Do not Judge others;
indeed love everyone – even your enemies




Many people think they can, & should,
Judge other people’s hearts/
Tabloid papers Judge people’s hearts/
spirits when:

            If it’s a villain:
                       they don’t mention any of their good points.

            If it’s a hero:
                       they don’t mention any of their bad points.


            People Judge others’ hearts/spirits
            when they say, in a serious way:
                       “He’s perfect.”
                       “She’ll never come to any good.”
                       “He’s evil.”

            Or, if someone has just died:
                       “He can make them laugh in Heaven now.”
                       “Now he can rot in Hell.”
                       “Heaven’s a richer place for having her.”


Demons encourage us to Judge each other
by encouraging us each to see ourselves as if we were God.

They do that intuitively:
            not only because it’s a wrong way for us to feel,
            but also because it the way they always feel.

            Demons are, primarily, destructive.
            Hence they tend to isolate themselves
            from the web of:


            Hence they end up each having:
                       the legalistic conviction they are always right
                       and the mad attitude they are each God.






1)  Because we may be wrong:

      a)   A person’s heart/
spirit is hidden by the soul.
,                  Saul (who later became the apostle Paul) is a good example of this.
,                  See earlier section: CAN WE SEE THE HEART/SPIRIT?.

                       Hence, if you Judged someone, you may be wrong.

                       And, even if you didn’t act on your wrong words,
                       someone else might.

      b)  One person’s heart/
            may be hidden by another person’s heart/

                       For example: 
1 Kings c16 v30 – 2 Kings c10 v36:
                                   King Ahab did evil.   my abbreviation

                       But I reckon that it was Queen Jezebel who was evil
1 Kings c21 v1-16:
                                   Queen Jezebel lies & murders, with ease,
                                   to steal a vineyard
                                   to give to her cry-baby husband
.   my abbn

                       and that her husband, King Ahab,
                       was weak rather than evil, was in her sway.

            Hence, if you Judged someone, you may be wrong.

            And, even if you didn’t act on your wrong words,
            someone else might.

      c)   You may be interpreting the outer as inner:
            things of the soul as things of the heart/

            E.G. Interpreting the apparent self-centeredness of autism,
            which is in the soul,
            as wickedness in the heart/


2)  Because, if you Judged correctly, and got a reputation for it,
      people would come to you for your opinion, of them.

      Eventually a wicked person would come for your opinion
      and your hesitation, or silence, would speak volumes.

,         Perhaps see earlier webpage:
,         Jesus’ use of the words ‘heart’, ‘righteous’ and ‘wicked’., , , ,


3)  Because, even if you Judged correctly,
      you cannot, then, act appropriately
      (as God can, and will).
      So your comments would merely cause trouble.


4)  Because Jesus, God’s Son, told us not to Judge.
Matt c7 v1    Luke c6 v37, , .







The Father can see:
            who is righteous
            & who is not,
            who has a good heart/
            & who has a bad heart/

,         ,         1 Sam c16 v7,,,,,

The Son, too, can see:
            who is righteous
            & who is not,
            who has a good heart/
            & who has a bad heart/

,                  John c2 v23-25,         John c1 v43-51,,,,,

Perhaps again see earlier webpage:
Jesus’ use of the words ‘heart’, ‘righteous’ and ‘wicked’.   , ,


So believers who are like Jesus:
            i.e. who have God’s Spirit
            and have renewed their minds,
can likewise:
            see hearts/
who is righteous and who is wicked.

Matt c7 v15-23 & c10    2 Pet c2    Jude:
            Believers should privately assess others
            so that they know whom to trust
.   my abbreviation

,         ,         N.B. This is supernatural, indeed miraculous:
,         ,         God’s Spirit in you, talking with you, on a regular basis.

,         ,         It’s not the natural way of ‘seeing’
,         ,         that I cover in earlier section: CAN WE SEE THE HEART/SPIRIT. ,,,,,




,                  When Stephen said:
,                            Acts c7 v51:
,                            Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears,
,                            ye do always resist the Holy Ghost:
,                            as your fathers did, so do ye.   KJV
,                  was he was Judging people publicly?
,                  I reckon he was merely stating the obvious
,                  and, more to the point, he was judging, not Judging.

,                  Paul criticised some people:
,                            Titus c1 v12:
,                            One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said,
,                            The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies.   KJV
,                  But such generalisations are not in the context of Judging.







A merely earthly, merely practical, judgment
may be used by church leaders:

            It’s not a Judgment (big J)
            of a person’s heart/
,                  Like Judgment Day.

            But a judgment (small j)
            of a person’s soul.
,                  Like a job interview or a courtroom jury.


Church leaders’ judgment incurs a punishment of only:

            Expelling the sinner from the church,
            hopefully only temporarily.
Matt c18 v15-17     Rom c16 v17     2 Thess c3 v6-15

            Suspending interceding for them:
                       So that that they themselves experience
                       the demonic, or the natural,
                       consequences of their own sins.

                       Perhaps see:
Matt c18 v15-20  &  1 Cor c5 v5  &  1 Tim c1 v20 
Wommack commentary Matt c18 v17  
Wommack commentary Matt c18 v18  
Wommack commentary 1 Cor c5 v5.  

            All in the hope that they will:
                       change for the better,
                       become reconciled with the rest of the church,
                       and rejoin their fellow believers. 
2 Cor c2 v6-7.

,                  The above Wommack material (brown) is outside my personal experience
,                  but seems logical to me.
,                  Hence I include it here so as to make this site as comprehensive as I can 
,                  (I mentioned this practice of mine earlier, in: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS).







Jesus told his followers:
            not only to not Judge anyone,
            but also to love everyone.   
Luke c10 v25-37 .

            This includes loving your enemies:
Matt c5 v38-48    Luke c6 v27-36:
            Love, do good to, pray for, your enemies.  my abbreviation

,                  See: CARM’s Does the Old Testament teach to hate your enemies? , ,


Indeed, if you:
            believe Jesus put all of us right with his Father,
            and, if you’ve renewed your mind accordingly,
then you’ll:
            want to love your enemies.

For, in Forgiveness:
More about Judgment and Forgiveness later.

            loving your enemies is not a cause
            of you becoming right with God
,                  Jesus has already done that.

            loving your enemies is an effect
            of you becoming right with God.

            Or, to be precise, loving your enemies is an effect:
                       of Jesus having put all of us right with God,
                       of you believing that.

                       Hence loving your enemies is:
                                   you expressing yourself,
                                   you expressing your new self.




      In the beginning,
      God was:
                 entirely constructive.

,                            Perhaps see third cell
,                            of earlier webpage: God’s origin.

      Then, during the Old Testament age,
      God was:
                 both constructive and destructive.
,                            Perhaps see earlier webpage: The good & bad that God does.

      Now, during this New Testament age, this Church Age,
      God is:
                 entirely constructive again.
,                            Perhaps see earlier webpage: The Church Age.


      If you:
                 are a believer
                 and so have God’s Spirit in your heart/

      And if your heart/
                 has renewed your mind accordingly
                 such that God’s Spirit is in all of you.

      Then you too:
                 are entirely constructive





Praying for good things for your enemies
is self-correcting:

            God currently gives & does only good things.

,                  Perhaps see earlier section: THE CHURCH AGE  
,                  and
,                  later section: REGARDING MIRACLES: YOU CAN DO ONLY GOOD.

            Hence, your enemies will not get
            miraculously, from God, through you,
            any bad things they want
            or want to accomplish.

            Also, them miraculously getting good things,
            as a result of you praying,
            may inspire them to change.

            And, even if they don’t change,
            doing good is a matter of self-expression:
                       For you.
                       And for God’s Spirit, who is inside you
                       and outside you.

,                  The Christian meaning of serving:
,                            is not: –  do whatever people tell you to do,
,                            ,                  give them whatever they want,
,                            but:       do what’s right for them (hopefully good-&-right),
,                                               miraculously if not naturally.

,                  Or, to put it another way: never serve people, serve only God.
,                  That’s how to serve people.




You may say:
            “So, I become good throughout
            like God is good throughout.
            So I then do good to everyone, even to my enemies.
            But who do I vote for?  A pacifist party?”

I say:
Soldiers, if they are doing the right thing,
            fighting an enemy that would otherwise cause
            much greater death & destruction,
            don’t need to hate their enemy to do it,
            can love them,
            can even, if Christians, miraculously
            heal those they’ve wounded
            and raise those they’ve killed
            (though also capture them all,
2 Kings c6 v8-23).”

            Matt c10 v8:
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,
            cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give
.   KJV

I suspect it’s personal enemies
that Jesus was particularly talking about
when he said: “Love your enemies”. 
Matt c5 v38-48  Luke c6 v27-36,

            In two of the four gospels,  
Luke c7 v1-10  &  (Matt c8 v5-13)
            and in
Acts c10: 
                 Soldiers were targets for evangelism.
                 Yet there’s no mention of also encouraging them
                 to leave the army.

,         ,         ,         Perhaps see later section:
,         ,         ,         REGARDING MIRACLES: YOU CAN DO ONLY GOOD. . , , ,


            Matt c5 v1-16    Luke c14 v26-35:
            If you do the right-&-good things
            that your heart/
spirit & God want you to do:
                 You will suffer materially, may even be killed.
                 But you will be like salt in a flavourless world;
                 like light in a dark place
.   my abbreviation

            Do natural & miraculous good in the world.
            But do not assume that the world
            will be thankful & not persecute you.
            And do not assume that it will be fixed
            or even be better.

            The world and the
kingdom of God
            are completely different
            and completely separate.
,         ,         Perhaps see the two sections
,         ,         under earlier title: PYRAMIDS.

John c18 v36    (John c8 v23):
            Jesus answered,
                 My kingdom is not of this world
ctd   KJV

,         ,         ,         Perhaps see all of: John c18 v28-40.

believer, who has renewed all of his/her mind:
                 Has the Holy Spirit, has the power of the Creator.
                 But has no physical defences whatsoever.




            Did anti-social Jesus, in Matt c23,
            or anti-social Stephen, in
Acts c6 – c7,
            verbally love their enemies?

            No.  They were verbally critical of their enemies,
            verbally attacked their enemies.

            But they loved their enemies physically, 
            didn’t defend themselves or retaliate,
            even blessed their enemies. 
Luke c22 v50-51 

            Just like Jesus told his followers to do.

Matt c5 v38-48    Luke c6 v27-36:
            Love, do good to, pray for, your enemies.  my abbreviation

,                  Perhaps again see:
,                  CARM’s Does the Old Testament teach to hate your enemies? , ,


            Jesus (& Paul, Peter, Stephen, etc)
            merely avoided trouble,
            merely walked away from trouble.

            But, if people were doing wrong
            such that giving a private, or public, verbal rebuke
            was right, was God’s will,
            then Jesus (& Paul, Peter, Stephen, etc) gave it.

            All believers should do likewise.
            Though out of love, without Judging.







If you are a believer,
then you should renew every room of your mind,
every area of your life:

            Not only so that:
                       the Holy Spirit can work in, & from,
                       every room.

            But also so that:
                       you forgiving everyone, you loving everyone,
                       you doing only good, being only constructive,
                       is you expressing yourself:
                       you aren’t merely, religiously, doing something.


However, if you find it hard to forgive
those who’ve harmed you,
then realise that they will eventually be
in either Heaven or Hell:

            If they eventually go to Heaven:
                       They will be utterly changed, for the better.
                       So, when you eventually meet them there:
                                   they’ll say “I’m sorry”
                                   and you’ll say “I forgive you”.
                       So you might as well forgive them now
                       since it’s only you that you are straining.

            If they eventually go to Hell:
                       They’ll be getting
                       a worse punishment
                       than you could ever have given them.
                       So you might as well forgive them now
                       since it’s only you that you are straining.

Your unforgiveness hinders/stops God’s Holy Spirit in you (note Holy).
Hence your unforgiveness also hinders/stops miraculous healing in you & through you.

Notice v24 & v25, of
Mark c11 v11-27.
(I reckon v26 is forged, see earlier section:

Forgive everyone who’s hurt you – whether it was legal or illegal.
Though, without any sense, tell the police of those who’ve hurt you illegally.







Demons are our enemies.
So, should we love demons?

No, because of the way demons differ from us:

            Demons are like us:
                       In that neither they nor we have been Judged yet,
                       no demons or humans are in Heaven or Hell yet.

            But demons are unlike us:
                       in that they have finished changing,
                       whereas we humans have not finished changing.
,                                      Perhaps see earlier section:
,                                      SOME TECHNICAL DEFINITIONS.

                       Hence demons always want to do wrong
                       whereas no human always wants to do wrong.


So, ignore their words, and cast them out.

But, only cast them out.
Only move them: from inside a human, to outside a human:

            Don’t try to send them to Hell, that won’t work:
            Hell doesn’t exist yet.
,                  Perhaps see earlier section:

            Notice that Jesus did not send them to Hell
            or even to the deep for that matter.  
Luke c8 v32,,,
,                  Perhaps see earlier section:





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