How Christianity Works
by David Porter,
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Proof of
God’s existence


God’s origin   


Making the universe   


Evidence that

cannot evolve

to become humans

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List of abbreviations
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More Mark Hemans’ teaching & ministry


More Mark Hemans’ teaching


More evidence that animals
cannot evolve to become humans


The two meanings of the word ‘spirit’   


The origin of angels & demons   


The logic behind everything   


The two dimensions   


There is time in Heaven   


Time travel occurs in Heaven   


The two realms   


The adding of commands   


The good & bad that God does   


The Church Age   




Love, beauty, pain, pleasure, & doing good.   


Hell does not exist yet   


The design of everything   


Inherited sin: a wrong doctrine   


God’s identity: the Trinity   


Why I sometimes use the word ‘Punishment’
instead of ‘crucifixion’.


The spirit & the soul   


The word 'heart'   


Jesus’ use of the words
‘heart’, ‘righteous’ and ‘wicked’.


How Judgment works   


What we see. And what we don’t see.   


Looking inside yourself   


Do not Judge others;
indeed love everyone – even your enemies.


How God Forgave us all   


The two ways God sorts us: Judgment & Forgiveness.   


Sorrow and Repentance   


Judgment & Forgiveness: the contradictions   


Resolving the contradictions   


We choose where we go   


More ways that Jesus spoke to our hearts/spirits   


Why the four gospels (four books in the Bible)
are so Old Testament.


The four reasons Paul preached only Forgiveness   


Righteousness & self-righteousness   


God, through Paul, changed the meaning of
the word ‘righteousness’.


The law   


Demons love laws   


The basic ways that God & Satan operate   


What it’s all about   


Sins, and sex & marriage.   


Belief & faith   


Tongues, and groanings that can’t be uttered   


Prayer & fasting   


Worship & Praise   


The emotions   


The will, and the free will.   


Some practical implications   


Idolatry, guilt projection, & evasiveness.   


End Times.   


Some political notes.