universe, hence nature:
            hence the flesh & souls of animals
            & hence the flesh & souls of humans
,         ,         (though not the hearts/spirits of humans)
to have concentric circles of selfishness:
            inner circle        an animal             you
            midway circle   related animals    your family/friends
            outer circle        pack/flock/herd   your group/nation/bloc.

Perhaps see earlier webpage: The design of everything . . .
and earlier section:


Capitalism     =   the production of wealth    good
                             regardless of its uneven distribution    bad.

Communism  =   the even distribution of wealth    good
                             regardless of who produces it    bad

These goods and bads are impossible to measure.

Hence it’s impossible to measure which is best:
capitalism or communism.

Indeed, it’s pointless to speculate which is best
since both are needed.

We grow up gradually:
o    From probably needing discipline (toddler).
o    To perhaps needing advice, “I screwed up on this
                 when I was your age” (teen).
o    To being independent (adult).

We grow up gradually:
            at home, everything’s paid for
,         ,         So you’re free to be passionate about justice.

            you’ve left home, so now you’re paying your own way.

,         ,         So you’re free to be whatever you can manage to be.

We grow up gradually.  Hence the saying:

            “If a person hasn’t voted left-wing by the time they’re 25
              they’ve got no heart.

              If a person hasn’t voted right-wing by the time they’re 35
              they’ve got no brain.”


Left & right are, in fact:
            limited to capitalism and communism,
            are only about money.

            Unfortunately however:
                       parties wanting to increase their votes
                       causes lobbying one party or the other,
            result in issues becoming:
                       party political
            rather than remaining:
                       national (e.g. immigration)
                       global (e.g. global warming).

            This error means that issues:
                       that may need resources
            aren’t going to:
                       consistently get them.


Free speech is nothing to do with money.
So, theoretically, either a democracy or a dictatorship
could have free speech.

In practice, however, dictators soon ‘need’ to,
do away with free speech on some subjects.

I like Voltaire’s concept:

            I disapprove of what you say.
              But I will defend, to the death,
              your right to say it.


                  Voltaire, via Evelyn Beatrice Hall. . . .

Notice that Voltaire’s maxim has an
implied condition in it:

“I disapprove of what you say.
              But I will defend, to the death,
              your right to say it
              providing your words are not attacking
              someone else’s right to say
              what they want to say


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