End Times



The period of time, leading up to God ending the world,
is commonly called, by Christians, ‘the End Times’:

            Matt c24 – c25    Mark c13    Luke c21 v5-36    2 Thess c2: ,,,,,
      Satan (and his underling demons)
            will rule the whole world
            through a political-&-religious human leader
            who impresses by doing supernatural tricks.
            Then Jesus will return, for his people.
            Then God the Father will end the world.
   my abbreviation

,         ,         ,         See five cells (starting Jesus explains)
,         ,         ,         in earlier section: WHY GOD’S WORDS HAVE POWER.

,         ,         ,         See last cell (starting In Christianity, bad religion)
,         ,         ,         of earlier section: GOOD RELIGION & BAD RELIGION,
,         ,         ,         and
,         ,         ,         the first two cells of GOD’S METHODS immediately after it.

,         ,         ,         See earlier section: TRICKS & MIRACLES.,,,,,

Rev c13 v16-18: ,,,,,
            If anyone wants to buy or sell anything
            they must have the number, or the name,
            of the ruler of the world
            on their right hand or forehead.
            The number of the ruler is the number of a man,
            it is six-hundred and sixty-six.  
my abbreviation

,         ,         ,         Perhaps see: YouTube: – How to Read Revelation (Ben Witherington).

,         ,         ,         Would it need to be on the hand or forehead.
,         ,         ,         We’ve already got credit & debit cards
,         ,         ,         that could be controlled by government.

Matt c24 v6-8    Matt c24 v19-22: ,,,,,
            Man-made troubles
            and natural disasters.
   my abbreviation

Matt c24 v9: ,,,,,
            A time of persecution & killing of Christians.   my abbn

Matt c24 v14: ,,,,,
            A time during which the gospel
            is finally spread worldwide.
   my abbreviation

Matt c24 v16-18    Luke c17 v30-33: ,,,,,
            A time to let go
            of the things of the world.
   my abbreviation



All the above events will be: 

Matt c24 v1-35:
                 hence the end will be
[by believers]   my abbreviation 

Matt c24 v36-51  &  Matt c25 v1-13    Luke c17 v20-30: ,,,,,
            yet also unnoticeable:
                 hence the end will be
                 a surprise
[for unbelievers] .   my abbreviation






The Bible’s predictions, of God ending the earth,
involve the Sun, Moon, & stars,
all dimming or disappearing:

Isa c13 v9-13,
            Isa c34 v4,
            Joel c2 v31            (& all of Joel c2)
            Matt c24 v29          (& all of Matt c24 – c25)
            Mark c13 v24-25     (& all of Mark c13)
            Luke c21 v25-26    (& all of Luke c21)
            Rev c6 v12-14,



Two of the above Bible references,  Joel c2 v31  &  Rev c6 v12,
specifically say that:
            the Sun will go out
            and the Moon will go red.

One of them,
Mark c13 v24-25, 
says that the stars will fall from the sky.

I suggest:
            “What if Sun and Moon
            were mistaken for each other?

            Sun & Moon are, from Earth, visually the same size
            (an unusual arrangement among planets & their moons).

            And this will only last for 100 million years,
            a cosmologically small window of time,
we’re in the middle of.

,,        ,,        See: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: The Solar Eclipse Coincidence.

            So, perhaps God will allow, or cause,
            a Solar/asteroid/terrestrial event
            that results in dust in the upper atmosphere
            such that the Sun appears red and very dim.

            We’d see: the Sun.
            But we’d think: “It’s the Moon, and the Sun has gone out”.

            This would not, in itself, end the world,
            not all of it, not quickly,
            (there’d be leaders in bunkers, astronauts in space, etc).
            But it would be a clear sign, to everyone,
            that God was about to end the world.”






God knows the future.
Perhaps see earlier section:

            So, he knows exactly when the world will end
            (i.e. when the End Times finish
            and Judgment Day begins).

            But, he keeps that date & time
            a secret from us  
Matt c24 v36,,,,,
            so that it’s also a secret from demons
            so as to prevent a demon-encouraged, human rampage
            from ever occurring.

Matt c24 v22    Mark c13 v20,,,,,
            God will shorten the final ending.   my abbreviation



            Demons don’t want us to destroy the world,
            not all of it,
            because we are their playgrounds,
            this is their environment.

,         ,         ,         See earlier section: WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS. . . .

,         ,         ,         and
,         ,         ,         second & third cell
,         ,         ,         of earlier section: SATAN LIKES IT HERE. . . .

            But, if they knew God was about to destroy the world
            they’d get in first.






            Also consider the ‘miracles’
            that demons will do in the End Times.

,         ,         Consider fifth cell
,         ,         (starting Most people are not used to seeing,)
,         ,         of earlier section: ACTS OF FAITH.

,         ,         Perhaps see that whole section.

,         ,         See earlier section: TRICKS & MIRACLES.









Scientific knowledge (e.g. medical knowledge):
            in the mind, next to the mind’s belief,
            given significance alongside the mind’s belief,
            so that it counteracts the mind’s belief,
unbelief hinders the miraculous.

      a): Unbelief is a neurological-model, knowledge,
            in the mind.

      b): (Visually) substantial miracles
            only happen in undeveloped nations.

      c): Believers in developed nations
            have unbelief/doubts (scientific, medical, etc)
            which hinder big miracles.

            Believers in undeveloped nations
            do not have unbelief/doubts (scientific, medical, etc)
            so big miracles go ahead.



However, in addition to c),  I observe d):

      d)  I
n developed places & times:
                       Commanding, or praying for,
                       a fatal, though hidden, cancer, succeeds,
                       but for, say,
a missing finger tip, fails.

            But, in undeveloped places & times: 
Where there are no:
                                   video cameras, phone cameras, scientific tests,
                  medical records, passports, addresses, etc,
                        so that a miracle:
                                    cannot be verified, cannot be widely known,
                                   can only be personally seen,
                       commanding or praying for
                       even a missing finger tip, succeeds.

,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see: YouTube: – Heidi Baker,,,
                                                                     on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! | Reckless Devotion. ,,,

,         ,         ,         ,
         Also see fifteenth cell (starting Isabel Chapman.  Scottish.)
,         ,         ,         ,         of earlier section: ABOUT BIBLICAL TEACHER-HEALERS GENERALLY, , , ,



So I propose  e):
   In developed times & places,
            out of love,
God refuses to cause visually convincing miracles
            so as to not:
                       Prove the gospel.
                       Offend the wicked
                       as well as encourage the righteous.
                       Enliven the wicked
                       as well enliven as the righteous.
,         ,         ,         ,         Perhaps see earlier section:
,         ,         ,         ,         JESUS’ USE OF THE WORDS ‘RIGHTEOUS’ AND ‘WICKED’.,,,,,

      Jesus’ & the Apostles’ visually convincing miracles
                                   not only the righteous
                                   but also the wicked.
      Hence the wicked persecuted the righteous.

                       John c15 v20-25:
                       Remember the word that I said unto you,
                             The servant is not greater than his lord.
                             If they have persecuted me,
                             they will also persecute you;
                             if they have kept my saying,
                             they will keep yours also.
                       But all these things will they do unto you
                       for my name's sake,
                       because they know not him that sent me.
                             If I had not come and spoken unto them,
                             they had not had sin:
                             but now they have no cloke for their sin.
                       He that hateth me hateth my Father also.
                             If I had not done among them
                             the works which none other man did,
                             they had not had sin:
                             but now have they both seen and hated
                             both me and my Father.
this cometh to pass,
                       that the word might be fulfilled
                       that is written in their law,
                             They hated me without a cause.  

,         ,         ,         ,         Context: John c15 v16 – c16 v3.,,,,,

      However, when the End Times come:
,     ,     ,     ,     so that God is soon to reveal himself anyway,
,     ,     ,     ,     so that it’s no longer vital that he hides,
,         ,         ,         ,         See earlier sections:
,         ,         ,         ,         WHAT’S WRONG WITH A VISIBLE SOLUTION?,,,

            visually convincing miracles will be possible
            even in developed places.







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