Perhaps see later section:
Christians, believers, can stop themselves sinning.

Or, more exactly:

            Inspired by God’s Love for them,
            inspired by Jesus’ self sacrifice for them:
            Christians can stop wanting to sin
            and hence stop sinning.

            (It’s from the inside out.)

,,        ,,        Perhaps see later section:
,,        ,,        WHY CHRISTIANS AVOID SINNING: 
,,        ,,        and the section after it:
,,        ,,        which contains the links:
,,        ,,        YouTube: – Best description of the Gospel - Dan Mohler
,,        ,,        and:
,,        ,,        YouTube: – The Gospel, straight up, no additives. - Dan Mohler
,,        ,,        and
,,        ,,        YouTube: – The Sinful Nature? – Dan Mohler
,,        ,,        (The above links are repeated from earlier.) , , .

,,        ,,        Perhaps see later section: TECHNICALLY SPEAKING: SINS NO LONGER EXIST  
,,        ,,        to understand the difference between: Wommack & Mohler, and Hemans.

I don’t also include a link to Andrew Wommack’s material here
because it’s so thorough & lengthy. 
Ideally, go to:
A better site than this one
and from there to Andrew’s site.





Christians can be healed by:

            believing that Jesus put all of us right with his Father
,                                      Perhaps see first cell of later section:
,                                      WHAT IS A BELIEVER? WHAT IS THE GOSPEL?. , , ,
            without unbelief (i.e. without doubting),
,                                      Perhaps see later section:
,                                      UNBELIEF IS A BREAK IN THE CIRCUIT.
and by:
            renewing their mind accordingly
,                                      Perhaps follow RENEW MIND links in second cell
,                                      of later section: THE NEW YOU (this link does not open a new tab).

                       so that you have God’s Holy Spirit
                       throughout your mind,
and by:
            using Jesus’ name
            and having faith in that name, 
Acts c3 v16,,,
,                                      Perhaps see last paragraphs (starting Mind you, even though)
,                                      of later section: GOD THE SPIRIT.

so that you can successfully pray, & command,
            in Jesus’ name, for healing, and other needs,
,                                      Perhaps see earlier section: WHY GOD’S WORDS HAVE POWER.

            for others, and for yourself.
,                                      Perhaps see first four cells
,                                      of later section: CONTINUING THE SON’S WORK., , , , , ,


            Though Christians should not need to any of this
            for themselves.
,                                      See first cell
,                                      of later section: WHAT TO PRAY FOR., , , , , ,





To stop demons tempting you.
Jam c4 v7:
Submit yourselves therefore to God.
Resist the devil, and he will flee from you
.   KJV

            A demon will keep visiting you
,                  Satan even revisited Jesus  Luke c4 v13 

            according to:
                 his calculations
                 and the world’s hearsay
o    How easy a target you are:
                                   how weak, corrupt, etc, you are,
o    How important a target you are:
                                   how high up in the world you are,
                                   how potentially used by God you you’ll be,
o    How likely it is that you’ll act on, or be changed by,
                                   his suggestions.
o    How entertaining a target you’d be:
                                   demons have no bodies
                                   so they can do very little
,                                                         See earlier section:
,                                                         DESTROYING EACH OTHER.

                                   so you are their entertainment,
                                   their interactive entertainment.
,                                                         See earlier section:
,                                                         WE ARE PLAYGROUNDS.

            So, just keep listening to, and obeying, God’s Spirit
            Rom c8 v14    Gal c5 v16    Gal c5 v25  , 
            and ignore the devil,
            so that the devil will go away, empty handed, each time.

,                  ‘Devil’ is shorthand for ‘demons’ or ‘demon’;
,                  be they the leading demon (Satan), or his underling demons.


,                  See: YouTube: – Dan Mohler – How to Resist the Devil.

,                  I don’t also include a link to Andrew Wommack’s material here
,                  because it’s so thorough & lengthy.
,                  Ideally, go to: A better site than this one
,                  and from there to Andrew’s site.





So, once we’ve renewed our minds
we believers can stop:
            1)  ourselves sinning
            2)  sickness & poverty
            3)  demons tempting us

However, we cannot stop ourselves:
      4)  being persecuted.

The only bad thing a believer cannot avoid
is persecution.
And persecution is from people, not from God.

            Mark c10 v29-30    (Luke c18 v29-30):
            And Jesus answered and said
            Verily I say unto you,
            There is no man that hath left house, or brethren,
            or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children,
            or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's,
            but he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time,
            houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers,
            and children, and lands,
            with persecutions;
            and in the world to come eternal life
.   KJV

,                  The INDEPENDENT newspaper.
                   Christians: The world's most persecuted people
., , .

,                  YouTube: – ‘Horrifying Growth of Persecution’:

                   Christians Are Under Attack Across the Globe,

                   ‘No End in Sight’., , .


Indeed, God will reward all believers who were persecuted;
though later, in Heaven, not here.  
Matt c5 v10-12   Luke c6 v22-23  

            God’s intention, in this Church Age,
            is to do good to all of us.   
John c10 v10 

            For God is, basically, constructive.
,                  See third cell
,                  of earlier webpage: God’s origin 
,                  and
,                  see later section: IN JESUS, THE FATHER REVEALS HIS HEART TO US.


,         ,         Also see sixth cell
,         ,         (starting All this makes sense only if)
,         ,         of later section: GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY,
,         ,         and the links within it.
,         ,         (This link does not open a new tab.)


            There are a few instances where God allows
            bad things to happen to us, even in this Church Age.
            (Note: allows, not makes.)

            But they are rare
            and they are not persecution.

            And, in this Church Age, only extremely rarely
            are they sickness.

,                  See later section:

,                  Perhaps also see later section:
,                  and the webpage previous to this one you’re reading:
,                  The Church Age.
,                  and listen to: Andrew Wommack’s
,                  God wants you well /
,         ,         “What about Paul's thorn in the flesh”?
., , , ,



            In this life, we believers will be persecuted.


            But, in the next life, we will find that:
                        1)  ourselves sinning 
                  2)  sickness & poverty 
                  3)  demons tempting us
            and even:
                        4)  being persecuted
            will all cease.



You cannot stop people hating you.
Hence you cannot stop persecution.

But you can do something about persecution:


            Acts c12:
            Believers prayed for Peter’s release from prison
            then God answered their prayers
.   my abbreviation

            You can let God’s Spirit lead you through persecution,
            even out of it.


            But, while you are being persecuted, bear in mind that:

                       You loving your enemies
                       (e.g. forgiving your persecutors)
                       means you are doing as Jesus did
,                                      John c18 v10-11  and:  Luke c22 v35-38  &  v47-51  combined.
,                                      Jesus heals one of his persecutors.   my abbreviation

                       and as Jesus told us to also do.

                       Indeed, as Christians who have renewed their minds
                       want to do.
,                                      See first three cells
,                                      of later section: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.  

            You having done miracles, in Jesus’ name,
            then loving your enemies,
            perfectly displays the
kingdom of God.



If persecution is unavoidable
then think of it as a cross you have to bear
and forgive your persecutors.

If you find it hard to forgive
those who’ve harmed you,
then realise that they will eventually be
in either Heaven or Hell:

            If they eventually go to Heaven:
                       They will be utterly changed, for the better.
                       So, when you eventually meet them there:
                                   they’ll say “I’m sorry”
                                   and you’ll say “I forgive you”.

                       So you might as well forgive them now
                       since it’s only you that you are straining.

            If they eventually go to Hell:
                       They’ll be getting
                       a worse punishment
                       than you could ever have given them.

                       So you might as well forgive them now
                       since it’s only you that you are straining.

Your unforgiveness hinders/stops God’s Holy Spirit in you (note Holy).
Hence your unforgiveness also hinders/stops miraculous healing in you & through you.

Notice v24 & v25, of
Mark c11 v11-27.
(I reckon v26 is forged
so perhaps see earlier section

Forgive everyone who’s hurt you – whether it was legal or illegal.
Though, without any sense, tell the police of those who’ve hurt you illegally.





Some people hate you
because their demons encourage them to do so.

            Hence, as Mark Hemans says:
                       when their demons get cast out,
                       in this life or the next,
                       they’re completely different.

Some people hate you because of guilt projection.
,                  See later section: GUILT PROJECTION and it’s two subsections.
A mechanism that works only during this life.
,                  See first cell of later section: CONCLUSION.

Some people hate you because they are wicked:
            That’s self-expression.
            It will last forever.
,                  Perhaps again see later section:
,                  JESUS’ USE OF THE WORDS ‘RIGHTEOUS’ AND ‘WICKED’. , ,


            John c15 v20-25:
            Remember the word that I said unto you,
                 The servant is not greater than his lord.
                 If they have persecuted me,
                 they will also persecute you;
                  if they have kept my saying,
                 they will keep yours also.
            But all these things will they do unto you
            for my name's sake,
            because they know not him that sent me.
                 If I had not come and spoken unto them,
                 they had not had sin:
                 but now they have no cloke for their sin.
            He that hateth me hateth my Father also.
                 If I had not done among them
                 the works which none other man did,
                 they had not had sin:
                 but now have they both seen and hated
                 both me and my Father.
this cometh to pass,
            that the word might be fulfilled
            that is written in their law,
                 They hated me without a cause.  



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